Monday, March 23, 2015


UPDATE: This blog has been notified that the writer of the fundraiser mentioned below has apologized for the error and will be correcting it. We thank her for doing this. 

Once again County is being blame for the problems of the City of San Bernardino.

Here is the fundraiser for a dog pulled from the City of San Bernardino, not from the County.

Yet, they talk about the County. 

This happens altogether too many times. When it does, the County shelters have their phone lines tied up. That means owners can't get through to ask if their pets are there. That means others can't get through to get info on a pet they find online. It means pets could die because of this type of misinformation.

People who deliberately try to hurt shelters are no better than hoarders, abusers, killers of pets. Describing shelters as horror houses doesn't help to bring people in to adopt out the shelter pets, it sends the public running the other way. No Kill does this, descriptions that would not attract people to shelters. Is it a possible hidden agenda by No Kill to keep people away from shelters?