Friday, September 7, 2012


This is a riveting story of a reporter who went into a No Kill shelter and was appalled at what he found. Please watch the video. As difficult as it may be to watch, you must see the suffering of animals under this movement of No Kill.

During a recent visit to the Cattaraugus County SCPA (CCSPCA) in Olean, NY., we found a shocking perversion of No Kill, one which defies imagination. After identifying the CCSPCA as a self-proclaimed No Kill facility, The Reporter decided to visit the Olean shelter to observe its operations on a normal business day. 

While walking through the room, it was disturbing to see that many cats showed obvious signs of upper respiratory distress, with nasal discharge, ocular discharge, and open mouth breathing. Exiting Kitty Kingdom, one approaches a corridor leading to a length of dog kennels. The majority of the animals in this area were literally bouncing off the walls, some circling repeatedly at high speeds and some appearing to self-mutilate, continually chewing on their paws and tails [VIDEOS AVAILABLE ONLINE]. These same behaviors were repeated in all other areas of the facility where dogs were kept.

The stench of urine and feces throughout the facility was overpowering. We observed mice scurrying down hallways and under doors. The roof, viewed from the outside of the facility, shows signs of damage and is partially covered with tarps. While leaving the facility and passing the FIV cats in the front lobby, it was noticed that one of the male cats, sitting on a cat perch, was shaking his head repeatedly and sneezing, which finally resulted in him falling sideways off the perch, landing on his side. These were not healthy or happy animals.

According to Kelly Chaffee, former CCSPCA President and current Board Member, “the facility has been No Kill since 1985.” 
Chaffee’s claim that CCSPCA is a No Kill shelter is based on her belief that, if animals cannot be adopted, they should remain at the shelter indefinitely. Chaffee reports that on a given day, from 250 to 400 animals are housed onsite at the Olean facility, including cats and dogs. She explained that the facility no longer offers a low cost spay/neuter clinic, stating that the majority of animals are adopted out unneutered.  

The descriptions of what was found at this No Kill shelter would turn your stomach. Yet this is acceptable to those who follow this movement. This isn't the only example, there are hundreds just like this shelter. Now I ask, is this what you want for the Devore shelter? Stand against Nathan Winograd and his cult followers if you don't want Devore to fall.


  1. This is the breeders and dog fighters idea of what should happen to unwanted animal. They perceive them as garbage. Just use No Kill to Slow Kill them, hidden, unnamed, uncounted.

    How many animals has Chaffee slow killed, their deaths hidden under the rug, so she could please her breeder and dog fighter masters through their touts like Nathan Winograd?

    Breeders and puppy millers and dog fighters don't approve of spay neuter, for obvious reasons.

    No Kill just kills the surplus and hides it. Pretends there is no overbreeding so the breeders don't have to take responsibility.

    This is a crime. Winograd belongs in prison along with those Best Friends criminals for pushing this kind of treatment of innocent pets so they can keep enriching themselves from the breeders and dog fighters pushing the No Kill scam.

    Best Friends Animal Society even HAS killed animals it was entrusted to care for, giving them to No Kill Slow Kill hoarders to torture and kill while Best Friends claimed the animals had "happy homes."

  2. Those unneutered animals are "adopted out" (sold) to dog fighters and puppy mills, or dealers to resell them.

    Chaffee should be arrested for animal cruelty and fraud.

  3. Now we know where all of those pending adoptions went! Those poor animals are most likely warehoused in a facility like this one, just sitting in cages, getting sick and waiting to die. This is no life for any animals, but a living hell on earth. How can someone say they like or love animals and allow this to happen? Mental illness is rampant within this “No-Kill” movement.


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