Thursday, December 26, 2013


The Olympic Animal Sanctuary has a long and complicated story. We do know that some Devore dogs were pulled and sent to this "facility for dangerous dogs". The story is not finished either.

The question should be why the dogs were pulled from Devore and shipped to that 'facility' and the pullers just wiped their hands of these dogs evidently. Should these people be allowed to pull more, only to dump them elsewhere?

Here's a facebook page recounting the horrors of this 'facility'.

Are the ones who pulled and transported these dogs stepping up and taking them back? If so, what do they plan to do with them, they couldn't handle the dogs to begin with? Ask questions, lots of questions. What is happening on these transports to hell?

This page is for Sadie, a pit bull who was repeatedly attacked by numerous dogs and left without medical care by her owner, a supposed 'rescuer'. Sadie has been passed around like a "bag of chips". So states the facebook page that contains a police report which shows Sadie came from the LA area and was transported to this person who has been charged with animal cruelty.

This is madness, total and complete madness.


  1. Where are these dogs.... That is a very good question and it deserves an answer. But the rescues are not talking. Are the county supervisors demanding answers? Has The Sun or Press Enterprise done an undercover investigation of what happens on these transports to hell....

    "Rescue" groups are pulling thousands of animals and no one knows what is happening to them. People are told they are finding good homes, yet no proof is ever presented of these good homes.

    People are donating money, yet there is no accounting of the donations that were given toward a dog's care.

    Let me give you an example of what is really happening. Two dogs were pulled by a rescue which paid an importer/exporter (transporter) to put them on their road to hell.

    The dogs were put on a transport and went from Oregon, Washington, Montana and back to Oregon. When the dogs arrived in Oregon, one dog was dragged from his cage, unable to stand - apparently in acute distress from dehydration and lack of food. The other dog was also dragged from his cage, managed to stand and then collapsed on the ground.

    Will anyone come forward to protect these poor, innocent animals...

  2. The documentary Blackfish revealed to the public the abuse of sealife at places like Seaworld.

    A documentary should be made to inform the public of what is really happening to animals that end up being imported/exported on transports.

    A fitting title: Animal Transports: The Road to Hell?

    Who is profiting off of animals? The rescue who collects a "chip in" for the animals, but never keeps the animals, just sends him/her to someone else?

    Who is profiting off of the animals? The kennels where the animals that have been pulled from shelters are boarded until they are shipped somewhere?

    Who profits from the animals? The import/export/transporter who crams as many dogs possible into a van, not thinking of the comfort of the animals, but what is cost effective and how much more money can be made if crates are piled on top of one another, crammed side by side, to make the long distance trip more profitable?

    Reputable rescues are getting a bad name from irresponsible "rescues".

    The public is being deceived. They deserve the right to know the truth.

    Innocent animals are intentionally being made to suffer. They do not deserve to be treated this way.

  3. perhaps a documentary, Sadie, would cause the same increased knowledge of animal abuse as did Blackfish....


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