Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Recently on a media website, Pat Dunaway has been writing a series of articles relating to the failure of the No Kill movement. I recommend reading each one to educate yourselves with the damages being done by this movement.

Everyone that I know of, including myself, work for the day when pets don't have to be euthanized for time and space in our shelters. How we go about doing that makes the difference.

We do need shelter reform, no one questions that. But we have to deal with the real problem of shelter reform, pet overpopulation. No Kill pays lip service to spay/neuter but actions speak louder than words. And the actions of No Kill says they stand with the breeding community on stopping legislation about spay/neuter. No Kill lives in the present, wanting to save them all, but the cost is the future. Standing against mandatory spay/neuter now, according to No Kill, means more euthanization in the shelters. Thus far, that hasn't proven to be the case in those areas with mandatory spay/neuter.







This type of reporting needs to continue.

Monday, October 22, 2012


The No Kill movement proclaims they have a handful of shelters who are open admission shelters. So what is the No Kill definition of open admission?

Open admission, in my book, is the taking of pets at the time of presentation. No Kill tries to discourage owners from surrendering their pets, assuming an attitude toward the owner who has to surrender. Of course, shelters see those owners with excuses such as the cat doesn't match the new furniture, but for the most part, owners surrendering pets is a traumatic experience. These owners are making the best decision rather than just opening the door and putting the pet out. I, personally, am against surrender fees but can understand why we have them. But let's make sure that animals aren't turned away because the owner can't afford the surrender fees. Many times the reason for surrendering is a lack of funds. 

Recently a facebook page was established with official responses to an inquire of these No Kill shelters on their admission policies. I want to share those with you. Another thing noted was that the hours of these No Kill shelters are such that working people are out of luck. 

Manatee just became No Kill. And when you have hours that do not favor a working man, then appointments are a way to keep those owner surrenders in check. Currently this shelter only takes appointments for four hours one day a week. Plus the surrender fee is $100 and you can see how that discourages people as well. 

We're playing games with animal lives when it comes to No Kill. What is humane about turning away an unaltered or pregnant pet to be dumped and have a litter under an abandoned house to die miserably? We need to encourage owners to surrender to shelters rather than discourage. 

We need to paint a nice picture of shelters, not denying the truth, but educating people that it is in the pet's best interest to surrender it to a shelter and risk euthanasia rather than abandonment is in many instances the most humane option.  I find no humanity in No Kill, and keep in mind, this is Nathan Winograd's No Kill, I speak of. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012


The City of San Bernardino is bankrupt and this affects animal control. I challenge the Devore activists to show that helping animals is their true agenda by their going into that shelter and putting as much effort into fund raising/volunteer/adoptions as the effort they put into condemning Devore.

Okay, you want to claim you help animals, which animals are in the more desperate situation, Devore or City? I say City at this point. So what is it, Devore Activists, are you going to show that you are what you say or are you going to show your true agenda by not helping the City and the animals?

I already know the answer.

Friday, October 5, 2012


And not in a good way. No Kill is falling all over the country. Here are just a few of the current headlines.

http://www.buffalonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20120912/OPINION/120919741/1074Allegations of mistreatment demand immediate probe of Cattaraugus SPCA

Does No Kill Support Cruel Puppy Mill Businesses?

Opposing Views-17 hours ago

Re-opening of Wyoming County SPCA

WIVB-Sep 16, 2012
ATTICA, N.Y (WIVB) - After a tumultuous year, the Wyoming County SPCA has re-opened. State Police shut down the No-Kill shelter in February after finding 500 ...

Group Says Cleveland Animal Control Critically Overcrowded

The Chattanoogan-Sep 16, 2012
Activists with Cleveland for a No Kill City said kennels and cages are critically overcrowded at Cleveland Animal Control and "we are begging the community to ...

Overcrowding at Animal Shelters Becoming an Epidemic

KIII TV3-Sep 13, 2012
... it was reported that the City's Animal Control Department has temporarily stopped accepted strays. Even the private no-kill shelters are at capacity. It is so bad, ...

Allegations of mistreatment demand immediate probe of ...

Buffalo News-Sep 12, 2012
Board Chairwoman Kris McDonald called Dunbar's accusations a witch hunt, telling a News reporter that the no-kill shelter since 1985 has had issues it is trying ...

The dark side of no-kill in Waco, Texas

Examiner.com-Sep 12, 2012

These are headlines from just a week. No Kill is failing all over.