Saturday, October 20, 2012


The City of San Bernardino is bankrupt and this affects animal control. I challenge the Devore activists to show that helping animals is their true agenda by their going into that shelter and putting as much effort into fund raising/volunteer/adoptions as the effort they put into condemning Devore.

Okay, you want to claim you help animals, which animals are in the more desperate situation, Devore or City? I say City at this point. So what is it, Devore Activists, are you going to show that you are what you say or are you going to show your true agenda by not helping the City and the animals?

I already know the answer.


  1. What a grand idea!

    I know the post is a challenge to Devore activists to use their energy to engage in helpful, constructive activities, rather than constantly condemning and threatening the Devore shelter management and staff and criticizing the shelter in general. But what if the general public was made aware of the needs of the city shelter and everyone was invited to donate to a fund to help San Bernardino city animal shelter?

    Does the city shelter have an account where people can send money that will be earmarked only for the animal shelter and not go in to the general fund?

    Perhaps if the newspapers and radio stations were made aware of the goals of the fund raising efforts (donate specific items, raise funds, and offer an opportunity to just do something good), more people would like to contribute. And, of course, once the television stations hear about the people - anonymous people - who have no other intention than to just do something good, decent and helpful - well, who knows?! Maybe San Bernardino shelter staff, animals and citizens will have a new shelter!

    Seems to me that someone would need to consult with management and staff to develop a wish list.

    You never know - there are many people who take pleasure in the simple joy of giving.

    1. I really don't know if the City has a non profit connected with it like the County does. Good question. I'll try to find out.

  2. I am ready to give and ask my friends to give!

  3. Someone commented on the current post that they are willing to donate to help the San Bernardino City Shelter. As you know, the Helping Every Animal League (HEAL) is the non-profit that is working with the shelter and their website at:

    HEAL also has a Facebook page at: and the City posts their donation “wish-list” at:

  4. I'll be willing to be they do nothing about the city, as with all of the effort they have put into condemning Devore, slandering the workers (yes, I said slandering. Mariam Webster defines slander as "the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another's reputation. In other words LIES.)and doing everything they can to want people to not go there and adopt, starting from scratch and trying to 'help' the city shelter may be too much for them to try.

    Remember, the holiday season is just around the corner and they have used false statements, misrepresented incidents, and out right lies as a fund raising tool for their profit, at the Devore animals expense. Why would they want to 'help' they city with any type of fundraising for those animals when they just really want the money themselves.

    Ever think what actually is happening to all of the 'pledges' they raise? What happens when the public adopts those animals? Where does the money go?????

    Ooppps. I forgot, they are the good guys and Devore is the bad guys. And the city shelter, well they are just on their own....


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