Friday, June 21, 2013


San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control’s (ACC) efforts to find homes for homeless animals are being recognized. Animal Care and Control’s social media campaign has garnered local, state and national awards.

ACC launched a campaign a year ago to promote the many positive aspects of adopting a homeless pet from a County animal shelter facility.  This effort included the establishment of a “Homeward Bound Project Adopt” Facebook page which provides information and updates about the many available pets which await new homes at San Bernardino County animal shelters in Devore and Big Bear Lake.  The Facebook page also provides information about animal laws, recent events and responsible pet ownership. It also provides the public with easy access to submit questions regarding Animal Care and Control services.

The most recent award received for the County’s Homeward Bound Project Adopt Facebook Page, was from the Public Relations Society of America – Orange County Chapter: PROTOS Award in Social Media.  The PROTOS awards honor the top public relations organizations and professionals for outstanding campaigns and this award was presented on June 7, 2013.

Other awards received this year, include the California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO) “Award of Excellence” received in the new media category and the National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC) Blue Pencil & Gold Screen “Award of Excellence” in the social media category.

“We are honored for our page to be recognized. However, our greatest reward is in the fact that through this page, we have been able to help these pets find homes,” said Brian Cronin, Division Chief for Animal Care and Control.  “We are grateful to our supporters who follow our Facebook page and help create awareness about pets awaiting adoption. We will continue to use our page as a way to find homes for pets in San Bernardino County Animal Shelters.”

The San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control Division encourages residents to view their Homeward Bound Project Adopt Facebook Page at: and like them on Facebook if you would desire to receive updates regarding the Division and the animals and people they serve.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today was the first meeting of the newly formed animal commission for the County of San Bernardino. And not one of the activists who demanded this commission bothered to show. After all that fuss, primarily from outsiders, and they didn't even bother to show for the first meeting. Could it be they had nothing to talk about, no evidence of their accusations to present?

The new appointees were introduced:

*         1st District (Seat 1)
*         Beverly Bradshaw, Esq.
*         2nd District (Seat 2)
*         Christine Haro
*         3rd District (Seat 3)
*         Michelle P. Guthmiller
*         4th District (Seat 4)
*         Sam Gadd
*         Appointed Veterinarian (Seat 6)
*         Allan Drusys, DVM
*         Animal Care and Control Appointee (Seat 7)
*         Greg Beck

There is still one seat unfilled at the present time. The first meeting was delayed because of a lack of interest and that goes for the last seat to be filled. Doesn't that show something along the lines of we, the people, don't think there is a problem with Devore.

The activists didn't bother to show, their candidates for election were defeated, now go home, wherever that is. The very least they could have done is shown their faces since they wanted this so badly. Just goes to show, the activists have nothing, nothing to back themselves up on their accusations, and nothing to show this commission.