Thursday, August 2, 2012


"No Kill" claims success in Shelby County, KY. This article begs to differ on that claim. Shelby County is adjacent to Jefferson County and Shelby claims to be "No Kill". Just like with surrounding shelters around other "No Kill" shelters, the tale is that they are taking up the slack. Other non "No Kill" shelters around a "No Kill" shelter all complain about how their intakes go up because the NK shelter is refusing animals, telling their ACOs to not pick up in the field, just plain not doing their jobs to save those precious numbers.

The Louisville shelter in Jefferson county confirms what other non NK shelters already know, increases in intake.
But Davidson did admit "we do have issues with a large volume of animals at our shelter. Our intake has increased by 40% in the past six months."

It started a few months ago as e-mail complaints to Louisville Metro Animal Services Director Dr. Gilles Meloche from some of his employees, and it has evolved into claims of overcrowding to inflate adoption statistics -- while the population of aggressive and sick animals is bigger than ever.

It appears this shelter director is drinking from the cup of the false prophet Winograd. But it is worse than that. A recent blog pointed out the cruelty of appointees in the "No Kill" movement in Austin.  AUSTIN SEEMS TO RELISH CRUELTY WITH THEIR APPOINTEES AND LEADERS. 

And once again, a director has been selected who comes with a lot of baggage, cruel baggage, just like the ones in Austin who fly the NK banner. Meloche was director of the Tallahassee animal shelter before being hired in Louisville. In e-mails to Connie Morris, board members there said red flags started flying when Meloche claimed over a 16-month period that he had euthanized "zero animals that were adoptable."
Board members tell WAVE 3 News it was a policy that led to dog fighting and sick animals, and dirty conditions.
When Meloche left Tallahassee, the Humane Society of the United States conducted an independent review of the shelter. Its report found Meloche's "zero euthanasia" policy resulted in overcrowding, reduced staff morale and general distrust among animal welfare groups and the community.
Before Tallahassee, Meloche worked a 14-month stint in Durham, North Carolina. The chairman of the animal control board there says Meloche was fired for insubordination: speaking out against county commissioners who wanted to expand the shelter.Risinger added that overcrowded conditions led to sick animals being housed with healthy ones and that he had seen many animals "suffer and die during the night on my shift. "
Herzig says she discovered that Dr. Meloche, a veterinarian, also faced serious charges in Canada when he couldn't account for several vials of anabolic steroids.
Meloche pled guilty to not keeping proper records and agreed to pay thousands in fines for not registering the controlled drugs. (Shades of Brenda Barnette and her vet in Seattle that prescribed drugs for himself in the name of his dead dog. Public records confirm this, yet NK Barnette hired him.)

Sound familiar? Sounds like any and all NK shelters who follow Nathan Winograd's program. Just remember, Board of Supervisors, the types that follow this program. These are not the kind of people you want on the Animal Commission. 


  1. The vet that Brenda Barnette hired is Brad Crauer, formerly of King County WA, who colluded with Winograd to try to force this Nokill cruelty on the shelter animals.

    Crauer would have earned profits from Nokill.

    He was busted for falsifying prescription records to obtain drugs illegally for himself.

    That is what Los Angeles has hired, thanks to a corrupt AKC breeder like Brenda Barnette. Criminals seem to flock together.

    1. This blog post has the links showing this to be true. "No Kill" attracts low life without a doubt.


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