Saturday, July 28, 2012


Austin is finding out the hard way what it costs. How many times have the advocates of "No Kill" pitched it as being more financially friendly, too many times to count. The truth is that they lie, the costs run through the ceiling and fairly fast.

Look at Rancho Cucamonga, going from $770,000 a year to over $2.5 million and still can't declare itself "No Kill". The State of Delaware fell victim to Nathan Winograd's Companion Animal Protection Act and the results there are devastating.

This article points to the continuing begging by Abigail Smith for more money, more money, more money. Does she think money grows on trees? Or is she barking up the wrong tree with "No Kill"?

Hundreds of animals are in foster homes, and shelter staff have had to be creative in order to house the overabundance of animals sleeping under AAC's quonset hut roofs. As of last week, wire crates filled with kittens could be found on tables in the shelter's main conference room. For months, staff has been finding room for dogs in cages in the stray- and surgery-holding areas. At last week's HHS meeting, Council Member Mike Martinez referenced anonymous statements from shelter volunteers claiming that the staff is overburdened, that health and safety issues are being overlooked, that they'd seen one dog receive chemical burns on the pads of its paws after being returned too quickly to a recently cleaned cage. Martinez said he wanted to make sure "we're not neglecting things in our quest to up the live-outcome rate."

Whoa, kittens all over, running the risk of disease, what about adequate ventilation in that conference room? Dogs held in stray hold areas being exposed to diseases as well? Does this strike you as good sheltering practices? Hundreds in foster homes as if they don't have enough in their shelters? Plus they are now in two shelters instead of one. 

Austin is an accident waiting to happen, another Lied, Nevada. Not only the cost to the taxpayers, but the cost to the animals in the shelter, they will all pay the high price of believing in a program that has failed over and over. Yet this is the program being offered by the Devore terrorists. It is a program of destroy not help.


  1. Abigail Smith has an opportunity to show leadership in Austin by reevaluating now, before things get even more out of hand. The tide is turning on this nonsense, and real leadership means being able to make the difficult decisions, even when you know it will be unpopular with the vocal minority that scream the loudest. And city leaders should stand with her in that decision if she makes it before things get ugly, since it is their budget getting blown up by this journey down fantasy lane. Being considered unpopular is still far better than being the captain of the sinking ship like happened in the Lied shelter in Vegas.

    1. I should make mention of some fine writing on your blog regarding Austin.


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