Thursday, July 26, 2012


As reported in the previous blog post, No Kill El Paso adopted out a puppy without any kind of checking, no home check, no reference check, nothing. The puppy was found abandoned in the desert two months later, and had received injuries, according to the vet, that were trauma injuries, aka cruelty. No Kill El Paso could not produce a verifiable address or phone number, all false info.

A puppy adopted from No Kill El Paso animal shelter had been left for dead in the desert two months later.

Now we have San Antonio Pets Alive! being accused of cruelty and neglect. For those of you who aren't up to date, San Antonio Pets Alive! is a branch of Austin Pets Alive!, the ones who brought "No Kill" to Austin. And you can also note that Ryan Clinton is very closed mouthed right now.

A San Antonio organization committed to saving animals is being accused of not providing proper care to cats and kittens, resulting in many deaths.
San Antonio Pets Alive contracts with the city to help adopt out dogs and cats, but now several volunteers say the organization is not providing proper medical care, driving away volunteers and neglecting kittens to the point of death.
Shari Pearson took video of some of the kittens suffering and posted them on YouTube. They show sick kittens, medical supplies in plain view and a lack of staff. They were shot at the San Antonio Pets Alive kitten rescue on Marbach Road. One video even shows someone returning a dead kitten that they had kept stored in a freezer.
"It appeared that some of them had starved to death and we would actually find dead kittens," Pearson said.
Plus the Spindletop "sanctuary" bust where all the "No Kill" followers were taking pits pulled from shelters, one has to ask, with friends like these, who needs enemies. Scams, horror stories abound in the "No Kill" world, but does their leader talk about them? Nope, just condemns the agencies that bring them to light. This is an interesting statement by someone who took a local pit to this sanctuary on June 17th. In a month's time, this same sanctuary was busted for cruelty. How can this woman not be able to see something was wrong? This place didn't get in this shape in a month's time. 
Marissa, another dog owner who was in court Friday, rescued her Pit Bull named Bella from a “high kill” shelter in Los Angeles. She then fostered Bella for eight months and was trying to find her the best home possible when she was referred to Spindletop by multiple other rescuers. She dropped off Bella on June 17. (Did any of the Devore pits end up here?)
“I interviewed Leah myself, toured the property…or what she would let me tour,” Marissa said. “It seemed like an amazing facility and I know that’s pretty much where we all were with it.” (But a month later it is a hellhole?)
"No Kill" has always been blind to the damages it is doing with our shelters. What is scary is that it is blind to itself. The blindness is leading to more hoarding situations and suffering. More and more this is coming out. The truth doesn't stay hidden for long.


  1. Oh thank goodness. Someone else besides me that can see the Emperor has no clothes!

  2. That some No Kill shelters, foster homes and adoption programs cause innocent, dependent, trusting animals to suffer is unconscionable.

    What?, the general public would say, how can NK cause animals to suffer!?
    Point by point this blog has shown the proof - the truth. Thoroughly, methodically, meticulously, readers have learned that the NK philosophy and NK shelters can cause tremendous suffering:

    1. Hoarding and overcrowding at NK shelters and foster homes results in animals being turned away. Does anyone wonder or care what happens to these animals that are turned away. Have they been abandoned or dumped, left to die a long painful death from starvation and dehydration? Perhaps picked up and used as fodder for snakes or bait for pit bulls?
    2. Because NK shelters are usually full, they turn animals away. Some NK staff will tell the people to take their animal to the kill shelter down the street. How does that response help the person or animal?
    Does anyone care what happens to the animals that are turned away?

    3. Because NK shelters are usually full, there is an increased chance of spreading disease; there is an increased chance of injury or death due to fighting.

    4. In my opinion, keeping an animal caged in a pen or kennel, year after year, circling, chewing at the bars, curling up in a corner, giving up because of boredom and depression - this is not kindness. But for some NK shelters and fosters, this is the reality of the care the animals receive, how the animal lives, and how the animal dies.

    5. In order to make room for the new animals that are being processed into the NK shelters, some adoption counselors and volunteers hand out animals free to anyone. Again, does anyone care what happens to the animals?

    6. Some open access shelters, perhaps "afraid" of bad press regarding their euthanasia statistics, will also give animals away for free. Do staff or volunteers wonder what has happened to 400 animals that were given away to just anyone in one day? How many are in the adoptive home today? Has the shelter just created more work, more costs for now having to pick up these adopted/stray animals. Has the shelter caused more suffering, by dumping these animals into their community without any care or concern for their well being? Is shelter management only concerned about their image in the social media or what NKers will put on their Facebook page?

    Animals are suffering and dying a painful death in the name of No Kill. The general public has a right to know the truth.


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