Monday, August 27, 2012


Yes, I am talking to you. As you well know, the winning of the Rachael Ray challenge will mean $100,000 for the Devore shelter animals. And you also know that you must send in the paperwork on those pets you have pulled from Devore in order to count those adoptions for the win.

As of today, there are over 400 adoptions pending and no paperwork. Either you don't want anyone to know what you are doing with these pets or you are deliberately trying to cause Devore to fail on the Challenge. Which is it?

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If you care for the pets at Devore, you will get the paperwork in. If you don't, then you will show the world your true colors, as if you haven't already. Don't make the Devore pets suffer anymore than you already have with your protests and unfounded accusations. Step up for once and do the right thing.


  1. Wow, I have been posting all over the place to go to Devore and adopt a new pet. But after reading this, why are we, the public, the ones trying to save lives into permanent homes, knocking ourselves out? If the 'rescuer', who get the dogs for free from the shelter aren't even trying to help the shelter (which in this case the $100,000.00 prize would go directly to help the rescues) why should we bother.

    I have been at the shelter and watched these rescue people in action. They get so excited when they get a dog out and to hear them say this one is going to Montana and that one is going to Canada, those are going on a transport, etc. My question to one of them was don't they have dogs in Montana and Canada? The response was dogs in other areas are in short supply and people will pay a pretty penny to get a 'rescued dog from the 'highest kill shelter' is California. The more they talked, the more it was clear they weren't in it to help the animals, it was all about the mighty buck.

    To prove this point, that's its all about the money, just look at any of these links and notice how each and every one is worded in such a way as to make the shelter look like the bad guys and seeking 'donations' to continue the rescues 'good works'.
    (search devore)

    Notice how they are all 'urgent', 'will be killed tomorrow', 'donations always accepted'.

    Now back to the original question, if the rescues are taking so many dogs and not turning in the necessary paperwork to the shelter, either they don't need / want the prize money or are they just raising money via donations and 'disposing' of the dogs somehow.....

  2. The transports are a scam. You see all over facebook the failures of this program. Sending dogs off to fighting rings, to be chained, they don't care as long as their egos are stroked.

    This piece just came out today and it covers the scams of these transported dogs.

    Here's one where a transported dog was sent to a convicted abuser.

    Here's one where it is obvious the receiving area doesn't need more pets.

    Another one showing people in those receiving areas are screaming to stop the transports because they have too many animals already.

  3. It has been alleged for some time that many “rescue animals” do not survive during their transport to other shelters across the Country. When the animals are packed to the ceiling in small cargo vans, how would anyone expect them to survive? I would speculate to say the primary reason for the “rescues” not providing the required paperwork is due to the fact they do not want anyone to know how many dogs die in transport. How many dogs or cats are euthanized at their final destination, due to the fact they are sick, aggressive, or otherwise unadoptable. The truth is many of these animals most likely never find new homes.

    1. The allegations are true. The above links to the blog of Working to Help Animals have several cases listed on it of the horrors of these transports. Good authority has said that some of these dogs are ending up in fighting rings in eastern WA, Oregon, and Idaho. All I can say to these that participate in this venture is that they are being watched carefully by the Feds and others. They are transporting across state lines and if any dogs they transport are caught with pit fighters, then these rescues are in a world of hurt for breaking a federal law. Not even to mention that they are killing shelter animals on the other end of their transports.

  4. Here is a post from a facebook page that 'specializes' in Devore Animals.

    It was posted at 5PM on Friday, August 31.

    "Devore currently has over 170 dogs at the shelter - they have less than 100 kennels. Many of the dogs are currently already on extensions - they are living on borrowed time or their time will be up at the end of the day. This is a holiday weekend, and extensions are very unlikely to be granted tomorrow. We need to get these dogs out or the consequences will be grave. Rescues are packed - they need fosters and funds to help try to save these dogs. If you are local and can help by fostering an animal, please post on an animal's album thread that you would like to foster AND YOUR LOCATION. Additionally, please begin filling out foster applications with rescues near you. If you can pledge toward a dog's rescue, please post the pledge amount on the animal's album thread. These dogs need us now more than ever."

    Let me get this right, the rescues who get the animals for free are full. The shelter is full. The rescues are soliciting for fosters. And don't forget the 'we need money' quote.

    The shelter, who has no control over what animals come in, is again labeled as the bad guy.

    Oh but wait, according to the quote, "Many of the dogs are currently already on extensions..." tells me the shelter has bent over backwards trying to work with the rescues and the rescues are still blaming the shelter (and don't forget the 'we need money' on every post).

    If the rescues were really interested in helping the animals, they would be doing everything in their power to get as many dogs and cats out of the shelter and get the necessary paperwork back to the shelter to get those animals counted in this contest.

    Maybe, if the rescues would only see how the shelter is really trying to help them by giving all of the prize money to the rescues, they would stop all of the negative postings on facebook and get on the bandwagon to make sure the shelter was the winner.

    But then again, winning doesn't go to the rescues agenda on raising money on the backs of the animals at the shelter.


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