Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Seems the activists have run out of anything to talk about these days so they are going back into their archives. This is a YouTube going around as of late. Now watch it closely, let me point out some things.

First of all, you see clean kennels, nice looking dogs and cats. It was done over the blanket issue which is beating a dead horse at this point. 

Second, watch the hands of this person filming, going from cage to cage, spreading disease. Not caring about the disease issue. These are the hands of a person who truly doesn't care, a person ignorant about sheltering and animals, a person who brings harm with an innocent act of petting all the dogs and cats.

Third, let me point out the lies told on this video. There is no 90% euthanization rate at Devore. The activist narrating stated that the animals have a 90% chance of not seeing the next sunrise. That's twice the euthanization rate of Devore, talk about stretching the truth.

Note how it equates people to animals with statements like euthanizing is like "killing children in an orphanage" or we have a "trend of murder". This speaks to a warped mind in my opinion. A mind that doesn't understand or accept the consequences of a pet overpopulation problem. A mind that puts the life of an animal above or equal to that of a child. Please.

So if you had to point out a bad guy from this video, would it not be the activist filming it? When you are dealing with the pets in the shelter, you don't go to each one petting them, not without washing your hands in between. Devore does have wash stations because of the spread of disease. Once again, we see how these activists do more harm than good at Devore. 


  1. Thank you, I did notice how this person was putting her hands in each cage, spreading disease. Any reputable rescuer would know better than to do this. I invite that person filming to put their hands down on that cement floor. I only wish my floor at home were that warm.

  2. Shelter staff said that the narrator of this video used to call the shelter on a regular basis to complain about the conditions at the shelter and the treatment that the animals received while at the shelter. The kicker is that she never made the trip from Beverly Hills to see the shelter for herself.

  3. The sad part is that it's not rocket science. You wouldn't walk around rubbing babies noses with a tissue in a day care facility, so how can they not see it's inappropriate to do the same with their hands in facilities where sick stray dogs come in? Let's contrast that with pictures from a shelter that our NK director came from http://www.citizenstosavesafehaven.info/NOT_another_Kentucky.html

    The sad part is that our county commissioners just voted to negotiate a contract with this director for our animal control contract. I'm not sure who is less bright, the individual that taped your youtube video, or our commissioners. Just goes to show, whether you're East coast or West coast, large state or small state, we all have our share of intelligence impaired individuals.

  4. I know, Devore should put together a video of all of the shelter animals and them make the statement 'all of our animals love our shelter, they can hardly wait to be adopted' or 'we are loved and supported by our community'. Just make equally outlandish statements and see what they activist say then.

    whats good for the gander....


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