Monday, May 14, 2012


I posted about the Maryland Court case that will be breaking the back of "No Kill". Already Maryland shelters are refusing to adopt out pits. This case came about because of a vicious attack on Dominic Solesky by a pit bull. 

Dominic's father sees the problem and he is talking about it.  

Unfortunately, too many in the "humane" business have failed to turn their attention on the real problem that allows the proliferation of ill-bred pit bulls, many of which end up being maulers: unrestrained pit bull breeders. High courts recognize that human victims of these injurious maulings must have a way to be compensated after a brutal attack. 

The dismal failure of "humane" and rescue groups -- both of which have had over 25 years to find a solution to the pit bull problem -- is now going to be exacerbated (more unwanted pit bulls winding up in shelters) due to this ruling. You have your own mismanagement of 25+ years to blame. Finally, due to "humane" groups failing to be honest about this breed's inherent danger, high courts have made this declaration themselves.

And I agree, these "Savior" rescues, as I call them, have ignored the damages being done by their "save them all". Closed casket funerals are a legacy of these rescues. Many pits have mauled and attacked who were adopted out by a "Savior" group. These people don't care about the beloved pets mauled and killed by pits, yet they claim to care about animals. What animals? The ones bred to do one thing and only one thing - to kill? What about all the others?

What about the humans being mauled and killed by pits? Two thirds of the DBRFs are being done by pits. In spite of the gun for hire, Karen Delise, proclaiming her godly powers of being able to get records on attacks when the police won't even release the records to the victims, pits are killing in numbers unlike any other breeds in history. 

And these activists at Devore are a part of this group. They don't care about all the people and beloved pets being mauled and killed, they don't even care about the very animals they claim to care about. You don't walk around a shelter with hateful, political signs and expect miracles. They know what they are doing, they know their role in killing the Devore animals, and they don't care.


  1. I work at an emergency vet practice and have had to deal with these savior rescue groups.

    One of my co-workers worked at one of the vet offices that Devore uses. Here is a story she recently told me.

    A lady name Royce (i remember the name because if sounds so majestic) adopted an aggressive pit from Devore. She brought it to the vet's office to be boarded before going on a transport up north. while at the vet's office, Royce's dog damaged it's cage and got loose. It damaged another cage and attacked another dog (which was owned by a private person, not a rescue). It damaged several other cages and managed to bite the kennel person when they tried to catch the dog.
    It broke out of the transport truck (yes, they said it was a truck), and started to attack the other animals being transported. It had to be transported in a car by itself all the way up. Finally, the family (yes, children and all) had to pay to have this dog evaluated by 2 separate behaviorists. Both behaviorist agreed the dog should be euthanized. Royce threatened to sue the family for killing 'her dog'. Funny thing was, Royce told the family how friendly and playful the dog was and never mentioned it be aggressive.
    Just goes to show how honest a rescue person can be.

  2. Yes, we have had a comment about "Royce" before. As I understand she is quite a sight to see and could make it big in horror flicks.

    These self proclaimed rescuers don't think about the other pets or people that these aggressive pits will maul and/or kill. If they don't think about those animals and those people, then they can't honestly say they care about animals, and certainly not about people. They have that hidden agenda I talk about all the time.


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