Monday, August 6, 2012


Okay, so we have had two major busts of "No Kill" in the last three weeks. One was Spindletop in Texas, run by a breeder who was breeding genetic defective pit bulls and the other is Boggs Mountain Humane in Georgia. Both were "No Kill" and promoted Nathan Winograd's program.

Boggs Mountain was caught in a scheme of taking money from owners who thought their pets were safe from euthanization by using this "Lucky Dog" program. You pay money and your pet gets sanctuary, like at Spindletop. Only problem was that Boggs Mountain, as well as Spindletop, were euthanizing and then sending the owners messages that their pets were adopted. How hateful and cruel is that?

The director of Boggs Mountain has a past of financial problems.

The FOX 5 I-Team has discovered evidence that suspended director Kilby struggled with money problems. According to court files, local merchants and the county tax office sued and filed criminal charges against her multiple times for writing bad checks -- debts totaling more than $11,000. 

That's bad enough, it explains a great deal. However, this is the part that is most disturbing. 

Finally, there's this: the woman who was hired to run a shelter that boasted its no-kill policy once faced an animal cruelty charge herself. Twelve years ago, Kilby admitted shooting someone's hunting dog that had come onto her property. She was arrested, but a Rabun County grand jury decided not to prosecute.

Two prime examples of those who follow "No Kill". I have yet to meet a person who follows Nathan Winograd's "No Kill" that was honest. The Devore terrorists are making money hand over fist by condemning Devore so they can brag about rescuing from there. They can't make money by telling the truth about Devore. Wise up, Supervisors, these are the ones who made Boggs Mountain and Spindletop, the ones who follow the "No Kill Equation". For more information on the Boggs Mountain "No Kill" scam, please visit the Facebook page for Randy Travis of Fox 5 in Atlanta.

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