Thursday, November 21, 2013


Once again Devore shows the true colors of a caring shelter by offering 5,000 microchips to those pets leaving the shelter.

Members of the general public also contribute regularly to the nonprofit.
“There’s no mandate that says microchips need to be provided to all animals,” Cronin said Thursday. “If you adopt a pet, other shelters may charge a microchip fee - an additional $10 or $15 for each pet. We in San Bernardino County are using charitable contributions to buy chips so we don’t have to increase the fees for adoption and can provide the microchips at no additional charge to the person adopting a pet.”
The County is very fortunate to have a supportive non-profit, Animal aRe First Fund, ARFF, that can provide this service for Devore and Big Bear. 
Along with the microchip program, ARFF also provides free spay and neutering to animals at its off site adoption events, which are typically held every weekend. It can cut a standard pet adoption fee of roughly $95, which includes spay/neutering and license fees, in half, Cronin said.
ARFF also recently sponsored its Pets to Vets progam, an event that ran from Nov. 9-17 and offered free pet adoptions to military veterans in observance of Veterans Day, Cronin said.
This weekend, San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control will be in Rancho Mirage participating in a meg-adoption event with the nonprofit animal rescue group Loving All Animals, and will be waiving the spay and neutering fees to anyone who adopts a pet, Cronin said.