Monday, May 14, 2012


Only about 20 people showed and probably out of those, only maybe a handful at best were actually county residents. 

Can anyone say "BUST", "JOKE", "BALONEY". However, it did mean more pets having to die because that protest caused people to turn away from the shelter. These aren't protesters, these are animal killers disguised as part of the humane community. 


  1. With the largest County in the United States, they could only gather 20 people??? Doesn't sound like a real problem, more like a personal attack.

    I can tell you, we were going there to get a pet for mothers day. We saw the commotion and a group a cars parked on the side of the road. We felt our safety could be an issue, so we quickly turned around and left. Sadly, we did not adopt a new family member and have a good idea pets died that day because I am sure we were not the only ones to turn around and leave empty handed.

    Our take was the people standing in front of the gates with signs a waiving was only to detour people from adopting the animals waiting to find permanent homes and only wanted to see more animals killed.

  2. I know, Anon, it is quite laughable. I do hope you didn't find a pet and will consider going back to Devore after reading this blog.

    You won't see barrels of dead animals, I assure you of that. And these terrorists won't be there either. You and your family will be safe. Please consider adopting from Devore. Thanks.

  3. Did you know Royce has balls. I mean, really big balls.

    On Saturday, she is leading this group of protesters against the Devore Shelter. Then today, I walked thru the shelter and say Royce yucking it up towards the staff. WHAT A BITCH. One day you are twisting the knife in their back and the next 'acting' like you are their best friend.

    Really Big Brass Ones is all I got to say.

    And one more thing, the staff was really being polite towards here. They were showing class towards a real piece of work. I don't know if I could have been that good. My hat is off to the staff at Devore. They are a class act.

  4. And if you want to see Royce, just look at the protest photos, including the one in the Sun. Royce is the one holding the sign about Josie.

    Josie has done more for the animals in San Bernardino County than Royce ever could.

  5. Although she was not mentioned by name, a very good description of her was given in a long ago post by a commenter. I also learned that she brought a very aggressive dog into the vet, he recommended it be euthanized because it came after several people there. She refused. She must be a real work, devil's work, Nathan Winograd's work.

    And yes, the staff at Devore are first class without a doubt. I have seen them in the same situation many times with a disrespectful "rescuer". I have stepped between the rescuer and the staff too. You get what you give out of life and out of people. If a person complains about the staff, it's because they were the jerk, not the staff.


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