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This is an example of why transporting of shelter animals needs regulation. Transported dogs were brought in, and now other dogs are dying from the disease brought in. The shelter is closed and a shelter director was fired. Is this helping our shelter animals?

"There were animals that were brought in that were sick and quarantine procedures were not followed," said Sheila Cook, president of the board of Safe Harbor Animal Rescue of the Keys, which operates the shelter under a contract with Monroe County.
Bentley said it appears a Labrador mix the shelter took in from Dogs on the Move, a Miami rescue group, was the animal that spread the kennel cough. It's been diagnosed with pneumonia.
She also said there was no quarantine procedure in place because the shelter is basically one large long room. There are 30 to 35 dogs there now. She said she separated cages using roofing material.
"I apologized if that was the dog that brought the kennel cough," she said. "It was about a month ago. I told this group I could no longer accept animals from this rescue group."
Dr. Mike Dunn, a veterinarian who's a nonvoting member of the SHARK board, declined to speak about whether Bentley handled the situation correctly, but said the spread of kennel cough is a real fear.
"It's really, really contagious between dogs," he said. "Like kids at school, one kid comes in with something and then it seeps through the classroom."
He said kennel cough -- technically called tracheal bronchitis -- is rarely fatal but if it spreads, countless dogs could be affected. That's why the shelter is not adopting animals out or accepting animals for likely a month and a half.
"It could run through the entire town," Dunn said. "It's less than a 5 percent mortality rate. But you'd hate for 5 percent of dogs in Marathon to die from it."
The transporters and their fodder feeders could care less that they transport diseased animals and that those diseased animals are putting our pets at risk. Regulate these transports, vet those transported animals, stop patting yourselves on the back because you don't deserve it. You aren't saving lives with these transports, you are sending more into areas already suffering with an overpopulation. You are immoral and unethical when you transport into those areas. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I came across this on a Facebook page and wanted to pass it along. What makes it exceptionally bad is that the dog was terrified before the transport, it should have never been considered like that for transporting.

From a rescue in Missouri .... As we work on this rescue today we would like to take a minute to WARN all fellow rescues to Be AWARE of a person going by the name of Molly ****** she has been in contact with us for a couple of weeks about adopting. She had another person with a GREAT BIG Heart for animals sponsor the adoption, (thank goodness the sponsor paid us through PayPal). We had everything done, sent the dog, a poor chihuahua that is scared to death on transport yesterday, She acted so excited to be helping this baby, and BAM, her facebook page dissappeared, her phone goes straight to voicemail. She is not returning calls etc. PLEASE BE WARE IF THIS PERSON CONTACTS YOU TO ADOPT!!!! Now poor Chico is stuck on a transport, having to go all the way to Kentucky only to be brought back to the Shelter. Please if you have contact or are contacted by @Molly ***** DO NOT try to adopt to her. Please share and alert!! — with Monica  and 6 others.
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Sunday, April 7, 2013


UPDATE: Julie Hall, a reporter with Inside Bainbridge news has written a piece where she personally visited this facility. Still, after reading it, there is no comfort for this person. When animals are still being euthanized for space, is this the best use of space? I only am publishing this in the interest of fairness.

This is sickening. To know that these dogs were pulled from Devore, shipped in crates for a thousand miles, and this is how they end up. This is the face of the Devore TERRORISTS.

Olympic Animal Sanctuary is a facility for "dangerous dogs". A dog's life at the sanctuary is portrayed as wonderful, with the dogs residing there being well cared for, yet there are no regular paid staff or volunteers caring for the dogs.

There are approximately 160 dogs living in a 5,000+ sq. ft. facility (with unfinished addition) located on 3/4 acre. There are only three fenced yards, and generally they have a dog/s living in them. The facility is located in Forks, Washington.


Even a Facebook Page to save these Devore dogs that were "saved" by the Devore activists.

Look at the pictures carefully, I can't post any here because they are propriety. According to one comment, there should be 11 Devore shepherds at this horrible place. Then the question: WHERE ARE OUR DDI (DOGS DAY INN) DOGS THAT PEOPLE FOUGHT AND TRIED SO HARD TO SAVE?

So I assume that saving a dog only means pulling it from the shelter. Doesn't mean a home check, research or a personal visit, just means ship them off in a damn UHaul to places like this. Then pat yourself on the back for being such a good Savior. Yes, I'm mad. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013


This was found on a Facebook page but it just had so much truth, especially in light of the puppy that is being used to condemn Devore currently. How many times has Devore been condemned when the truth was that no one came for the pet that was euthanized. 


DISCLAIMER: Names have been left out of this story to avoid all drama. I do not want drama, all I want is for people to be educated and because this has to STOP happening and to help others NOT to make this same  mistake. The only name I am using is the name of the person who wanted to adopt Shine On.  IF the person involved in her "rescue" wants to post on this thread and call out the perpetrators that is HER choice. My point here is to EDUCATE

Shine On arrived at Miami Dade Animal Services on 01/02/2013. Like most dogs that arrive at the shelter Shine On's picture was uploaded to many Facebook networking pages and so the networking and rescue of Shine On began. 
Shine On caught the eye of Julie. Julie fell in love with Shine On and decided to focus on her rescue and so the process began. Since Julie does not live in Florida she did not know how to go about rescuing a dog from Miami Dade Animal Services. So she did what most people do, she jumped on the thread and asked for help on how to get Shine On to her. People from all over the place started giving her suggestions on how to get Shine On out of MDAS and into her home. Like most people working dogs from MDAS, people started telling her to contact a local Boarding facility that helps pull dogs and helps with transport. So she called the boarding facility, had everything arranged, and a hold was sent out for the dog. According to everyone on the thread, Shine On was safe. A mistake most people make when networking dogs. They NEVER follow up on the dog. NEVER. 
A couple of days later Shine On was pulled from the shelter and taken to the boarding facility to await transportation. As Julie mentioned, she was being charged $11 a day for Shine On's stayed at the boarding facility and she was quickly running out of money so she begged for a foster in order to give her time to arrange for transportation. A person saw the request for foster and decided to contact Julie and offer her "fostering" services for $50 a month. Yes, some fosters out there charge, a red flag in MY opinion.
A friend of Julie's transported Shine On to this so called foster and as you can see from the picture at the botton, Shine On arrived at the fosters safe and sound. 
Here is where things started to go wrong. Julie started to request pictures and info regarding Shine On and the foster would not answer. The foster never provided any more info after the below picture was taken. From there own Julie's ordeal in finding Shine On began. 
But here is the problem, Julie NEVER received an adoption application from the rescue that pulled Shine On. As a matter of fact she did NOT even know who the rescue was, all she knew was that the local boarding facility had pulled the dog for her and that was it. So basically Julie was NOT the legal owner of Shine On and therefore had NO right in requesting info regarding Shine On. So this slowed down the process even more in finding Shine On. The drama continued between her and the foster, who by the way continued to avoid Julie and Julie's questions (this according to Julie). Julie contacted several people on Facebook, including several administrators of these networking pages, who instead of helping blew it off, defending the foster, and or just blamed Julie. Shine On's threads ( there are multiple threads for her) continues to have no updates on Shine On. No information on her whereabouts. Nothing. And of course NO ONE HAS EVEN BOTHERED TO ASK. NO ONE!
I contacted Julie and offered my assistance in trying to find Shine On. We started by trying to contact the boarding facility in order to get the name of the rescue so this way they would send her the adoption application and Julie would be the LEGAL owner of Shine On. Also the micro chip number was needed in order to register it into Julie's name so in case Shine On was dumped at a kill shelter, Julie would be contacted. We called all the shelters in the area, we continued on trying to get a hold of the boarding facility and rescue. And this went on for the past two weeks. Well, Julie had been dealing with this longer I just started assisting 2 weeks ago. 
Sadly, and very tragic, we received an email from the shelter stating that the foster had dropped off Shine On at a local kill shelter the same day she picked her up. Shine On was dropped on January 14, 2013. The shelter tried contacting the rescue registered to the micro chip. This is the rescue that pulled her. After MULTIPLE attempts from the shelter of contacting the rescue that was register on the micro chip  Shine On was KILLED on 01/24/2013. 10 days after being dumped at the shelter by the very foster who claimed was going to care for Shine On. How do we know it was the foster, because the shelter provided the name of the person that dropped off Shine On at the shelter. 

And in all honesty I do NOT care to hear anymore detail of this, point being is RESPONSIBLE PROCEDURES were not followed which ultimately caused the dog to die. All this caused for Shine On to be killed at another shelter. 
So I repeat, leave ME out of the drama and focus on this EDUCATIONAL MESSAGE!!! 
I am not taking any blame away from Julie, from the foster, from the boarding facility, from the shelter, from the transporter. Point being SHINE ON IS DEAD. KILLED! KILLED! And sadly there are MANY more dogs out there that have disappeared, that are dumped at other shelters, that have been murdered. 
PLEASE DO THINGS RESPONSIBLY!!! PLEASE! It really doesn't take a genius. It really is LOGIC. 

How could this have happened? How did the system fail Shine On?
Here is how:
1) If you are out of state and you want to adopt a dog CONTACT A LOCAL RESPONSIBLE RESCUE who can assist you. The responsible rescue will follow the necessary RESPONSIBLE procedures like: home check, vet check, reference check, adoption application, responsible transport, vet care for the dog before leaving etc. CONTACT A LOCAL RESPONSIBLE RESCUE PERIOD!

2) Make sure they give you ALL the paper work (adoption application, medical records, micro chip,) this will ensure that the dog is YOURS LEGALLY

3) Fosters. Come on! HOME CHECK PEOPLE! HOME CHECK! No one bothered to check on this foster. NO ONE!  

4) When networking a dog on a thread DO NOT just jump on the first person that says they want the dog. Before doing that find out who this person that wants the dog is. Come on? if you would not do that to a child, than do NOT do it to a dog or cat. 

5) FOLLOW UP. People this is very important. FOLLOW UP. Go on thread ask for updates on the dogs that safe. THAT IS THE RESPONSIBLE THING TO DO. COME ON!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013


The No Kill Equation movement of Nathan Winograd has taken a major blow from PeTA and you need to know about it.

For years, Winograd has spewed forth nothing but hate. To read his blog means reading more words like murder, torture, killing and execution more times than a Syrian new bulletin. He hates the HSUS, the ASPCA, and PeTA with a passion that is more closely related to mental illness than passion. He distorts the truth about all of them in hopes of destroying their donor base. Of course, he also hopes that donor base comes into his bank account. He wants to stop the only organizations who stand up against the cruelty of puppy mills, hoarding, dog fighting. Why would anyone want to do that? Especially when No Kill offers nothing to take up the slack.

Here is the expose of No Kill shelters, the truth behind them. Many of these are bragging rights for No Kill but there is nothing to brag about. To turn away animals mean their being dumped to fend for themselves. Not only is that cruel to the animals, but it presents a definite public health and safety risk with strays. No Kill doesn't care, if those animals are outta sight, they don't exist.

Winograd published a piece of trash about PeTA this week in the Huff Puff (Huffington Post) and I will not put up the link. All he did was reiterate the same old stuff he has been saying time and time again. He offered no proof of his accusations, nothing was new news so to speak. But PeTA had a little surprise awaiting Mr. Winograd. The video shows that each and every No Kill shelter was full, turning away surrenders, AND REFERRING THOSE TO THE VERY SHELTERS THAT NO KILL CONDEMNS. Can anyone say hypocritical?

How many words has Winograd written to discredit PeTA, and PeTA has managed to crush Winograd in a short, 8 minute video. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Read, think, and then tell Winograd to take a hike.


This week the activists launched another attack on Devore. A puppy was euthanized due to severe parvo but the activists would rather this puppy suffer than be put out of it's misery.

Let's discuss parvo. Yes, parvo is treatable and if caught in time, a dog can come out of it unscathed. Unfortunately that isn't usually the case. Many times the dog is left with neurological problems. It is a killer of puppies and older dogs as a good rule.

The activists claim that someone was on their way to pick up this puppy when it was euthanized. They say that every time whether it is true or not. In this case, it probably wasn't true because the puppy could not be released to anyone per the law.

Devore could not release this puppy to another party, prior to the expiration of the stray animal holding period (per the law). Devore also cannot maintain highly contagious animals without potentially exposing other animals to the disease. The activists are well aware that Devore did not have clear title or the authority to release this puppy. Devore would have created liability had the owner showed to claim the puppy and it was gone to a group.

Once again, the activists are lying all over the internet. The puppy was euthanized because of the very slim chance it would recover to have a quality life. These activists preferred to make that puppy suffer knowing the chances of recovery were slim to none. Again, question their agenda, actions speak louder than words and the actions of the activists say one thing, they don't truly care about animals.


Despite all the ranting and raving by the activists, disrupting the shelter and staff, Devore has had more adoptions this past year. Of course, the activists are trying to take credit for this positive piece of news.

Devore participates in forty-eight (48) off site adoption events each year, will be holding the 2nd Annual Homeward Bound Mega Pet Adoption Event this year, partners with the Animals aRe First Fund to help subsidize pet adoptions during the off site events to lower adoption fees and make pet adoptions more affordable for the general public to adopt, provides free microchips for all pets adopted, just was nominated for two marketing awards for their Homeward Bound-Project Adopt Campaign, publishes a biweekly newsletter which is sent to over 7,000 supporters to promote Devore and the adoptable pets available at the shelter and is participating in the ASPCA Rachael Ray 100K Challenge for the 2nd year in a row to promote the shelter and the pets available.  This is just a few of the efforts Devore has advanced to increase adoption and public awareness regarding the homeless pets available at the shelter.

Devore suffered through all the accusations, the protests outside the shelter, the rude activists, a Grand Jury investigation, and yet managed to increase adoptions and reduce euthanasia.

Of all the agencies in San Bernardino County, Devore was #3 in adoptions. Only Rancho Cucamonga and Upland had a better percentage. Let's look at the actual numbers. 

Devore handled almost 15,000 animals. Rancho handled 4,700 and Upland handled 2,600. Rancho adopted out about 70% of their intake, Upland adopted out 58% of their intake and Devore adopted out 56% of their intake. Question would be why these activists aren't going after Upland, they are about the same as Devore on numbers? Ask why these activists aren't going after the other agencies who are euthanizing more and adopting less than Devore.

Keep up the good work, Devore. Just remember that the vast majority of us are on your side, don't let these activists get you down.