Thursday, October 3, 2013


Oh dear, Devore has done it again! Let another poor dog die!

Devore didn't do it, 'rescuers' did it. They are the ones to let this dog die and now they complain. On facebook a plea went out to save a pit bull named Cameron on September 20th. It was specifically directed to probably 50 other 'rescues'. As of today, October 3rd, there are 269 comments and 201 shares. That's a lot of people but not one stepped up to take this dog from Devore.

Here's the timeline for this deed:

Cameron came to the shelter on Sept. 20 as a stray.

Animal rescue networkers listed their name as a potential adopter of Cameron.

Cameron became available for anyone to adopt on Sept. 25th.

The 'potential adopter' listing for Cameron expired (AND THE PERSON NEVER CAME TO      ADOPT CAMERON.)

Time was extended for Cameron at the request of an animal rescue networker from Chicago on the 29th.

The same person from Chicago extended the hold time again on the 30th.

The same person from Chicago extended the hold time again on the Oct. 1st, for the third time.

Cameron was placed on the euthanasia list on Oct. 2nd because no one had honored their requests and come forward to take Cameron. All available space at the shelter was taken.

On that same day, Oct. 2nd, an animal rescue networker from Hawaii contacted Devore and Cameron was again extended until 3:00 that day. On that same day, a second networker of unknown location contacted Devore and was told Cameron had until 3:00 that day.

The shelter was notified that a person would be coming to adopt Cameron so the time was extended until the close of business at 7:00.

The private rescue person came to Devore, saw the temperament (animal aggression) of Cameron towards other shelter dogs and declined to adopt the dog based upon behavior.

On Oct. 3rd, Devore received a couple of emails about Cameron and time was granted until noon. With seeing the behavior of Cameron the previous day toward other dogs, Cameron was listed as "rescue only".

Prior to noon on the 3rd, the private rescuer puller was back at the shelter, left the shelter, came back and left again. Cameron was not adopted. This puller was also interested in adopting a mother with puppies but left those behind as well.

The truth is that the shelter was full, and Cameron was not adoptable to the public because of aggressiveness. The 'rescue' puller came to Devore multiple times over multiple days and had failed to adopt Cameron.

So once again, the comments are condemning Devore when it was their own people who failed the dog. When they do fail like this, they make up stories against Devore so people don't realize that the real fault lies with those condemning. Cameron died because they failed him, not Devore. Devore did all they could to help save this dog.