Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Over this past weekend a small business owner was attacked, and yes I mean attacked, by No Kill followers. All this small business owner did was fill an order. 

No Kill relies on intimidation to silence those who would speak against it. It is a tactic used time and time again against good people who do good things. Non profits (rescues) who dare to speak against Nathan Winograd and No Kill are labeled murderers, animal killers, and worse by the followers of No Kill and often by Nathan Winograd himself. If you read his blog, it is full of hate, vengeance, vile accusations with no proof, and nothing you would want to read to your children at night.

This particular blog summed it up nicely and therefore I ask that you read it in it's entirety. I have selected some quote from it below.


No-Kill Movement - The New McCarthy Era

Even more concerning is that community leaders have allowed the minority voices of a few to become so emboldened that they feel entitled to shout down the masses, even on a small business Facebook page. 

This small business owner responds:

I am disheartened by today’s assaults against my business, Allison’s Gourmet. For 15 years, I have poured my heart and soul into this delicious little company. My entire life is dedicated to compassion for animals, which is the guiding principle for everything I do, personally and professionally.
While this hurts me deeply on a personal level, what pains me even more, is the divisive undercurrent I’ve witnessed in the vegan/animal rights community over these past 15 years.

Keeping in mind that the only thing this business did was send a gift basket to a shelter for a client, below are the comments that can only make one reminisce about the McCarthy era, when people were forced to denounce friends, coworkers, and others who McCarthy suspected of associations with communism, no matter how much of a stretch the accusation was.  To be honest, what took place this weekend was about Un-American as anything I've seen in decades. 

And this quote from Edward R. Murrow in 1954 says it best. We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always, that accusation is not proof, and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason if we dig deep into our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men. 

When officials ask where are the others, just remember this example. They are there, they just can't speak because of fear. I ask that the elected officials of this country listen to the silent majority instead of the McCarthy of No Kill.



  1. Here is another example of the cyber-bulling by the no kill terrorists.

    A petition was started against the LA County Carson shelter. But once these terrorist couldn't gain any traction, they turned their efforts on Devore.

    Here is what they even posted on their petition site:

    August 18
    Reached 1,000 signatures
    July 01
    Update addressing problem shelter and parties involved!
    by Lyle Lanes
    Petition Organizer

    After further reviews Carson Animal Shelter was found to be actually caring for the Dogs and Cats at a rather high level of sincerity. I have spoke with several people living in the area who vouched for this shelter. They actually network their animals to help save their lives, and work with other organizations in doing the same! I give Carson Animal Shelter all the credit! Aaron Reyes is a great man, giving all of his time to trying to save these animals, as opposed to constant killing. Therefore, they were taken off this petition. This petition was edited to have this petition directed at the Devore Animal Shelter and it's actions.


    I wonder Lyle Lanes has ever been to either shelter or is just going by the rantings of the terrorists from there tainted point of view.

    The worst part of these cyber bullying tactics, the animals involved and never get a home. After all, who would want to adopt from a shelter portrayed in such a negative light. Even though, in the case of Devore, the Humane Society has investigated them, the press has investigated them, animal rights groups have investigated them, attorneys have filed suit and lost (because nothing is wrong), they claim violations of the Hayden laws (again attorneys have filed suit and lost), and one activist went on the radio and said the place was too clean. Again, just examples if zoological terrorist showing there true colors and agenda.

  2. Hurray for the No Kill terrorists!

    I hope they give more business to Allison's Gourmet than they can handle!

    I will be placing my orders!!

  3. One difference between No Kill terrorists and Allison's Gourmet is what they are saying and doing promoting kindness to animals:

    Allison's Gourmet: "My entire life is dedicated to compassion for animals, which is the guiding principle for everything I do, personally and professionally."

    No Kill terrorists: don't buy from this vegan shop because we do not like their client

  4. The radical element of the No Kill movement hides behind the anonymity of the Internet and cyber-bulling to directly or indirectly incite others to do harm.

    The radical element of the No Kill Movement will harass, slander, stalk, and threaten.

    I am sorry that Allison's Gourmet is a victim of their attacks.

    I hope this scenario shows Delaware legislatures and decision makers the type of people with whom they are doing business.

  5. here's another no kill harassing her neighbors.

    Tara Rainey

  6. Winograd works the No Kill scam for puppy millers and dog fighters.

    These people don't just act like terrorists. They ARE terrorists.

    One of these No Kill people was even caught recently running a dog fighting and breeding business out of animal control, torturing the county's dogs, thanks to this No Kill business that put him in place to do just that.

    Winograd is colluding with criminals to terrorize good and innocent people so that No Kill can enable the puppy millers and dog fighters to make more money and breed more and be unregulated.

    Unfortunately some corrupt legislators are involved with these groups and help make this terrorism happen, and use our government to protect these terrorists.

    Rick Berman puts money in the pockets of corrupt legislators. Winograd works for Berman.

    The animals lose.

    Good, honest people lose.

    No Kill is the lobby of the animal torturers that profit from their crimes.

    Stupid, gullible fools that get used and suckered by Winograd and Berman help them.

    This is all about big business, the big business that profits from torturing and killing animals in all the many ways, hiding behind No Kill and people like Nathan Winograd to further their financial interests.

    They especially know how to manipulate gullible women into helping them torture for profit.

  7. Nathan Winograd terrorizes ANOTHER woman, and her business.

    He never seems to stop terrorizing and hurting women.

    Rick Berman has him working overtime to do it.

  8. I think Allison doesn't understand that it isn't divisive elements from within the community, it's the infiltration of the animal profiteers INTO the community, hiding behind the fake humane fronts like Winograd and No Kill.

    Rick Berman and his breeders and dog fighters and factory farmers and bunchers and circus elephant beaters use No Kill as the Trojan Horse, and too many members of the community are too gullible to realize No Kill works for breeders and puppy millers and the rest, not the animals.

  9. Best Friends Animal Society is right there in the middle of all of this, supporting the attacks on people like Allison, and supporting the abuse and the hoarding and the interests of the breeders.

    They even used their magazine to give Rick Berman some free advertising for his animal torturers, attacking Peta because Peta supports regulating the breeders and opposes hoarding and dog fighting.

    Michael Mountain was the editor and promoted Rick Berman in the magazine. Now he is in cahoots with Winograd.

    The smell of $$$, selling out the animals.

    Best Friends even send dogs to hoarders to die themselves!

    Former Best Friends employees are now sent into animal control to force this torture on pets and attack people in the community that expose the suffering.

    Best Friends even has candlelight vigils WITH DOG FIGHTERS!

    Those moneygrubbers are right in there with the torturers, attacking people like Allison so Best Friends can profit off the No Kill scam. They attack real humane groups to try to convince the gullible to send their money to the scammers at Best Friends instead! Best Friends doesn't care about anything but making more and more money, which they are pocketing in triple figure salaries and free houses, and hooking up their relatives to the money, and hiring marketers and public relations people with huge amounts of money to write a bunch of fairy tales, lying to the gullible idiots that will send them money to exploit.

    It's disgusting. They even sue their own whistleblower employees to try to silence them about the abuses at Best Friends, but they failed at that.

  10. Keep spreading the word about NK being a dog breeder supported, and pushed, agenda.

    They are trying to take over animal controls and humane societies nationwide.

    Keep speaking out!!


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