Monday, August 27, 2012


Yes, I am talking to you. As you well know, the winning of the Rachael Ray challenge will mean $100,000 for the Devore shelter animals. And you also know that you must send in the paperwork on those pets you have pulled from Devore in order to count those adoptions for the win.

As of today, there are over 400 adoptions pending and no paperwork. Either you don't want anyone to know what you are doing with these pets or you are deliberately trying to cause Devore to fail on the Challenge. Which is it?

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If you care for the pets at Devore, you will get the paperwork in. If you don't, then you will show the world your true colors, as if you haven't already. Don't make the Devore pets suffer anymore than you already have with your protests and unfounded accusations. Step up for once and do the right thing.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Spindletop, a refuge/sanctuary proclaimed by all the followers of No Kill as a great and wonderful place. Well, if Spindletop is so wonderful for dogs, I would hate to see No Kill's version of a living hell.

Craig Malisow has a history with Nathan Winograd and No Kill. He exposed Winograd in Houston with several scathing articles. Winograd actually accused Malisow of trying to blackmail him. Winograd did erase the evidence online but here is a cache of that blackmail letter sent to Malisow's editor.

I want to mention that Craig Malisow is a pit bull owner himself. I'm sure that Spindletop hit him harder than those who don't care for the breed.

The scams and schemes surrounding No Kill are coming to light. Boggs Mountain is another one where a director was hired with the baggage of a cruelty charge behind her. No Kill doesn't vet it's followers very well it appears. All one has to do is say the term "No Kill" and they are accepted as followers without question. One note of interest in Malisow's article is about how there was a fire at Spindletop, shades of Cindy Bemis and other hoarders. Fire is quite common with these hoarding No Kill followers.

In my opinion, any one who placed a dog there and claims to be a rescuer, should be tarred and feathered. And their names should be placed on a "Do Not Adopt" list. Pets are being pulled from shelters and dumped by these radical cult members of No Kill. Here's another example that happened to Devore.

How many more Spindletops are there causing suffering all in the name of No Kill? Only time will tell as they get busted and it won't be soon enough.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


In an incredible show of support for a grassroots movement to regulate pit bulls, Miami/Dade County, Florida voted 2 to 1 to retain their 23 year old and very successful pit bull ban. Successful in the sense that the maulings and fatalities of pit bulls have not had a place in Miami since that time. 

What makes this even more incredible is that big names in the humane community all put money and effort behind a repeal of the Miami/Dade County ban. Yet they were defeated by a handful of dedicated people determined to stop the damages of the pit bulls. Word of mouth is a powerful thing if it speaks the truth, not lies and propaganda. The Miami/Dade citizens have sent a powerful message to all the above that they care more for public safety than for a breed of dog designed for only one thing - to kill.

Again we were presented with the types who follow "No Kill" and own pit bulls in the form of Dahlia Canes. Canes is the founder/director of Miami Citizens Against Breed Specific Legislation. Instead of trying to give pit bull owners a better reputation, she encourages them to be criminals.  While Canes played with her pit bulls outside her Hialeah home, she told NBC 6 South Florida her pet couldn't be sweeter. "Just because a dog is born of a specific breed, does not make it inherently dangerous, "Canes said. "Any dog can bite". 

Canes loves pit bulls, but hates the bad reputation that comes with them. She said they are discriminated against. She's had two pit bulls for a couple years now - even though it's been illegal in Miami-Dade County since 1989. "Yes, I am breaking the law by having two pit bulls in my house, "Canes said. "And you don't care?" a reporter asked her. "They're my family," she answered. " I will defend them." 

Placing herself above the law, this is the behavior of those who own pit bulls. Pits are mauling and killing in record numbers. No other breeds have done this much damage. Victims are left with no recourse usually, left in financial ruin, left with life altering scars, left without limbs. Our shelters have an euthanization rate of pit bulls ranging between 40-50% of the total euthanizations.

Yesterday was exciting for another reason as well. Recently the Maryland Court deemed pit bulls dangerous and that landlords could be held liable for their attacks EVEN IF there was no prior aggression from the pit. This decision riled many people and again all the big names put all their money and effort behind getting the Maryland legislature to overrule the Court decision. No agreement was reached and the legislature put it back to the Court, asking that it be reviewed. This is the same Court that made the decision to begin with. This is a victory all the same.

For more information on the pit bull crisis, please spend some time on www.DogsBite.ORG.  This is a victim's site geared to help other victims of the pit bull. Links are provided that can provide valuable information to help you in your local fights to regulate pit bulls.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The County of San Bernardino Animal Care and Control has a 45% euthanization rate. The terrorists overlook the 75% euthanization rate of the City of San Bernardino, just a few miles from Devore. One has to ask why once again.

So, here is an agency who did hire Nathan Winograd and their euthanization rate is 45%. These terrorists are hitting Devore because of Winograd so the question of why pops up again. If this shelter has the same euthanization rate as Devore, and it has the stamp of approval from Winograd, then why Devore?

Throughout the years that the LSAWL has been active, they have accomplished many of these goals. MCAS went from an 85 percent kill rate to 45 percent after they sponsored NO-KILL expert Nathan Winograd to review the facility. (Nathan has been there and still they aren't at a 90% save rate????)

There you go, terrorists, another shelter you need to be attacking. How soon can we expect you to be on the plane headed to TX? Oops, forgot some of you are returning from TX where you dumped pit bulls to die in their cages. Oh well, ask Nathan for a ticket, he can get the money from his buddies. I hear that No Kill Nation has $100,000 in chip ins that they can't account for so that would be a good place to start.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Increased dog bites goes with the No Kill territory. An example was in Indianapolis under the reign of Douglas Rae. Doug Rae was proclaimed the best shelter director ever by Nathan Winograd. Even though an audit from the City of Philadelphia said otherwise and Winograd's program was kicked to the curb. 

Rae had a $4 adoption event. Afterwards, a council member there received several emails from various surrounding shelters. These emails said that people who adopted these $4 dogs and cats were bringing them there because Rae refused to take them back after the new owners were attacked. Seems No Kill doesn't believe in temperament testing in shelters. Rae didn't screen the pets and he didn't screen the people adopting. The same council member also received emails from ACOs stating that Rae told them to not pick up strays in the field because it would affect his numbers. 

No Kill is designed in such a fashion, along with the schemes and scams birthing from it, to put public health and safety in jeopardy. By saying that pit bulls get a bad rap and that all dogs/cats can be rehabbed is wrong. Pits are mauling and killing daily. No other breeds can come close to the damages being done by pits. Many severe attacks and fatalities come from pits adopted from these No Kill "Savior" rescues.

WWW.DogsBite.ORG has pulled public records and discovered the connection between a 35% increase in dog bites and the installation of No Kill in Austin. This is excellent reading.
Austin, TX - recently reviewed 5-years of dog bite data gained from the City of Austin under the Freedom of Information Act. The data shows that dog bites have increased substantially since the city adopted a No-Kill policy in 2010. Between 2009 and 2011, dog bites increased 35%. The primary offenders of all bites were pit bulls and their mixes, responsible for 22% (1,288) followed by Labradors and their mixes, which inflicted 12% (682) during the 5-year period.

And Abigail Smith has no idea of what to do about all of this.

Both No-Kill Shelters "Filled to the Gills"

In November 2011, Austin Animal Services moved into a new $12 million dollar shelter facility to meet the city's No-Kill goals. After one week of opening, the facility was over capacity. Currently, the old shelter, which was only intended to be used as an overflow facility, and the new facility are "filled to the gills" with animals with no end in sight. Austin taxpayers fund both facilities, without a dime extra provided by animal owners through basic, routine pet licensing fees.

As noted in the late July Austin Chronicle article, Austin Animal Services will be asking for a budgetary expansion of $1 million dollars this year, which would be the second consecutive substantial increase for the department. All of this is needed (and possibly even a third facility?) to maintain the No-Kill initiative -- a 10% kill rate. Chief Animal Services Officer Abigail Smith told the Chronicle, "We're figuring this out as we go along," which hardly provides assurances.

DBO goes on to state: 
When No-Kill Meets "Reality"

If readers missed the Delaware County, Ohio class action lawsuit filed in April, do read (See:Court filing). We expect more lawsuits like this in the future. Briefly, victims of multiple attacks sued the Humane Society of Delaware County (HSDC), a No-Kill group, alleging the entity knowingly adopted, fostered out and placed dangerous dogs into residential neighborhoods, despite knowing the dogs had been recommended for euthanization for public safety concerns.

It is a telling story involving the president of HSDC and his wife, Michael and Judith Prasse, creating a homespun hoarding operation at their own residence to spare the deaths of known dangerous dogs. One of the dogs ended up attacking two people and two pet dogs in the neighborhood as a result. Plaintiffs also sued John Doe Defendants 1-25 -- persons who adopted, fostered out and placed known dangerous dogs in the public in association with HSDC.1 

And I can't agree with this more.
No-Kill Trumps Public Safety does not believe the care of animals is in good hands when under the spell of No-Kill that again fails to focus on the source of over capacity shelters -- endless incoming animals. Animal services departments either infected with or pushed to the brink by rabid No-Kill followers typically have the priority imbalance of "meet the 10% kill rate at all cost," even if this results in the reduction of adoption screening and behavior testing, both designed to keep the public safe.

It is no mystery why dog bites in Austin jumped 35% after adopting No-Kill. 



Plus it is cruel to wildlife. The "No Kill" movement is a huge proponent of trap, neuter, and return. My first reaction to that is that we don't allow colonies of wild dogs, then why are we allowing colonies of "wild" cats? I am a proponent of trap, neuter, and RETAIN. That is rescue, not throwing out food and water to make yourself a "Savior". What I have seen in these colonies is disgusting. I see friendly cats, rubbing up against your leg. Those cats should be removed and adopted out, they aren't "feral". I've seen horrible things done to cats in these colonies by the neighborhood punks. I have seen an entire colony die within 2 weeks from disease.
Nathan Winograd talks birds, cats and Nazis

Feed stations attract wildlife, wildlife that cats kill. It attracts wildlife that brings in fleas and disease. Stations attract owned animals, causing them to cross streets, get hit, or get to a station and have fights. 

All the while, we are being told that free roaming cats don't do anything, let them live, they are harmless. Not so. This article points to a recent study done and I am not surprised at the results at all. Free roaming cats are causing problems. Feline rabies is on the rise. An 8 year old girl in Northern California contracted rabies last year from a feral cat on the school grounds, she did survive. 

This article points out the problems that free roaming cats are doing. While only 30% of roaming house cats kill prey — two animals a week on average — they are still slaying more wildlife than previously believed, according to research from the University of GeorgiaWildlife advocates say it is a frightening level of feline foul play. Based on a U.S. house-cat population of 74 million, "cat predation is one of the reasons why one in three American birds species are in decline," says George Fenwick, president of American Bird Conservancy. "The previous estimates were probably too conservative because they didn't include the animals that cats ate or left behind," University of Georgia researcher Kerrie Anne Loyd says. Seeking a window into the hidden lives of cats, the researchers recruited 60 owners in the Athens, Ga., area. Each owner put a small video camera mounted on a break-away collar on the cat in the morning and let the cat out, then removed the camera and downloaded the footage each night. Each cat's activities were recorded for seven to 10 days. The cats usually spent four to six hours outside every day. The researchers worked with the National Geographic CritterCam team, which builds tiny mobile data gathering systems to study wild animal behavior. The cat cameras were the smallest they've made to date, National Geographic's Greg Marshall says.

Interesting stuff. We need to make the rescues live up to their name and stop putting other animals and the public in danger with their TNR programs. It is cruel to leave cats outside in these colonies. Then again it just points out how No Kill doesn't really care about the animals, just one more example of how they think or don't.
For more information on the reality of TNR, please go to

Monday, August 6, 2012


This is another story/distortion by the terrorists about a puppy named Emmet. Now the real story before you read their version is this. 

The dog was admitted to the Devore Animal Shelter from the City of Rialto on July 26, 2012.  The dog was available for adoption or rescue on July 31, 2012.  A rescue organization requested that a hold be placed on the dog until the close of business on August 3, 2012, and the rescuer stated they would receive the dog on the 3rd.  Since the rescuer failed to pick-up the dog, and the dog developed signs of illness, the dog was euthanized on the following day August 4th due to lack of space at the shelter and the fact the dog had become ill and the rescuer failed to claim the dog they had requested.

Devore attempted to work with this "rescuer" by extending the mandatory hold period.

Once again, the "rescuer" was using Devore for a private boarding kennel. And to top it all off, the "rescuer" was there filming the video probably. And when was told it was going to the euthanasia room, why didn't this person doing the video stand up and take the dog? Because the purpose of all of this is not to save animals, it is to condemn Devore.

Shades of Zephyr in Carson. That was a case of a dog being placed on hold for almost a month. All the while this dog was on hold, other dogs had to die to hold that space. The night that Zephyr died, the "rescuer" that had the hold was there, she took a picture of a very sick dog. Yet she left Zephyr, walked away. When questioned by a reporter as to why she didn't take Zephyr when she made the picture, she responded that her vet was already closed. Duh, there are emergency clinics on every corner in LA. This case is no different.

This is the story of Emmet as told on Facebook. 
This video is impossible to watch but important to see. Today someone was at Devore taking photos and video of the dogs in an effort to help them. When she went to visit Emmet, just a puppy at 8 months old, he didn't want to come out of the cubby. With her camera running and by tossing delicious treats she tried to coax Emmet out. Suddenly from the back of the kennel you see an officer walk in with a leash and Emmet jumps up and happily leaves with the ACO. The person who shot the video ran around to the back of the kennels and chased down the officer (all this is on video) only to find out he was taking Emmet, tail wagging, to the back to be killed because the puppy had kennel cough. If this doesn't break your heart (I can't stop crying) and spur you to action I don't know what will. In Emmet's memory please work a little harder to save the dogs on death row. Know that when I post that an animal only has is not an idle is a sad reality. Only we can save these desperate lives. Don't look away, don't turn your back. For a life. R.I.P. sweet puppy.Here's the video (have tissue handy):
Now I don't where this woman gets off saying the dog was jumping and happy, I see a very sick dog in that video. Had the original "rescuer" taken the dog when it came off of owner hold, maybe Emmet would be alive today. Where was the "rescuer" because this video was the next day after the "rescuer" was told the last day she had to pick Emmet up. 
If you don't want to shed tears, then do your job. Stop trying to kill other dogs in Devore with your holds. If you see a dog, go get it and stop jerking around. You're a lot more guilty about Emmet dying than Devore will ever be. 


Okay, so we have had two major busts of "No Kill" in the last three weeks. One was Spindletop in Texas, run by a breeder who was breeding genetic defective pit bulls and the other is Boggs Mountain Humane in Georgia. Both were "No Kill" and promoted Nathan Winograd's program.

Boggs Mountain was caught in a scheme of taking money from owners who thought their pets were safe from euthanization by using this "Lucky Dog" program. You pay money and your pet gets sanctuary, like at Spindletop. Only problem was that Boggs Mountain, as well as Spindletop, were euthanizing and then sending the owners messages that their pets were adopted. How hateful and cruel is that?

The director of Boggs Mountain has a past of financial problems.

The FOX 5 I-Team has discovered evidence that suspended director Kilby struggled with money problems. According to court files, local merchants and the county tax office sued and filed criminal charges against her multiple times for writing bad checks -- debts totaling more than $11,000. 

That's bad enough, it explains a great deal. However, this is the part that is most disturbing. 

Finally, there's this: the woman who was hired to run a shelter that boasted its no-kill policy once faced an animal cruelty charge herself. Twelve years ago, Kilby admitted shooting someone's hunting dog that had come onto her property. She was arrested, but a Rabun County grand jury decided not to prosecute.

Two prime examples of those who follow "No Kill". I have yet to meet a person who follows Nathan Winograd's "No Kill" that was honest. The Devore terrorists are making money hand over fist by condemning Devore so they can brag about rescuing from there. They can't make money by telling the truth about Devore. Wise up, Supervisors, these are the ones who made Boggs Mountain and Spindletop, the ones who follow the "No Kill Equation". For more information on the Boggs Mountain "No Kill" scam, please visit the Facebook page for Randy Travis of Fox 5 in Atlanta.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, a well known "sanctuary" was raided for unspeakable cruelty. A mass grave was found where 38 pit bulls were allowed to die from heat. Employees were on facebook prior to the raid making fun of dogs at this place of horrors. Yet, this is a place highly recommended by the No Killers and dogs from Southern California ended up there. 

This is a lesson in how this scheme called "No Kill" works. Pull the pits from the shelters, do a chip in that brings in loads of money, and then dump the money maker off in a "sanctuary", with no intentions of ever getting it back again. It served it's purpose to make money for the "pulling" rescue. 

Spindletop is also another example of the connection between breeders and "No Kill". Leah Purcell was a pit bull breeder, had been all her life. Not only did she collect money from "No Kill", she was collecting from the pit bull breeding community as well. How many of these pits went to fighting? How many went to breeding?

And on this facebook page, you will see nice pictures of those pits claimed, how they are living the life of Riley now, sleeping on beds, etc. Why then were they left in the first place? Do you actually believe that these pits, left at Spindletop because of aggression, are now reformed and actually house pets? Guilt is eating these No Killers up and they are responding with their ridiculous pack of lies.

This is an eye opening piece about the scam of Spindletop. Just another of the many scams surrounding Nathan Winograd and his morbid "No Kill" movement.

The raid, of course, did not victimize but saved the pit bulls and lesser dogs from their miserable living conditions. It was Leah Purcell, owner of Spindletop Refuge in Willis, TX, all of pit bull advocacy, all of no kill advocacy and all their collective blind eyes that victimized over 300 dogs, most of them pit bulls. 

Many if not most of her dogs were sent to her by a shelter or rescue that raised the $750 fee in order to sent an unadoptable, often dog aggressive dog to Purcell. 

This is a fine example of how the "Savior" rescues left poor pits at this place and didn't even care enough to check on them.
Here is Justice when he was rescued the first time in 2010:
A saintly, pit lovin', no kill believin' foster fur mommy nursed Justice back to health and he looked like this:
But since Justice, once nursed back to health, turned out to be dog aggressive, he found no takers and ended up at Spindletop. Justice looked like this in a photo of him at Spindletop:
That cage is his home and that liquid on the newspaper is a copious amount of drool. The caretaker Purcell hired to tend the dogs, not noticing or caring that the dog was in great distress, put this photo on his facebook page with the caption: "LOL at Justice the drooling pit bull."
And that foster fur mommy, who had passed the buck on Justice, desperately wanted the poor precious dog-aggressive baby Justice back.
To put all this time and money spent on unadoptable pit bulls in perspective, think about the accepted estimate of one million pit bulls killed each year. That's 2,739 pit bulls killed every day. 114 killed every hour. Two pit bull are killed every single minute of every single day in the US. And many of those dogs are healthy and not known to be aggressive. From the first time Justice was rescued in March 2010 until the time that he was re-re-re-rescued in July 2012, about 2,246,575 pit bulls had been euthanized. The rescue angel has vowed to build cage for him, so that she can keep him herself.

Marissa is from Los Angeles. Did she pull any of the Devore dogs and abandon them at Spindletop?  Marisa, who started the Victims of Spindletop Raid page, has a dog named Bella that she sent there after it put her other dog in a veterinary hospital. 
Paints a lovely picture doesn't it? Just like "No Kill" paints a lovely picture that is one big deception. This isn't saving lives.
And those who support "No Kill" and all their scams? People like Linda Wilson Fuoco, a so called reporter who pimps the myths of pit bulls constantly. What is the results of this pimping? Purcell has been pumping dog-aggressive dogs into the Houston area since 1985. No doubt Purcell's efforts combined with a vibrant and dynamic Houston area dogfighting community have contributed greatly to a large and diverse and exponentially growing group of pit bull victims in the Houston area as well.
For a real laugh, you can follow rescuer Cindy Marabito (she of the Big Ladder Lie) in her allegiances. Just a few months ago, she was helping Purcell plead for money after Spindletop was flooded. Later this year, Marabito placed some dogs with Purcell. Now that Purcell's villainy has been exposed, Marabito has placed her faith in yet another enormous Texas dog sanctuary, Dogtown in Elgin, TX, and the dentally challenged founder, Angela Sera. Dogtown took some of the Spindletop dogs, probably Marabito's cast offs. However, Dogtown itself is now involved in a really stupid debacle itself. (Cindy is the writer of the National Examiner for Pit Bulls.)

Now the link to breeding. The story only gets better. Leah Purcell's first interest in pit bulls was in the show ring as a breeder of American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers. Some of her dogs were dual registered as both ASTs and APBTs. She continued showing and breeding after she established Spindletop in 1985, and she maintained strong connections with breeders. She reportedly has received financial support from local and national breed clubs right up to the end:
And this one: The lawyer defending her now, Zandra Anderson, has been with Purcell as a friend, client and as a lawyer since her breeding days. Anderson bills herself as the Texas Dog Lawyer, but she is a breeder lobbyist and has successfully quashed legislation that would have protected dogs from puppy mill breeders. Anderson also founded the Texas Dog Commission to support anti-BSL lobbyists and her organization spearheaded opposition to BSL proposed in the wake of the death of Justin Clinton.

"No Kill" is a scam and the Devore terrorists are nothing more than scammers for this movement. They aren't interested in the animals, only in their egos. They have their agenda and it is not saving shelter animals. All those dogs pulled from Devore and abandoned, how much money was gathered from chip ins for those dogs? Look at any of the facebook pages for these Devore terrorists and see how much money they are collecting on dogs still sitting in Devore. They are using Devore to line their pockets, just like Leah Purcell did.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


"No Kill" claims success in Shelby County, KY. This article begs to differ on that claim. Shelby County is adjacent to Jefferson County and Shelby claims to be "No Kill". Just like with surrounding shelters around other "No Kill" shelters, the tale is that they are taking up the slack. Other non "No Kill" shelters around a "No Kill" shelter all complain about how their intakes go up because the NK shelter is refusing animals, telling their ACOs to not pick up in the field, just plain not doing their jobs to save those precious numbers.

The Louisville shelter in Jefferson county confirms what other non NK shelters already know, increases in intake.
But Davidson did admit "we do have issues with a large volume of animals at our shelter. Our intake has increased by 40% in the past six months."

It started a few months ago as e-mail complaints to Louisville Metro Animal Services Director Dr. Gilles Meloche from some of his employees, and it has evolved into claims of overcrowding to inflate adoption statistics -- while the population of aggressive and sick animals is bigger than ever.

It appears this shelter director is drinking from the cup of the false prophet Winograd. But it is worse than that. A recent blog pointed out the cruelty of appointees in the "No Kill" movement in Austin.  AUSTIN SEEMS TO RELISH CRUELTY WITH THEIR APPOINTEES AND LEADERS. 

And once again, a director has been selected who comes with a lot of baggage, cruel baggage, just like the ones in Austin who fly the NK banner. Meloche was director of the Tallahassee animal shelter before being hired in Louisville. In e-mails to Connie Morris, board members there said red flags started flying when Meloche claimed over a 16-month period that he had euthanized "zero animals that were adoptable."
Board members tell WAVE 3 News it was a policy that led to dog fighting and sick animals, and dirty conditions.
When Meloche left Tallahassee, the Humane Society of the United States conducted an independent review of the shelter. Its report found Meloche's "zero euthanasia" policy resulted in overcrowding, reduced staff morale and general distrust among animal welfare groups and the community.
Before Tallahassee, Meloche worked a 14-month stint in Durham, North Carolina. The chairman of the animal control board there says Meloche was fired for insubordination: speaking out against county commissioners who wanted to expand the shelter.Risinger added that overcrowded conditions led to sick animals being housed with healthy ones and that he had seen many animals "suffer and die during the night on my shift. "
Herzig says she discovered that Dr. Meloche, a veterinarian, also faced serious charges in Canada when he couldn't account for several vials of anabolic steroids.
Meloche pled guilty to not keeping proper records and agreed to pay thousands in fines for not registering the controlled drugs. (Shades of Brenda Barnette and her vet in Seattle that prescribed drugs for himself in the name of his dead dog. Public records confirm this, yet NK Barnette hired him.)

Sound familiar? Sounds like any and all NK shelters who follow Nathan Winograd's program. Just remember, Board of Supervisors, the types that follow this program. These are not the kind of people you want on the Animal Commission. 


Baton Rouge was under investigation in less than a month after declaring "No Kill". Five days before the downfall of Baton Rouge, No Kill News was reporting how wonderful it was. But the truth denied that, the truth about the overcrowding, the disease, proved that this was not a success story.

So the director, who came from an infamous "No Kill" in Chicago resigned. Now it appears that No Kill News finally got the message.


I’ve reported during the last year on the Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge (CAA), a non-profit that provides animal sheltering services for East Baton Rouge Parish. CAA 
has a public-private partnership with the parish’s Animal Control And Rescue Center. Last summer, Laura Hinze, the former director at PAWS Chicago, took over as director at CAA and committed to making the parish no-kill.

CAA experienced a severe blow when Hinze resigned after only two months, following complaints of overcrowding at the shelter. An interim director was named and, for a while, CAA seemed to be making some progress with support from rescues and by means of its “Last Minute Hope” Facebook networking page.Then, in April of 2012, after a nationwide search, the CAA board chose Kimberly Sherlaw as the shelter’s new director. Sherlaw has a background in non-profit management, which seemed like a good sign, but things quickly turned sour under her leadership. Right away Sherlaw announced that she expected it would take three years to achieve no kill. The Facebook page was shut down. Volunteers were banned from the shelter. These actions are typical of high-kill directors who are mired in the past and have no intention of making a serious effort to get to no kill. A three year plan? Banning volunteers? Banning outreach efforts? We’ve seen all this before and it’s very bad news.

Director Sherlaw now seems to have declared victory where there is no victory. In a recent interview, she said that the shelter is killing 40% of the animals it takes in, and characterized those killings as due to health and behavior issues, not for space. Those of you who are familiar with the doublespeak of high-kill shelter directors will see the red flags here. There is no way that 40% of the animals entering the shelter warrant killing for health or behavior. Even if the shelter has no programs at all for medical rehabilitation or behavior modification, the experience of other shelters shows that it should not have to kill more than 10% of its intake for health and behavior.

In the interview linked above, Sherlaw claimed that CAA had reduced the kill rate from 80% to 40%. That sounds like progress, but the head of animal control in the parish stated in a recent interview that when CAA took over, the kill rate had already been reduced from 80% to 65%. That means that CAA has been able to reduce the kill rate only 25 points during its year of operation, not 40 points. A lot of that 25% reduction was due to the Last Minute Hope program, which has now been shut down, and the volunteers who were banned. In addition, we cannot verify that Sherlaw’s claims of a 40% kill rate are accurate, because the CAA webpage has not posted its 2011 statistics or its statistics so far in 2012.

The population of East Baton Rouge Parish is 442,000. Sherlaw has stated that yearly intake at CAA is 7200 animals. That’s an intake of only 16 animals per 1000 people per year, which is about half the national average of 30 per 1000 estimated by HSUS. Sherlaw has failed to explain why it’s going to take her years to get to no kill when shelters with much higher intake, such as the Nevada Humane Society, got to no kill much quicker.

Everyone had high hopes for Baton Rouge, but it looks like the no kill effort there has been sabotaged by the selection of a director who is simply not up to the job. I’m therefore removing Baton Rouge from the list of Communities to Watch, because they no longer have a director who’s serious about no kill.

Now I mentioned the former director came from "No Kill" in Chicago. Well, here's the scoop on Chicago. 

The House of "No Kill" has crumbled, the cornerstones are even being dug up. Susanne Kogut in Charlottesville was just kicked to the curb. So now there is but one bragging right, Reno. And that one is not looking very good at the moment for survival either.