Sunday, August 6, 2017


Once again Marc Steinorth, Assemblyman for the 40th Assembly District, sponsored adoptions at the local shelters, Devore being just one of those. Thank you, Marc, for being a friend to our shelter pets.

Saturday, July 30, 2016



Washington State has become the major dumping ground for pets pulled from Southern California shelters. Look at Olympia Sanctuary, OAS, Devore dogs were left there and when OAS was finally shut down, those dumping rescuers didn't go back for the Devore dogs. 

The Shepherds Way fiasco, actual terrorists as well as a 'sanctuary' where California dogs were dumped. The well known attorney for these less than reputable rescues, Marla Tauscher, sent this poor dog to this place and now she won't do right and get that dog out of that place. 

Now there is another one, another dumping ground for California rescuers/transporters. Outta sight, outta mind is the present day mentality of those following the No Kill movement. It is these people that are causing so much harm to the shelter pets. 

""The reports show Gold dumped 50 dogs at the shelter simply because she had “too many dogs.” She also turned over 18 dogs to JAS for euthanization. Conversely, Furever Homes gets weekly deliveries of dogs indiscriminately pulled from shelters in California or taken off the streets of Mexico. Gold then tries to adopt out the dogs as quickly as possible, usually without a comprehensive medical exam or behavior testing.""

Rescue means taking a pet and providing it with better than it had. Not these days. These people aren't rescuers, they are the ones who make the problems. No KIll is slow kill, ship them to places like the above and forget about them. The state of the humane community is a disgrace these days. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
Join us at the Devore Animal Shelter this Sunday May 22 for super savings. Enjoy our Pet Fair special pricing all day at the Devore Animal Shelter.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


This piece delves into the cost of an unvaccinated dog that contracts rabies and bites.

When the mobile home residents took the mother dog to Town & Country Animal Hospital, Veterinarian Scott Chapman and other staff members (a total of nine) also were exposed to rabies and had to get expensive shots, for being what Chapman called “good Samaritans.”
Those were claimed at $800 each on insurance, he said; and every staff member also had to be inoculated.
If the shots have to include gamma globulin, he said, the bill increases to about $13,000.
He said some got the shots at PRMC’s lower cost, but at another Kerrville vet clinic, they paid workman’s comp.
“The doctors here had pre-exposure shots and when we were exposed we only had to get two more,” Chapman said.compensation $11,000 for post-rabies exposure shots.

“By comparison, at our area veterinarians’ offices, a pet’s rabies vaccine is about $12,” Chapman stressed.


Thursday, December 24, 2015


This was a posting on facebook and I thought I would share with you.

I don't understand the outrage over Christmas and New Year's Eve, and the concept of employees having a nice Holiday being somehow offensive to people?
Shelter staff are human beings with feelings.
Why are people asking them, expecting them, to sacrifice their children's Christmas mornings, so that more "rescues" can have access to the dogs?
It's just a manufactured crisis wrapped up in a hoax, this story of evil shelter workers who refuse to work Christmas for the dogs, making it "impossible for rescues to rescue".
I am tired of the myth of rescues beating down the doors, and the shelter shutting them out so they can go celebrate the Holidays.
It's just not so..
I'm sorry that the dogs landed in a high kill shelter.
Shelter workers didn't breed and dump these animals.
You'd think they did, by reading the FB comments on pages that ought to know better by now.
If not for the shelter, these dogs would have nowhere to go.
Shelter cannot say no.
They cannot turn their backs
They never do.
But they do have to euthanize for space, or for behavior, or illness.
It is the RIGHT thing to do for those animals.
The shelter staff sees and deals with things most cannot imagine.
Making them feel horrible for doing their job is a form of insanity and an exercise in futility.
And making them feel horrible for taking Christmas off when the City offers it as a benefit?
Shame on those people who are hating right now.
The shelter employees deserve to have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year..
I know you understand.
Maybe we can spread the word, combat the hatred, and gently remind people that we are all in the same boat.
Fighting Animal over population together.
Have a Blessed Holiday Season, and thank you all, so much, for caring about the shelter animals after they are pulled.

Monday, December 14, 2015


The 2014 Annual Report of Local Rabies Control Activities is out and I would like to do a comparison of San Bernardino County as a whole, compared to neighboring counties. 

San Bernardino County 2014 (Incorporates all the individual agencies that have their own jurisdiction.)

Total live admissions for dogs - 39,933
  Reclaimed - 5,402 or 13.5% of intake
  Adopted - 21,322 or 53.4% of intake
  Euthanized - 9,484 or 23.7% of intake

Total live admissions for cats - 30,580
  Reclaimed - 284 or 1% of intake
  Adopted - 9,800 or 32% of intake
  Euthanized - 15,133 or 49.4% of intake

Riverside County 2014

Total live admissions for dogs - 39,037
  Reclaimed - 6,700 or 17.2% of intake
  Adopted - 12,729 or 32.6% of intake
  Euthanized - 11.154 or 28.5%

Total live admissions for cats - 26,978
  Reclaimed - 419 or 1.5% of intake
  Adopted - 6,316 or 23.4% of intake
  Euthanized - 18,126 or 67.2 of intake

Los Angeles County 2014

Total live admissions for dogs - 97,492
  Reclaimed - 15,860 or 16.3% of intake
  Adopted - 45,517 or 47.7% of intake
  Euthanized - 20,068 or 20.5% of intake

Total live admissions for cats - 83,963
  Reclaimed - 1,193 or 1.4% of intake
  Adopted - 20,544 or 24.5% of intake
  Euthanized - 44,092 or 52.5% of intake

Remember the statistics listed above are for all animal control agencies which provided reports in the respective Counties. 

Now I will referenced Fresno. You may remember they contracted out animal control services to a private vendor and recently have now contracted with a “rescue group” to provide animal control and sheltering services.  A newspaper story reflecting what is occurring in Fresno can be found at:  Obviously, their euthanasia rates are high and adoption rates low.

Fresno 2014

Total live admissions for dogs - 21,289
  Reclaimed - 2,414 or 11.3% of intake
  Adopted - 4,947 or 23.2% of intake
  Euthanized - 11.990 or 56.3%

Total live admissions for cats - 11,701
  Reclaimed - 151 or 1.2% of intake
  Adopted - 1,624 or 13.8% of intake
  Euthanized - 9,147 or 78.1% of intake

As for the County of San Bernardino itself and it's owned shelters, the numbers are pretty good if you compare to the above agencies.

San Bernardino County owned shelters only 2014

Total live admissions for dogs - 5,667
  Reclaimed - 631 or 11.1% of intake
  Adopted - 3,985 or 70.3% of intake
  Euthanized - 909 or 16% of intake

Total live admissions of cats - 4,605
  Reclaimed - 37 or .8% of intake
  Adopted - 1,474 or 32% of intake
  Euthanized - 2,925 or 63.5% of intake