Thursday, September 6, 2012


Devore needs the paperwork for those pending adoptions, where is it? Those pending adoptions are the rescues who have pulled animals out of Devore. Those pulls can't be counted as adoptions until the animals are placed in a real home. What can it mean, that this many have been pulled and not placed? Are they sitting in boarding kennels, where are they? 

Please get that paperwork in so that Devore can get the $100,000 from this challenge. That can go a long way to help many animals. Isn't that what we all want?


  1. The rescue groups who condemn Devore are doing this intentionally. They don’t care if the animals are actually adopted. They load-up their vans and dump the animals on other shelters in other States. They just want to pocket all of that “chip-in” money and feel like they are supporting their “savior” mentality. To actually find good, quality homes for all of those Pit Bull type dogs, aggressive dogs and other traditionally unadoptable dogs they take, you know they have to dumping those pets on other unsuspecting organizations. This is why there is no paperwork. Good homes for these unadoptable dogs do not exist. They are most likely warehoused with a hoarder somewhere.

  2. lets see, 500 dogs and cats taken by rescue groups and no paperwork turned in? If they cannot get this paperwork turned in, are they at least getting their spay and neuter certificates turn in? Or are they just pulling the animals out, placing them unaltered in whatever homes they can find and then these animals are still reproducing, adding to the existing pet overpopulation problem?

    I guess if unsuspecting people will continue to donate, the rescues don't care if the animals are altered or not. Just so long as they continue to get the 'donations', all is well with the world.....


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