Saturday, July 7, 2012


The infamous "No Kill" shrills are keeping the internet hot these days. They are running scared right now. Susanne Kogut in Charlottesville, VA was just kicked to the curb. With the forced early retirement of Schneider in Reno, the house of cards has already fallen, now the cornerstones are leaving as well.

Seems there is a new shrill on the scene. This shrill is writing pieces against PeTA, but not so much as he is pimping "No Kill". Classic example of those pimping "No Kill", bought his pets from breeders, has no shelter experience, nothing to back himself up. He drank the koolaid and now he's learning a hard lesson.

Aside from this foolish shrill, there seems to be more foolish shrills. This one has started a petition about Devore and she lives in Montana. Look at the signatures, how many are from San Bernardino? How many of those do you think have ever even been to Devore?

But what about this one who lives in New Hampshire. I mean to say she is 4000 miles away and wants to condemn a shelter she has never seen?????

I just signed the following petition addressed to: To: Josie Gonzales, Doug Smith, Mrs. Kelly Papp, Gov. Jerry Brown
Stop the unnecessary killing at Devore Animal Shelter!
Please sign to call for an investigation of the dishonesty that goes on in this shelter due to their discrimination of certain breeds and their timely put to sleep time. There is mishandling of animals and misinformation reported to prospective adopters to discourage adoption. And even if the adopter is still interested, they can pull the dog and put them to sleep. To increase awareness of what is going on inside this animal shelter. There needs to be a reform/investigation of the practices at Devore. There needs to be investigation practices whereas the facility does not know when someone will be arriving to do such investigation. Possible removal of the people in charge. Dogs and Cats are killed daily, and not even given a fair chance to be adopted. Money is being raised constantly by outside sources to rescue these animals, only to have them put to sleep before being able to assemble needed practices, paperwork, etc. This is sickening! This needs to stop, these poor animals deserve a chance!
Tammy Lord
franklin, New Hampshire

It is indeed a scary thought that these sorts of people live among us. This is a cultist attitude, following with mindless abandon. Such is the cult of "No Kill".


  1. The age of modern activism. You can live anywhere,have limited or no accurate information, but yet can jump on the bandwagon and voice your opinion.

    Let me see, if I read from someone in Wyoming that a shelter in Florida is a wonderful place. Then I post on line how wonderful this place is, only to find out they have a 98% euthanasia rate annually. But that fact cannot be true, because I read on Facebook that the place was wonderful, and I know everything on Facebook is accurate, true and correct.

    All I can saw is thank god for Facebook. It gives so many lives 'meaning'. Just think without it, what would these people be doing???

    1. Personally I think there is a chemical imbalance in some people where they just like the taste of their foot in their mouths.


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