Saturday, June 30, 2012


It's things like this that put me back in childhood because all I want to do is thumb my nose and say "I told you so" to these self proclaimed activists. These activists/terrorists have done all they can do other than bombing the shelter. I don't put that past them either, they don't care about the harm they do to animals so why not?

Now I ask, does it sound like we need an animal commission?


The Grand Jury received a public complaint regarding the issue of potential animal cruelty and the acceptance of donations. Information regarding the complaint was also on the internet. The Grand Jury researched the internet to get a better picture of what was allegedly transpiring at the Devore Animal Shelter (Devore). The Grand Jury found additional information on the internet of alleged abuse at Devore.  In order to obtain impartial information from Devore, members of the Grand Jury visited Devore, posing as members of the public, interested in a possible adoption. The Grand Jury also investigated three additional animal shelters within the San Bernardino County for the purpose of comparison of facility conditions and animal care. An official Grand Jury follow-up visit to Devore focused on the facility and animal care. 

1. Devore is clean and the animals are well cared for and receive regular veterinarian care. The kennels were well-ventilated and food and water were readily available to all of the animals. Conditions were consistent with all inspected facilities.
2. Devore maintains sub-floor heating in all kennels at the facility, keeping the animals warm. There are resting platforms in each kennel and blankets are available for older or ill dogs.
3. Cats are housed separately in a clean-smelling room near the reception desk of the Administration Building.
4. The following chart contains data comparing Devore with animal shelters in Apple Valley, Hesperia and Rancho Cucamonga.

LOCATION                         VETERINARIAN SERVICES                        EUTHANASIA RATES                    ADOPTION SITES FUNDRAISING

Apple Valley                         On-call daily; RVT* on site                               54.86% On-site and off-site              Public flyers; involve public

Hesperia                                3 contracted vets; 1 RVT                                   69.28% On-site and off-site              at Petsmart City funded and GOLF**

Rancho Cucamonga          Full-time vet;                                                        12.59% On-site and off-site              City funded; community fundraising programs
1 contracted vet – 3 times per week; 2
part-time RVTs

Devore                                   On site 3 days per week; on-call daily             45.15% On-site and off-site              at stores AARF*** fund; annual donations

All shelters, including Devore, are found to be comparable in the areas listed above.  They are also comparable and humane in their care of the animals. The animals are groomed, walked, provided playgrounds for exercise and trained to mitigate behavioral problems.

5. The Grand Jury was unable to verify the allegations contained in the public complaint.

* RVT: Registered Veterinarian Technician
** GOLF: Gift of Life – a fund for the benefits of animals
***AARF: Animals Are First fund

Responding Agency Recommendations Due Date  No response required
No response required, do you know what that means from the Grand Jury? That they found nothing to correct. Are you listening, Neil Derry?

I love how this activist/terrorist is basically called a liar here. Denise Larkin, an animal rights activist from Fallbrook in San Diego County, is among those who have complained about conditions at the Devore shelter. Larkin, who regularly rescues animals from the shelter, called conditions at the facility deplorable, despite what the Grand Jury found.
"These people are masters of cover-up," Larkin said. "That place is a hell-hole and it's a holocaust over there every day because dogs get put down daily."
But the Grand Jury couldn't find anything to bolster that claim.

Still these activists/terrorists are tying up phone lines so the public can't get through, owners looking for their pets, people wanting to adopt. How does this help the animals? It doesn't. It just shows how hateful and uncaring these activists/terrorists are. Leave Devore alone, nothing there, go spew your hate somewhere else.


  1. Finally, an independent auditing agency, with the power to internally investigate County Government, has actually been to this shelter, compared it to other shelters, and found nothing wrong.

    Oh but wait, we are talking about Devore. The shelter that does off site adoptions weekly, participated in the Pets to Patriots adoption campaign, conducted a Valentines Day reduced cost adoption event, conducted a Mothers Day reduced cost adoption event, just had a very successful Mega Pet Adoption Event (which they invited their rescue partners to participate in and only a few bothered to show up, and are participating in the Rachael Ray 100K adoption contest. By the activist standards, these are all bad things?!?!?!

    I could only hope this report would put the complaints to bed once and for all. But since these complaints are all fairy tales, the bad dreams will only continue.

    1. Don't forget microchipping for all pets. Guess Royce found that out the hard way when a dog she pulled ended up in GA shelter with scars all over, a pit bull. Wonder what really happened to that dog.

      Plus the County has had a national award winning spay/neuter program since 01, and it has been copied by others. Does that sound like a bad thing to you? These activists can't see the good in Devore, just like they can't see the evil in that false prophet they follow, "No Kill".

    2. My family, friends, and I were discussing the transport business and we would like to know the answers to the following questions:
      1. Who pays the person who does the transport?
      2. Is the person who pays the transporter, whether importing or exporting, receiving a tax write-off?
      3. Are all transporters 501c3?
      4. Who monitors the transport vehicle?
      5. Is the vehicle checked before leaving the shelters, kennels or veterinary hospitals?
      6. Can the driver be pulled over and have the vehicle inspected while in route? Can the driver be cited?
      7. If the vehicle is pulled over and found not to be in compliance, what happens to the animals?
      8. Are there any guidelines for transporting animals - (for example,air conditioning, not ventilation, should be required.)
      9. Are there required stops so that each dog can get out and take a walk?
      10. Is food and water required in the cage?
      11. Is there a towel to absorb the urine, defecation, and vomit?
      12. Who is responsible for reporting income to the IRS?
      13. We think each shelter should be required to microchip each animal before the animal leaves and that an itinerary should be made available by the transporter to the shelter manager.
      14. We think each foster or rescue or shelter should receive an unannounced walk through.
      15. We think a large sign should be posted in the shelter, acknowledging that the animals might be transported somewhere to the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Washington, or Oregon, etc. We think that people who are turning in their pet should be able to decline to have their pet transported. We think the public has the right to know that research labs in Canada get 75% of their animals from for profit shelters and 34% of the Canadians think it is acceptable to eat dog meat. We think the shelter should include in their relinquishment statement a hold harmless clause, so if someone turns in their micro chipped pet and the owner is notified that their pet has been found in a hoarding situation or an abuse situation, the shelter is not held liable. The group assuming possession of the animal should be held accountable.

    3. I wish I could answer all your questions. I will refer you to a blog that has many posts about the horrors of these transports.

      Do a search for "transport", several posts. What those posts show may answer some of your questions. It's become a scam.

  2. You're right about the bad dreams continuing. I'm sure the "activists" will now proclaim the Grand Jury is corrupt and conspired with the shelter. There are more No-Kill conspiracy theories out there than the JFK & Roswell ones combined.

    At least the report will provide assurance to the average citizen who can think for themselves.

    1. You must be psychic Jake, they are already claiming that. In fact, the recent election loser supervisor that is drunk on their koolaid, is saying that too. Can you believe that? But he is a professed crook himself so it fits.

    2. No psychic ability here. There's always 3 things we can depend of from the no-kill activists

      -There are always claims of conspiracy.
      -They will always say that no-kill saves money, despite the fact that evidence proves otherwise.
      -When no-kill fails, there's always a claim that the shelter didn't follow all the prophets steps.

  3. Let's go back to the reason this blog was created:
    This blog is intended to publish facts and truths concerning the San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control Devore shelter. "

    I forward this blog to many people. Thank you for providing information - facts - that can be shared with people who have a desire to know the truth.

    1. Thank you for networking this blog, that is needed, to get the truth out there. These terrorists are condemning animals to die with their actions and those actions tell us that these terrorists care nothing for the Devore animals. This isn't the only time that Devore has won. A lawsuit was filed a few years ago, thousands of records pulled and the filing attorney pulled out because of lack of evidence, practically apologizing to animal control too.

  4. In our "social media" age, it is very easy to "rant and rave and exaggerate" and then CC to hundreds of emails. What a disservice to the individuals and rescues that receive the emails and have trusted them to write the truth. What a disservice to the animals.

  5. Although discovering the truth can be a long, time consuming and thoughtful process, I know this blog is making a difference in the perception of Devore Animal Shelter with the general public and animal rescue groups.

    I hope all people who are in a position of authority, power or decision making, will also go through the arduous process of seeking the truth so that the decisions that they make will be based on correct information.

    1. Yes, it is a long trip to the truth, I know, I make it quite often. I have read the emotional pleas of these activists, playing on the heart strings. Emotion cannot rule when it comes to animals, we have to make rational and sometimes cold decisions.

  6. It is truly unfortunate that people can not work together for the betterment of their community and instead spend so much time uttering hateful rhetoric which only puts people against one another and impedes progress.

  7. Now the tctivists are claiming there was a conspiracy with the Grand Jury. Had the report been in their favor, they would be applauding the Grand Jury. These tctivists (combination of activist and terroist) obviously didn't present any proof of cruelty, they aren't referring to any that was overlooked in this conspiracy. They are disgusting liars, and they are harming animals.

    1. I'll have to remember that addition to the dictionary. You're right, if the report had gone the other way around, they would be jumping for joy.

  8. Just search around the web. Every time the activists / terrorists / wackjob rescue fanatics get a fart turned crossways, you can see a post to 'make a report to the Grand Jury'. Most even include a link to the Grand Jury complaint web page, where they can print the complaint form and send it in. After several complaints and investigations (and many man hours wasted) regarding complaints the District Attorney's office went on the record and referred all complaints to the Grand Jury.

    Now I assume the Grand Jury was flooded with complaints about the Devore shelter. I would make a wild guess that many (if not most) of the complaints were from 'concerned citizens' who have never been to the shelter and are only basing their opinion / complaint on what someone else has written or posted on facebook or other social media site.

    Funny, now that the Grand Jury has been to the shelter on multiple occasions, some announced, most unannounced, and got a true factual look at the shelter, they make the report in a positive nature and the 'concerned citizens' are claiming conspiracy.

    I have a suggestion, since every post the activists, rescue group wackjobs, and other 'concerned citizens' seems to include a statement about donating, sending money, every dollar counts, etc., why don't they just start fund raising to open their own kennel. Then they can get all of the dogs they want for free (that's right Devore just gives the dogs to the rescue groups for free and that includes the vaccinations and microchip)and then the rescue group wackos and friends can just show Devore how it should be done (or in better terms, show how Devore is doing the right thing as I am sure the nut jobs will fall flat on their ass).

  9. But you know if the Grand Jury report went in the terrorists favor, then they would be thanking those "concerned citizens" instead. These are people who don't want to know the truth, they have been given a job to do by their Messiah, Nathan Winograd. They aren't there to save the animals, they are there to harm the animals. When was the last time you heard of Winograd busting any kind of animal cruelty? NEVER, in fact he actually protected a breeder's cruelty while in Tompkins. And I bet you thought he left because of his lame excuse of someone dying in his family. Well, that person he claimed to be on the verge of death never was and was in fact being sued for scamming on the internet instead.


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