Friday, January 10, 2014


There have been prior posts about the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Folks, Washington. Washington state is a favorite dumping ground for those 'activists' who hate Devore. We have found that many a poor dog has been abandoned by the 'activists' on several occasions.

By their own admittance, dogs pulled from Devore were delivered to Olympic (OAS) and lived in filthy crates since 2012.

This website calls into question why these Devore dogs were abandoned at this house of horrors. OAS claims to take the dogs that everyone wants to kill. That translated is dogs with problems, dangerous dogs, etc. Not dogs that just need a little attention.

Dogs Deserve Better travels across the country with two of the former Olympic Animal Santuary dogs, Marty and Princess, from Arizona to Virginia in January 2014. Marty and Princess (formerly Waldo aka Cesar and Sheba) were part of the feral pack of Devore Shepherds that arrived at OAS in Forks, Washington in July 2012. We are told they then spent the next 1.5 years living in crates when the rescue thought they were going to a sanctuary.
They will now be living at the Good Newz Rehab Center, and we suspect Marty will quickly find his forever home as soon as he's house trained. He's already puppy pad trained in just three days. Princess is fairly shy and was feral, so she will need longer to rehabilitate, but she will have all the time she needs at the Center in Smithfield, VA.
Thought?? Thought they were going to a sanctuary? Did this rescue not step up and make sure that the dogs were going to a reputable place? Besides, it appears that these dogs are trainable with some effort. 
These 'activists' aren't helping animals, they feed their egos to say "They're alive!" Shades of Frankenstein, what kind of lives are these 'activists' condemning animals to.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Now's the time to tell the No Killers at Devore to take a hike, the program doesn't work and it is their time to realize it. They need to realize that they have actually caused much more harm than good at this point. Delaware went down in flames because of the No Kill Equation, the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA), and now California is in the midst of taking the wrong path as well via the White Paper.

"The CAPA draft promoted by the No Kill Advocacy Center evolved out of the 1998 California legislation called the Hayden Act,  drafted by Winograd when he was director of law and advocacy for the San Francisco SPCA.  Never fully funded or implemented and now suspended,  the Hayden Act required California animal control shelters to make healthy animals available to rescue groups,  regardless of whether the animals were deemed  adoptable.
Winograd credits the Hayden Act with a substantial role in reducing shelter killing in California from 588,000 in 1997 to 410,739 in 2012.  However,  as ANIMAL PEOPLE spotlighted in April 1993,  many California animal control shelters had already been partnering with nonprofit agencies to rehome animals in rapidly increasing numbers for at least 10 years before the passage of the Hayden Act.   In addition,  the annual volume of shelter killing in California had already been falling for 25 years."

The last thing we need in California now is to 'shore up' the horrid Hayden that has and is holding our shelters hostage. 

Along with the Hayden, hoarding among rescues has increased. Cruelty traced directly back to the No Killers pulling animals and shipping them to unknown sources abounds. 

"The Hayden Act did not require nonprofit shelters to meet any animal care inspection standards before receiving animals from animal control agencies.  This weakness of the Hayden Act was exposed when the operators of three California “no-kill” rescue networks were convicted of running dogfighting rings soon after it passed.  At least 20 nonprofit “no kill” animal shelters and rescues in California have been successfully prosecuted for mass neglect just since 2010."

The No Kill Equation is a dead movement now, stop listening to the followers, burn the books.

“The no-kill movement has denied the existence of overpopulation and downplayed the importance of prevention of unwanted litters,  focusing all their attention on adoptions,”  Mechler told ANIMAL PEOPLE.  “Anyone who wants to get to true no-kill,  or as close as is feasible,  should watch what is happening in Delaware.”

We are watching, and hopefully we have learned a hard lesson. The animals paid the price for one man's ego.