The Grand Jury report is a joke. These people went into the shelter, probably spent about an hour or so there, and everything looked fine on the outside. If they went there posing as members of the public wanting to adopt, how would they know how many dogs are actually taken to the playgrounds for exercise, who is training the animals, how or how often, and how often the dogs are walked? I wonder how long they actually stayed and the shelter to gather this data?
This group is based in New York yet they pretend to know all about Devore. They condemn our citizens who were on the Grand Jury.

Dogs For Life Very disappointed to hearthe results of the Grand Jury. We're in NorCal, but are painfully aware of the horrendous operatons at Devore. We'll be bringing the results of the Grand Jury to the attention of our No Kill constituents. We support you.
Based in San Francisco but knows all about Devore - NOT.

Rosana Cheung Well, looks like some smells of conspiracy here.
Law school student, wonder if she is passing her courses.

Phil Eby Where is the justice?
His biggest thing on Facebook is donating blood. Wonder if he realizes all the blood that has flowed because of his allegiance to these terrorists?

Lyle Lanes Lyle Lanes They had to have had a heads up that this was all going on, to clean their act up! I don't buy this decision for one minute, and I will continue to fight for these animals against Devore until I'm gone!
This one lives in Montana yet thinks he knows it all.

These are but a few of the comments condemning the good men and women who served on the Grand Jury. We aren't being attacked by our own citizens, no, in fact San Bernardino showed the world how it supports Devore when Devore was voted 8th in the nation during the Rachael Ray Challenge.

Are we going to allow these outsiders to continue to degrade Devore when all the evidence is showing that they are completely and totally wrong? Josie tried to point this out at a Board meeting when she asked these terrorists to share where their homes are. She should be applauded for doing this but instead she is condemned by the terrorists. If the shoe were on the other foot, the terrorists would want their Board of Supervisors protecting them.