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Special request from Dominic Solesky's father, post his response in Nutter threads regarding the recent Maryland ruling. You have full permission to post the following:
The backlash to the Maryland Court of Appeals decision by pit bull advocates are from either people who didn't read the decision or those who did, but cannot understand the following language by the Court on page 22: "Our opinion in the present case does not ban pit bulls, but puts a greater responsibility for vicious dogs where pit bull advocates have long argued it should be - with the owners and others who have the power of control over such dogs.

 Our opinion imposes greater duties by reducing the standards necessary to hold owners and others liable for the attacks of their pit bulls." (See full ruling: http://bit.ly/IE9zOv). Unfortunately, too many in the "humane" business have failed to turn their attention on the real problem that allows the proliferation of ill-bred pit bulls, many of which end up being maulers: unrestrained pit bull breeders. High courts recognize that human victims of these injurious maulings must have a way to be compensated after a brutal attack. The dismal failure of "humane" and rescue groups -- both of which have had over 25 years to find a solution to the pit bull problem -- is now going to be exacerbated (more unwanted pit bulls winding up in shelters) due to this ruling. You have your own mismanagement of 25+ years to blame. Finally, due to "humane" groups failing to be honest about this breed's inherent dangerousness, high courts have made this declaration themselves.

Dominic's Dad


  1. Having worked in and with the rescue community for many years, I can tell you without a doubt, communities are less safe due to misguided, ill informed, hard headed, or just plain idiotic rescue persons.

    While some animals will lash out and act out in with such vigor as to releasing them into an unsuspecting public by any shelter would be completely irresponsible. But in California, under the Hayden laws, shelters have no choice but to release them to an animal rescue group, if they request them.

    Then I have seen these rescue groups then spin (just a polite way of saying they just lie) about how wonderful these dogs are and place them with unsuspecting families, often without the best outcomes.

  2. It does make me laugh (cynically) -- all these self-declared 'responsible' pit bull owners being so indignant about really being held responsible. Also their admission that their love of their pit bulls doesn't go quite that far, that many of their own will dump the killers at a shelter rather than really pay for what the 'beloved' thing does to others.

    As for the 'humane' community, there are no words for the disgusting way they've behaved in this (and continue to behave). Even if they feel it's not their job to protect humans, the harm they've caused to countless normal dogs, to the huge numbers of mauled and killed other animals, is unforgivable.

    We sane people need to vote with our feet -- stop contributing to any 'humane' society that in any way advocates for pit bulls, and write to tell them why we've stopped contributing.

  3. Anonymous is right. And until advocates start telling the truth, there will be many more victims in the form of those unsuspecting families who just wanted a nice family pet.

  4. @ anon 0959, we were victims of one of these irresponsible rescue people. Now, every time I look at my grand-daughter, I have to see the results. And to make matters worst, the rescue person sued us for putting the dog down, in 'violation' of their contract, which said we had to return the dog to them if we were going to 'give away, sell, barter, or euthanize' the dog. Thankfully, the judge who heard our case agreed that euthanizing the dog was 'in the best interest for the safety of the community' and ordered the rescue person to refund our adoption costs.
    We now have an attorney and are suing the rescue person, the rescue itself, and everyone else involved for the medical bills we have had to pay and for future surgeries that will be necessary.

    Again, this was all caused by a rescue person lying to us about this 'wonderful' family pet.

  5. Thank you guys for your responses. I agree with the father, the humane community has turned into a bunch of scammers and egos. They only care about being able say they "saved them all". Just like the Devore activists lying about Devore, you know they lie to pimp their dogs out too. Keep us posted about your court case. I want to spread that around at the outcome.

  6. Pit bull promoters could also point to the laws that make dog fighting illegal as "hurting" pit bulls. In the big picture, the pit bull promoters/pushers and the pit bull breeders are ultimately responsible for all pit bull homelessness, suffering and deaths. Tragically, pit "fanciers" of today are no different than those who fight pit bulls. Their top priority is themselves and their ability to breed and own pit bulls. The suffering and death that surrounds this handicapped breed is of no importance to them.


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