Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The previous post on cyber bullying was a result of Shelby County, Kentucky announcing that it would drop it's four year attempt at being No Kill. After four years of being No Kill, Shelby County finally admits that it just isn't working for them.

A reduction mandate means dogs and cats will have to be put down.
The Shelby County Animal Shelter has been far over capacity for several months. A room that used to be someone's office is now filled with cats.
"We are basically overwhelmed," said acting Animal Control Director Rusty Newton.
"It's a struggle every day," said animal control director Bradley King.
About 210 cats and dogs are now now at the shelter, which was designed to handle 60 dogs, 10 puppies, and 80 cats.
"We've tried to run it beyond that and it's just not working. It's not safe, it's not healthy for the animals," said Newton.
"There's no circulation in this room, so we've been fighting a little more sickness lately," said King.
Officials said space isn't the only problem. There are also budgetary constraints: Extra animals means more food and medicine.
It also means additional staff to adequately care for the numbers, something the shelter doesn't have the funds for.
This shelter had animals stuck in rooms without ventilation, anywhere they could put them. No one thinks about the health of these animals when they do that. Disease loves these conditions. PeTA sent a basket of vegan treats from Allison's Gourmet, the business that No Kill cyber bullied, to this shelter. Thus the attack by the No Kill cult terrorists. An innocent business fulfilling an order and No Kill attacked them. Why didn't No Kill attack PeTA? Because No Kill attacks PeTA every day. No Kill attacks any organization that breaks up puppy mills or hoarders. Why does No Kill do that? Because No Kill is backed by hoarders, lab bunchers, flippers, abusers, and in particular the unethical breeders of the world. I am not talking responsible breeders, but those who thrive on cruel breeding. 

Those who are attracted to the No Kill movement are the radicals, the outcasts of the humane community. They rely on the notion that people think if you "save" animals, you must be a good person. But with the amount of raids of these followers of No Kill, one can only put these No Killers in a group of people who could care less about the animals and care only for their own egos and agendas. These are the ones who come after Devore, bullies, nothing but a bunch of bullies who are intimidating San Bernardino constituents into silence.



  1. This story is repeated time and time again when a “No-Kill” program is implemented at a municipal shelter. Costs skyrocket, animals are warehoused indefinitely, interstate transports dump animals in other communities who are forced to euthanize animals due to the influx of unwanted pets from other States. Hopefully elected officials will realize the path to “No-Kill” is paved with wasted tax-payer dollars and resources. Just keep doling-out more money and maybe one day you will have exported your problem to another State, City or jurisdiction so those tax-payers can continue to pay for the pet-overpopulation problem your community created.

    1. You state the problem so clearly and in a way that is so easy to understand. Would you consider writing a letter educating lawmakers and veterinarians about the fallacy of No Kill, and the tremendous harm and suffering that animals are enduring because city council members and the public are being duped into thinking No Kill is the answer to the problem of pet overpopulation.

      If you post it, I will send the letter to every lawmaker and veterinarian in California.

      How about another letter, urging lawmakers to delete or rewrite the portion of the Hayden which states before an animal is euthanized, and if a 501c3 wants the animal, it must be given to a 501c3 rescue? With no oversight of rescues, that portion of the bill is allowing animal rescue group hoarding. It is also causing the shelters to be used as the rescue group's own personal kennel because no time frame (ie. withing 12 hours of the posted release time) was set aside for the rescue to pull the animal.

      Also, the Hayden should include stipulations for unannounced visits to the rescues that pull animals.

      My own personal opinion is that legislators and veterinarians need to know the truth and be educated in order for them to make knowledgeable decisions.

  2. Allisons Gourmet should have a harsh word with the founders of Peoplesoft, who with some of their gazillions funded Maddies's Fund, which has proven to be just a shill for the branding push of this No Kill scam.

    More rich people persecuting animals and only the breeders and puppy mills cheer.

    I understand they may have been fooled by the snake oil and quackery of No Kill in the beginning, but they do nothing to right the wrongs and reassess.

    They appointed Rick Avanzino, a former cohort of Winograd's, as its director. (Winograd had a hissy fit with Avanzino, but that's probably because Winograd thought he could pocket some of the Maddie's Fund money and couldn't. Also, didn't Avanzino have to fire Winograd in San Francisco?)

    I'm sorry but I don't see that Avanzino is doing anything but ignore the suffering that No Kill has created, and the terrorism, particularly toward women. He also seems to be completely ignoring the Rick Berman hook up with No Kill or does he support it? Is he connected to this too?

    Maddie's Fund doesn't do anything but push No Kill, even though its proven so disastrous for the animals. Maddies Fund ignores the disease, the overcrowding, the hoarding, the infiltration by the puppy mills and dog fighters, the terrorism, the No Kill attacks on women particularly whistleblowers

    It just shows you that all that touchy feely peace & love propaganda from Peoplesoft was maybe just that, propaganda to make money!

    Avanzino was even recently rewarding a Nevada No Kill with Maddie's Fund money, a failing shelter that has had animals killing each other in cages due to overcrowding, plus disease, bad adoptions, dumping animals, and harassing and persecuting whistleblowers! More terrorists, and Maddie's Fund is there to try to cover it all up with $$$?

    Maddie's Fund is contributing to the victimization and persecution of pets AND people.

    The Peoplesoft gazillionares who funded it just seem to be either unaware and not interested, or participating in the persecution. Which is it?

  3. Always keep in mind that the quack veterinarians who push No Kill do it for SELFISH reasons. They profit! They make money!

    They can use No Kill to extort money from the taxpayers as overcrowded animals spread disease and attack and wound each other.

    The veterinarians just keep running up the bills through the No Kill scam. Overcrowding and disease and fighting benefit them financially.

    No Kill also opposes regulation of breeders and puppy mills.

    If veterinarians REALLY cared about homeless pets, they would start free spay neuter programs and help people care for their pets, instead of charging fees that only the rich can afford so that most pets in the U.S. go without health care. People can't afford to spay and neuter! Also the veterinarian lobby has traditionally supported the corrupt breeders and puppy mills because vets make money from them.

    Also many of these vets pushing No Kill are breeders themselves, or connected to the puppy mill industry that is AKC. Some of these veterinarians are even puppy millers themselves or work for dog fighters. Some are also involved with the allied lobbies, like the wild animals roadside circus breeders and sleazy circus industry.

    The No Kill veterinarians are the charlatans of an already soiled profession. THey don't want to be educated. They already know that No Kill causes suffering. They support it because they PROFIT from it.

    And these rich charlatans put pressure on corrupt legislators.

    Remember that the AVMA supports puppy mills and just about every cruelty to animals imaginable in the name of PROFITS. They are in the Rick Berman zone.

    The veterinary trade has had a history of too much attention to profits and big business. No Kill is just another manifestation of this.

    The veterinary industry overall is not honest or ethical, nor is it actually concerned about pet health or humane treatment. It's primary focus is PROFITS. It is only the brave few vets that are actually ethical or expose the hypocrisies or crimes of the trade.

  4. One of the vets who worked for a large No Kill shelter in PA was found to be a vet for dog fighters too.

  5. This shelter combines three lean to shelters into one Tipi-like shelter.Lean to Shelter


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