Monday, June 25, 2012


That's a question I have asked many times. The answer is always the same, "No Kill" lives in the past, it doesn't care about the future. The first thing cut from the budget when "No Kill" is installed is the funds for humane education in the schools. An explanation is that it is not the children who own pets, but the adults and those funds should be directed at them. Does this not sound like throwing the future out the door? Instead of painting a picture of barrels of dead animals for children like the activists do, things like Critter Camp is what is helping animals. Where are the activists when it comes to positive events for animals?

I bring this up because of a happening at the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley this week - Critter Camp. The Humane Society of SB Valley is a wonderful organization that has provided humane education in the SB City school system for years. They also provide a great cruelty investigative department. Visit their site Here's a write up on the Critter Camp and one of my readers is mentioned.

My reader has passed along a song she wrote for the kids and they were loving it. I think you will too. 

The Doggy Poo Blues

Oh the sun is shinin' purty,
and yer out walkin' the dog,
And he does just what
comes naturally  And he makes stinky log!
It's bad enough some bloke
May get a mess upon their shoe,
But the worst of it,
You're turning the ocean
Into a stinky LOO!

I Got the Blues!
I got the doggy poo blues
Oh Got the Blues!
I got doggy poo blues!

When the rain comes down,
it washes all the filth

into the sea, And it kills all of the fishes,
Whales and dolphins
and algae!
So please clean up after Fido,
and don't you be so mean...
The ocean, it ain't your Puppy’s latrine.
I Got the Blues!
I got the doggy poo blues
Oh Got the Blues!
I got doggy poo blues!

Let’s do our part,
and don’t you be so mean,
You and Me and Fido,
We’ll Keep the Planet GREEN!


  1. Humane education teaches kids to be compassionate towards animals, and how it's wrong to use and abuse them by breeding for profit.

    The NK'ers/breeders don't want that.

    As it's been said before, No Kill only makes sense if you are a breeder.

  2. I don't think NK lives in the past - I think they are living for the (their) future - the future of dog breeding. They are well aware of their intentional agenda that is being pushed aggressively across the nation - and it doesn't stem from ignorance on their part - it stems from being well aware that dog breeding is slowly becoming an American taboo. And they are pulling off the gloves to try to save their cash cow.

  3. Yep, NK only makes good sense if you are a breeder. It was designed for the breeding community with the nonsense that there is no pet overpopulation problem. Give people credibility for breeding more in those backyards. NK was the answer to the breeder prayer.

  4. I will say one thing about breeders. There are breeders in San Bernardino who have stood against the NK activists, who have stood up for Devore. I want to thank them for realizing the truth and the reality. Not all breeders are bad and it appears that San Bernardino has a good group even if they did invite Bill Bruce to do a seminar. At least it wasn't Nathan Winograd.

  5. Bill Bruce spoke at a NAIA conference - as did Winograd - back a few years.

    You'll know them by their fruit.

    I trust NO dog/cat breeder. If they are truly interested in improving the breed, they would hold a degree in something "genetic" related - because that's the only people who can truly conduct genetic testing on animals to a degree of mattering.
    The breeders who claim to be in it to "better the breed" are dog breeders - nothing more, nothing less. They are in it for the vanity and money - that's it.

  6. I would say for the most part there would be that generalization of breeders. There are some who do care, who care about what they see going on within the breeding world, who care about making the breeds better, who are good people. And those are the ones on our side, we can't discount them.

  7. Not only did Winograd's program stop funding for humane education in Rancho, but in every place his program has been installed. No Kill just doesn't think about the future, it doesn't emphasis the only solution that will solve the problems of the future, spay/neuter. Although No Kill give lip service to spay/neuter, thus far No Kill has stood against every piece of legislation regarding spay/neuter. Actions do speak louder than words.


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