Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The County of San Bernardino Animal Care and Control has a 45% euthanization rate. The terrorists overlook the 75% euthanization rate of the City of San Bernardino, just a few miles from Devore. One has to ask why once again. http://devoreshelterfriends.blogspot.com/2012/03/why-devore-devore-does-better-than.html

So, here is an agency who did hire Nathan Winograd and their euthanization rate is 45%. These terrorists are hitting Devore because of Winograd so the question of why pops up again. If this shelter has the same euthanization rate as Devore, and it has the stamp of approval from Winograd, then why Devore?


Throughout the years that the LSAWL has been active, they have accomplished many of these goals. MCAS went from an 85 percent kill rate to 45 percent after they sponsored NO-KILL expert Nathan Winograd to review the facility. (Nathan has been there and still they aren't at a 90% save rate????)

There you go, terrorists, another shelter you need to be attacking. How soon can we expect you to be on the plane headed to TX? Oops, forgot some of you are returning from TX where you dumped pit bulls to die in their cages. Oh well, ask Nathan for a ticket, he can get the money from his buddies. I hear that No Kill Nation has $100,000 in chip ins that they can't account for so that would be a good place to start.

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