Friday, April 5, 2013


Despite all the ranting and raving by the activists, disrupting the shelter and staff, Devore has had more adoptions this past year. Of course, the activists are trying to take credit for this positive piece of news.

Devore participates in forty-eight (48) off site adoption events each year, will be holding the 2nd Annual Homeward Bound Mega Pet Adoption Event this year, partners with the Animals aRe First Fund to help subsidize pet adoptions during the off site events to lower adoption fees and make pet adoptions more affordable for the general public to adopt, provides free microchips for all pets adopted, just was nominated for two marketing awards for their Homeward Bound-Project Adopt Campaign, publishes a biweekly newsletter which is sent to over 7,000 supporters to promote Devore and the adoptable pets available at the shelter and is participating in the ASPCA Rachael Ray 100K Challenge for the 2nd year in a row to promote the shelter and the pets available.  This is just a few of the efforts Devore has advanced to increase adoption and public awareness regarding the homeless pets available at the shelter.

Devore suffered through all the accusations, the protests outside the shelter, the rude activists, a Grand Jury investigation, and yet managed to increase adoptions and reduce euthanasia.

Of all the agencies in San Bernardino County, Devore was #3 in adoptions. Only Rancho Cucamonga and Upland had a better percentage. Let's look at the actual numbers. 

Devore handled almost 15,000 animals. Rancho handled 4,700 and Upland handled 2,600. Rancho adopted out about 70% of their intake, Upland adopted out 58% of their intake and Devore adopted out 56% of their intake. Question would be why these activists aren't going after Upland, they are about the same as Devore on numbers? Ask why these activists aren't going after the other agencies who are euthanizing more and adopting less than Devore.

Keep up the good work, Devore. Just remember that the vast majority of us are on your side, don't let these activists get you down. 


  1. Is Devore Animal Shelter an open access shelter? Do they turn people and their animals away?

    Did Rancho Cucamonga supervisors adopt the policy of turning Rancho Cucamonga shelter into a No Kill shelter?

    Did this policy change to a low kill/limited access shelter which turns people and their animals away?

    Did this policy from No Kill to low kill change because No Kill was not workable?

    How much did Rancho Cucamonga residents pay to turn the shelter into a No Kill shelter?

    Who advised the supervisors to turn Rancho into a No Kill shelter?

    How many people are told to take their animals to Upland as a stray because Rancho is full?

    How many dogs are crammed together in cages and kennels at Rancho because of overcrowding?

    Why is Rancho overcrowded, full and a turn away shelter?

    Two words: No Kill

    The staff at all these shelters care about animals. That is why they are there. To force an unworkable philosophy on them and the animals causes tremendous stress upon the dedicated staff, potential pain and suffering to the innocent animals who might be abandoned, and unfairness to the citizens of our community who pay for the services of our shelters through our taxes.

    Let the professional, knowledgeable, trained, skilled shelter staff do their work without being bullied by the No Kill terrorists who do not know what they are talking about and spread lies and make false accusations about shelters.

    Supervisors, those in position of authority, and the decision makers need to do their homework. Get informed. It is not fair to staff, citizens or the animals to force an unworkable philosophy upon a shelter, just because of threats and scare tactics from the No Kill movement.

    Think about these words:
    No Kill kills.

  2. Hmm. Lots of questions that should have numbers for answers. Can you post them? On the surface it seems Rancho has the highest success rate.

  3. I don't understand?!?!?!??! I thought Devore was the devil reincarnated???? How could all of these people be lying.

    What.... I think I have it....



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