Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This has been a bittersweet week. The Colorado atrocity certainly is a tragedy and it is difficult at best to write about some other tragedies but in the humane world.

There's a new game in town called "ChipIn". This is a biggie on the social sites. http://www.chipin.com/overview
One can see how this can benefit legit charities, yes indeed. The humane community has distorted it however, thanks to those following "No Kill". Some ChipIns are used properly in that an animal is already in the hands of a rescue and needs medical attention beyond that of normal. Then again, many ChipIns are being used to benefit someone's pocket. Supposedly the system is that when another rescue pulls the pet that has a ChipIn, the rescue soliciting for the ChipIn sends the ChipIn to the pulling rescue. However, I see on many Facebook pages that this is not being done, plus there are too many individuals, not 501c3s, doing this. A real 501c3 would find it hard to justify donating money to an individual per guidelines for non profits. Confusing, I know. 

And to rub salt into the wound, once a rescue who committed every crime in the book, pulling, sending off to God only knows, and getting caught, they ask for more ChipIns to heal the poor animal they didn't care about to begin with. There's a few examples here: http://www.workingtohelpanimalstodaytomorrow.blogspot.com/2012/07/no-kill-rearing-its-ugly-head-everywhere.html

A portion of the above link is appropriate here.http://www.kfoxtv.com/news/news/abused-puppy-left-dead/nPYz8/#cmComments 
A puppy adopted from No Kill El Paso animal shelter had been left for dead in the desert two months later. No Kill El Paso has been constantly trying to find the family who originally adopted and abandoned socks, but the address listed on their adoption forms doesn't match and no one is answering the phone or returning emails.
EXCUSE ME? The address listed on their adoption forms doesn't match???? Then one can reasonably assume that they didn't do a home check. This is not a public shelter, this is a rescue, rescues do home checks. In other words, they are guilty of giving this puppy to an abuser, no concern with quality of life, typical of "No Kill.
Then to add insult to injury, this same rescue who failed this puppy once is asking for money to heal the puppy that they failed. They need to have charges brought against them for neglect because not doing a home check in my book is neglect.
And look who this rescue follows and promotes. http://www.nokillelpaso.org/no-kill-el-paso.html

It's noted all over Facebook, that ChipIns are being asked for animals still in the shelter. Wait a moment, what if the pet is not pulled from the shelter, what happens to those ChipIns?

TIERRA - ID#A532220


$115 pledged on FacebookI am a female, brown and white Chihuahua - Smooth Coated.

The shelter staff think I am about 5 months old.

I have been at the shelter since Jul 10, 2012.

This information is less than 1 hour old.MEGAN - ID#A532367

$165 pledged on FacebookI am a female, brown and white Pit Bull Terrier.

The shelter staff think I am about 1 year old.

I have been at the shelter since Jul 11, 2012.

This information is less than 1 hour old.

I have seen as much as a $1500 ChipIn for a pit bull sitting in a shelter. So someone sits at their computer and asks for ChipIns for pets still in the shelter. How many others are asking for ChipIns on the same pets? Approved rescues from Devore receive animals free of charge, so can one assume that these ChipIn requests are not from these approved rescues? And why does Devore have approved rescues? Because it is in the best interest of the animals to know who is what, not these computer potatoes claiming to be rescues.

Someone made the comment to me that this is a great business to be in, out of work real estate agents can sit at home and rack in these ChipIns, making a darn good living.

There have been other schemes and scams to come to light recently as well. Boggs Mountain Humane is being investigated for taking money from owners who surrendered their pets based on the claim of "No Kill". And all the while Boggs Mountain, a "respected" "No Kill" shelter, was sending those pets off to be euthanized. 

However, sadly this was not the case.  According to the investigative report published on My Fox 5 Atlanta, Boggs Mountain Humane “No Kill” Shelter’s generous and unique program is allegedly a scam. Bogg Mountain Humane Shelter’s claim for helping homeless pets could not be more seductive and duplicitous.
Randy Travis, a FOX 5 I-Team reporter, went undercover to investigate some of the disturbing rumblings he was hearing about the less “humane” conditions at Boggs Mountain Shelter. What he discovered shocked him.
Travis learned from “whistle blower” staffer Lynne Cousins that the Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter’s “no-Kill" claim was a lie. The shelter compounded their deceit by making arrangements for these “lucky” dogs and cats to be euthanized, then sending “good news” emails to the donors letting them know their sponsored pet was adopted. Cousins was dismissed shortly after Travis’ story was released.  Read more about the investigation and watch the undercover video.
Effective immediately, Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter director Lowanda "Peanut" Kilby has been placed on "indefinite paid administrative leave" by the shelter's board of directors after recent live footage sparked many community members to question the integrity of the shelter that has been trusted as a “no kill” shelter for years.
One woman, Dede Dosedel, cried after learning that the $140 she paid only kept a dog alive for 15 days. Records obtained by WAGA-TV showed that eight minutes after the animal was killed, Dosedel received an email from the shelter claiming the dog had been adopted.
Then we have the major "sanctuary" bust in Texas, a "sanctuary" that was being fed pit bulls from shelters pulled by the followers of "No Kill". These people had to have seen the conditions of this "sanctuary", yet they left these dog there anyway. "They're alive" they scream as they drive away leaving pits to die in their crates of heat. 
I saw this in an article, written by someone who had pits at this sanctuary, a big supporter of "No Kill" also. Many of us had already begun to receive hate mail and Facebook postings suggesting we, the rescuers, were the ones to blame for this tragic and horrible abuse. The event was beginning to smack and reminiscent of how victims are treated after being raped, as if they are the criminals. Not quite the same. These rescuers made a decision to send those dogs there, they had to have known, how can you miss what has been described? They are to blame, how many people donated to them for this sanctuary? 

So many questions lay unanswered. What about the 38 dogs who died a horrible death in the Morgan Building, their mass gravesite filled with rotting and decomposed bodies. These were dogs Leah Purcell and James Brewer continued to collect money for their boarding and care. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are estimated to have been obtained through Paypal and other means from across the nation.
How much did Zandra Anderson, Texas Dog Lawyer, know? She continues to post on Facebook that Stella, on of the identified 38 dead dogs is 'adopted'. What is the position of the Texas Bar Association on members of the bar insinuating themselves in a criminal investigation with knowledge of criminal activity? We understand she needs to make a good living, but this is extreme. Surely there is money to be made in some other branch of legal representation. (Zandra Anderson has very close ties with the AKC, too close.)
Did any Devore dogs end up in this sanctuary? This is the result of those who follow "No Kill", just like the terrorists that attack Devore in the name of "No Kill".
There are schemes and scams galore developing around "No Kill". Transport schemes are another one, pets going to where is anyone's guess. Some of these are even linked to dog fighting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFf0_fFkU5s

This blog has several horror stories of this scam of transports. Just do a search for transport to see what is happening on that front. There's too much to be repetitious here. www.workingtohelpanimalstodaytomorrow.blogspot.com  

What makes for donations, a sob story, of course. Telling people you rescued this poor dog off the euthanization table in a hellhole like Devore brings those donations in. Asking for ChipIns to pull from Devore when, if you are an approved rescue, you get the animal for free, is easy money. Am I making it clear to see the true agenda of these Devore terrorists?


  1. Let me get this right. If I come up with a sad sounding story about a shelter dog (irregardless of which shelter, or multiple animals at multiple shelter, etc.) make a statement like 'last day', 'dies tomorrow', 'sitting in the euthanasia room', 'don't let this poor soul die in a shelter', 'they kill everyday, don't let (insert name here) die', etc. etc. etc., make a plea for people to chip in to 'save' them, get a rescue to pull the dog for free from the shelter, them give the dog to someone else, I can just pocket the money???

    Reminds me of a famous saying by PT Barnum, "theirs a sucker born every minute".

    I guess if you really don't care about the animals, it could be a way to make a living (off of victimizing animals).

    Like they have said about the shelter workers, "there must be a special place in hell for people like you" (referring to the 'rescuers' committing fraud on the unsuspecting community and then abandoning the dogs to whoever / where ever they can find some to take it regardless of what condition or cruelty the animal would be subjected to).

    1. Anon, you are making it more difficult than necessary. No one has to pull the pet from the shelter, the pet can remain in the shelter and be euthanized under this scam. Anyone can do it, you don't have to be a rescue at all. Remember the Hayden doesn't discriminate between 501c3s and anyone who claims to be a rescue. Just sit behind a computer using creative writing to degrade a shelter (hellhole) just so your stories sound better and that collects more ChipIns.It's probably bringing in more money to these terrorists than they could ever make waiting tables, their normal occupations.

  2. The ones I like are the repeating ones. They get chipins, pull a dog, adopt it out, something happens to the dog, they get it back, and do more chipins for the recovery. Could this be part of the scam? Look at the recent one in LA with Buck, a pitiful dog that should have been euthanized instead. But rather, they collected chipins, pulled him, and passed him around until he ended up in Watts in a foster home. Where did he actually end up? Dead in the sewer. What happened to all those chipins that came in while they were trying to find Buck? This isn't working for me, I see a lot of unethical and immoral behavior from these No Killers.

    If you cruise Facebook, you will see endless chipins being asked for. It's a moneymaker for sure and the name it is done in is No Kill.

  3. These people are responsible for taxes on this income. They have to declare it and they clearly are not.

    Send all information to tax authorities, in the state and the IRS.

    1. I've been told that the FBI is indeed looking into these scams called chip ins. I know I am feeding them info of the chip ins by the Devore terrorists.

  4. Two years ago I was involved with helping out with rescues in the US. I became totally sick and disgusted when I realized that many of the people involved were in it for the money. People would ask to be paid an hourly rate just to drive the dog from the boarding facility to the vet for a health certificate. Many people had actually set up a business to make money off of rescue. I can understand wanting to be compensated for expenses, but no one would help unless you lined their pockets above and beyond costs. The animals are the ones that lose because of this greed.

  5. Just a note on chip-ins. Many say they will pledge money for the dog/cat and then never send it. Many times I ended up paying a big portion of the bill for the rescue of the dog .


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