Friday, January 10, 2014


There have been prior posts about the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Folks, Washington. Washington state is a favorite dumping ground for those 'activists' who hate Devore. We have found that many a poor dog has been abandoned by the 'activists' on several occasions.

By their own admittance, dogs pulled from Devore were delivered to Olympic (OAS) and lived in filthy crates since 2012.

This website calls into question why these Devore dogs were abandoned at this house of horrors. OAS claims to take the dogs that everyone wants to kill. That translated is dogs with problems, dangerous dogs, etc. Not dogs that just need a little attention.

Dogs Deserve Better travels across the country with two of the former Olympic Animal Santuary dogs, Marty and Princess, from Arizona to Virginia in January 2014. Marty and Princess (formerly Waldo aka Cesar and Sheba) were part of the feral pack of Devore Shepherds that arrived at OAS in Forks, Washington in July 2012. We are told they then spent the next 1.5 years living in crates when the rescue thought they were going to a sanctuary.
They will now be living at the Good Newz Rehab Center, and we suspect Marty will quickly find his forever home as soon as he's house trained. He's already puppy pad trained in just three days. Princess is fairly shy and was feral, so she will need longer to rehabilitate, but she will have all the time she needs at the Center in Smithfield, VA.
Thought?? Thought they were going to a sanctuary? Did this rescue not step up and make sure that the dogs were going to a reputable place? Besides, it appears that these dogs are trainable with some effort. 
These 'activists' aren't helping animals, they feed their egos to say "They're alive!" Shades of Frankenstein, what kind of lives are these 'activists' condemning animals to.

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