Friday, April 5, 2013


The No Kill Equation movement of Nathan Winograd has taken a major blow from PeTA and you need to know about it.

For years, Winograd has spewed forth nothing but hate. To read his blog means reading more words like murder, torture, killing and execution more times than a Syrian new bulletin. He hates the HSUS, the ASPCA, and PeTA with a passion that is more closely related to mental illness than passion. He distorts the truth about all of them in hopes of destroying their donor base. Of course, he also hopes that donor base comes into his bank account. He wants to stop the only organizations who stand up against the cruelty of puppy mills, hoarding, dog fighting. Why would anyone want to do that? Especially when No Kill offers nothing to take up the slack.

Here is the expose of No Kill shelters, the truth behind them. Many of these are bragging rights for No Kill but there is nothing to brag about. To turn away animals mean their being dumped to fend for themselves. Not only is that cruel to the animals, but it presents a definite public health and safety risk with strays. No Kill doesn't care, if those animals are outta sight, they don't exist.

Winograd published a piece of trash about PeTA this week in the Huff Puff (Huffington Post) and I will not put up the link. All he did was reiterate the same old stuff he has been saying time and time again. He offered no proof of his accusations, nothing was new news so to speak. But PeTA had a little surprise awaiting Mr. Winograd. The video shows that each and every No Kill shelter was full, turning away surrenders, AND REFERRING THOSE TO THE VERY SHELTERS THAT NO KILL CONDEMNS. Can anyone say hypocritical?

How many words has Winograd written to discredit PeTA, and PeTA has managed to crush Winograd in a short, 8 minute video. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Read, think, and then tell Winograd to take a hike.


  1. No Kill 101

    How to decrease euthanasia numbers

    1. close your doors to the general public - after all, all they do is pay taxes for you to be open
    2. do not admit animals
    3. put them on a waiting list (that way the people will do something with the animal) and the NK shelter will not have to deal with a possible statistic
    4. say you are full and overcrowded
    5. ask for money to build new buildings
    6. refer all hard to place animals to the city and county shelters

  2. He attacks those other groups bewcause he works for the breeders and they hate all the welfare groups that oppose the puppy mills and oppose cruelty

  3. Do you know why Winograd published an attack on Peta this week?

    Because he works for Rick Berman, lobbyist for the breeders and puppy mills and factory farming, and Berman attacked Peta this week with organized propaganda attack that showed up on extremist right wing, farm industry type media places.

    Berman's lobbying affilates, like NAIA and Winograd, correlate their attacks to coincide.

    Winograd isn't even hiding the fact that he is colluding with Berman.

    Why isn't Winograd registered as a lobbyist? He is breaking the law!

  4. Now I understand why Rancho Cucamonga still is not a no kill shelter like they said they were going to be when they terminated service with Devore. But one thing for sure, they are sure spending a lot more money now that they are on their own. And don't forget, the last director they had (i forget his name) said in the newspaper as he was walking out the door, 'We are not a no kill shelter'.

    The city hired Winograd, drank the Cool-aid, and now nearly 10 years later are not doing any better than when Devore ran their shelter, but they are spending a lot more money.

    No wonder my taxes are so high.... thanks Winograd

  5. The contract prior to No Kill with the County was about $770,000 a year, now it is over two and a half million. Ask why so much of a difference. With the county, if an ACO was out or any staff was out, the county replaced them so Rancho was fully staffed at all times. Ask if that is the case now. The last director left to become a monk. Okay. Don't forget the $25,000 consulting fee that Winograd charged. You can thank Rex and Bill Alexander for Rancho's mess. They followed the Winograd activist like males dogs after a female in heat.


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