Saturday, September 1, 2012


I came across this from Nathan Winograd and asked that very question. Everyone knows of the infamous interview between Rick Berman of the Center for Consumer Freedom and Nathan Winograd. It is like Jesse Jackson granting an interview with Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.

Let me introduce you to Rick Berman in case you don't know the name. He attacks Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He tells you that smoking is good for you. He defends the "right" to cruel puppy mills, cruelty in agribusiness, and the list goes on. A downright Mr. Evil.

Rick Berman also campaigns against the major national organizations that stand between him and his cruel cohorts. He uses his millions to buy billboards against HSUS. Wonder how much use that money could be to solve the overpopulation problem.

And every word from his mouth comes right out of the mouth of Nathan Winograd. But Winograd just swears that he is not the puppet of Berman. Who stands to gain the most if Berman succeeds in his vendetta against HSUS, PeTA, and the ASPCA? Why, Winograd of course.

Here's a link that proves the relationship between Berman and Winograd. Why would Berman pimp Winograd's books when they stand for everything Berman says he is against?
In this piece on Berman's site, he uses Winograd to prove his point.

And from that same site is the infamous interview. Once you read about Berman, you realize that this is not a man who could possibly be interested in helping animals.

Winograd's response to someone asking him about this? He's never talked or met Berman? Berman could have been a maker of crush videos and would Winograd have cared?

I've never talked to or met "Rick Berman," do not get any money or information from the "Center for Consumer Freedom," do not have a relationship with them, and do not agree with their views about animals. I have a vegan cookbook
 being published in December (see All American Vegan) and guarantee that they won't be promoting it as it promotes everything they are against. 

A number of years ago, I got an e-mail from someone at that organization asking if I would be willing to answer some questions about my book, Redemption. I agreed so long as they did not change my answers and if they edited them, I retained the right to veto their publication. Ironically, a few months earlier, I had received an e-mail from HSUS asking me if I would agree to an interview. I told them the same thing. I would do it but only on condition that they not change my answers and if they edited them, I have the right to veto their publication. The Center for Consumer Freedom said ok. I did the interview, they posted my answers verbatim (editing only for grammar). HSUS said no, I did not do the interview.

Now I ask you, do you really believe that he never talked with Rick Berman? 


  1. Winograd claims it was just an interview BUT Center for Consumer Freedom aka Rick Berman was issuing press releases at the same time for Winograd through their pr companies and engaging in marketing campaigns for him, as well as sending out advertising to all their animal torturers for profit clients (puppy mills, AKC, dog fighters, lab animal torturers, circus elephant beaters, etc) to support and promote Winograd, that Winograd was on their side.

    Berman Center for Consumer Freedom did an extended marketing campaign for their buddy and lobbyist Winograd.

    Winograd is IN BUSINESS with Berman.

    Winograd also issues his blog posts at the same time that Berman issues his propaganda defending animal torture for profit and Winograd nearly copies them word for word.

    Winograd is also in business with AKC puppy mill lobbying groups like PetPac, whose AKC breeder founder was busted for fraud, racist among other things.

  2. Berman's Center for Consumer Freedom was issuing press releases for Winograd's book! They were advertising it with an for him!

    He is such a liar.

    He'll try any lie he thinks he can pass bny someone.

  3. Very good post.
    The no-kill movement is posioned by Winograd.


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