Thursday, December 26, 2013


The Olympic Animal Sanctuary has a long and complicated story. We do know that some Devore dogs were pulled and sent to this "facility for dangerous dogs". The story is not finished either.

The question should be why the dogs were pulled from Devore and shipped to that 'facility' and the pullers just wiped their hands of these dogs evidently. Should these people be allowed to pull more, only to dump them elsewhere?

Here's a facebook page recounting the horrors of this 'facility'.

Are the ones who pulled and transported these dogs stepping up and taking them back? If so, what do they plan to do with them, they couldn't handle the dogs to begin with? Ask questions, lots of questions. What is happening on these transports to hell?

This page is for Sadie, a pit bull who was repeatedly attacked by numerous dogs and left without medical care by her owner, a supposed 'rescuer'. Sadie has been passed around like a "bag of chips". So states the facebook page that contains a police report which shows Sadie came from the LA area and was transported to this person who has been charged with animal cruelty.

This is madness, total and complete madness.


"There are only 74 No Kill shelters approved by the No Kill Equation. According to the ASPCA, there are 5,000 independent animal shelters overall, meaning only 1.4% of that total are NKE shelters. All 74 of these shelters were contacted and 49 of those have stated they are not following the No Kill Equation. There are 10 shelters who stated they are partially following the NKE. But 14 of all shelters have never heard of the No Kill Equation. Again one can ask, how does the NKE take credit?
Nathan Winograd takes credit for a generic list of techniques that have been used for a long time prior to his arrival on the scene. The reality is that only 135 No Kill communities out of 21,585 communities give the NKE credit for their success, according to the No Kill Equation 90% Club. That means that the NKE serves a total of less than 1% of the communities nationwide. Many of the shelters listed by the No Kill Equation don't use the NKE so it makes one wonder how NKE is taking so much of the credit? Nathan Winograd has stated on many occasions that the only way to become No Kill is via the No Kill Equation."