Thursday, May 17, 2012


That's the question. I was sent this email that had been sent by the infamous Sharon Gilbert to some other parties. She needs to review her friends I think.

> From: Sharon Gilbert
> Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 5:45 PM
> To: 
> Cc
> Subject: Re: Fw: San Bernardino County Sun: About 20 protesters converge on Devore Ani...
> PLEASE do NOT post this to Facebook or any social media.  I just received a call from Brad Mitzelfelt's campaign manager who is a close personal friend.  I had mentioned to him that Brad is losing votes over the Dogs Day Inn issue and what was said by some high desert rescues at the protest Saturday.  I was just told that if we can provide information on what is going on there, they will open a case on it and investigate.  Despite his campaign manager and I being close personal friends, Brad and I are bitter enemies so I cannot do this.  I need people who are willing to come forward with personal knowledge of the situation.  I know at least one rescue has been banned for posting the photo of the puppies being hosed down in the dead of winter on Facebook.  there was the incident of the animal control officer throwing the dogs against the side of the truck but I don't think that rescuer will come forward by herself because of retaliation.  There is also the issue of the fact that there is no signage whatsoever showing that it is a county shelter.
> If anyone knows someone credible who is not afraid to come forward, please send them my way.  The election is June 5.  I hate to be so blunt but we probably have a very narrow window of opportunity.
> Please do not forward this email.

Considering the circumstances, I would advise Mitzelfelt to steer clear of this situation and put some distance between himself and Derry. Either that or get a new campaign manager. Sharon is attempting to use outside influence to divide and conquer.

This is an email sent earlier.

From: Sharon Gilbert <>
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 7:11 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: San Bernardino County Sun: About 20 protesters converge on Devore Ani...

Yes, the best we can hope for is a runoff between Josie and one of her opponents.  Josie has about a million dollars in her war chest.  The others don't have any money.  John did pay for a ballot statement which will garner quite a few more votes than normal.  The other opponent is also a Hispanic female but no ballot statement.  The county deems declined to endorse Josie as did Congressman Baca.  Her hometown dem party endorsed her opponent.  John will pull all the republican votes and we can only hope the opponent can pull enough dem votes to force a runoff.  That will mean she needs to be on good behavior until November, which will give us some breathing room.  Also just maybe the FBI will make an arrest or two in the two scandals she is caught up in.  She is a suspect in at least one of them.

Mitzelfelt is Neils only ally on the BOS.  He is a lame duck as he is running for Congress.  He and Neil usually vote together against the other three.  Brad's office is offering us a sit-down with us on this but it can't be done without volunteers.  I do know they are investigating another animal control officer complaint, but if found true, I doubt it will get that officer more than a letter of reprimand.  I can only hope it is the same officer that was throwing the dogs against the truck.

Of the seven that are running to replace brad, I don't believe there is an animal lover among them.  So even if Neil wins, he will likely be all by himself.  That is why time is of the essence.  The county administrative office does not want this commission to be formed.  

Again, I would advise Mitzelfelt to distance himself. Although he is a lame duck, he is running for another office. These activists are a ball and chain at this point for any politician. 


  1. See if you get the same as I get from this quote:
    "there was the incident of the animal control officer throwing the dogs against the side of the truck but I don't think that rescuer will come forward by herself because of retaliation."

    I take it then there is no evidence of this ever happening except for a he say/she say sorta deal. Geez, everyone in this day and time have a phone with at least a camera, if not video. The days of he said/she said are gone.

  2. I'd pretty much take it the same way, yes.

  3. Lets see, an animal control officer accused of throwing dogs against the side of a truck. A no kill nut watching this occur to multiple dogs. The no kill nut not doesn't take any photos, no video,nada. No body went to the shelter to see about these dogs, no inquiry to any medical care they may have required, again no nada.

    I know, how about I saw I was in the parking lot of the shelter and watched a rescue person dragging a dog across the hot parking lot, kick the dog, then lift the dog up by the leash (hanging the dog), then drive away. Oh I forgot to say, watched all of this, have it on video, and will release it when the time is appropriate.

    Shouldn't this cause the rescue / no kill community to start an immediate investigation involving this person. I mean the person was identified as a rescue person. Shouldn't all rescue persons be investigated and removed for dealing with any animal until this is resolved. Isn't that what they want to do with the Devore Staff? Shouldn't the rescuers be held to the same standard?

  4. I keep hearing that Devore is retaliating towards the rescues. What I haven't heard is any specific example of this allegation. Kinda leads me to believe just more BS from the no kill terrorist, nuts, and rescuers.

    1. Really now! Do you honestly believe that Devore would be so arrogant as to do something so stupid as "retaliate"? Give me a break. No. What happens is that these activists make a reputation for themselves, people report this to Devore and if anything at all is done, Devore does what is in the best interest of the pets per those reports. I have received no info concerning any complaints of retaliation efforts, so I really don't know. I would venture to say, like yourself, just more BS, they throw what they can against the wall in hopes something will stick.

  5. Thank you for sharing that Anon:34. If you would like to share you can send it as a Not for Publication, that is how I receive a great deal of information. I do confirm whatever I receive. No need to exchange emails, I set this blog up to receive info without a person having to worry about being traced.

    And the the answer to your question again goes back to actions speak louder than words. They cover for each other, they allow suffering because of this cover, there's plenty of examples of this. Also again, this is not about the animals. This is about egos, vendettas, you name it, not about animals.

  6. And what does the "activist" think that big blue sign means when it reads "COUNTY OF SAN BERNANDINO - Department of Public Health"?
    lol No signage saying it's a county shelter?

  7. I guess they think, Anon:38, that people just get in their cars and wonder around looking for a county shelter. Who knows what they think? If they would stay off the phones, deliberately tying up the phones, so people could call, it might save some lives when owners try to find their pets. Instead these activists are tying up phone lines, keeping staff on phones, does this sound like something in the best interest of the shelter animals? They don't care about the damage they are doing.

    some signs to look for in a bad rescue.
    i know a few "rescues" who do not have a nonprofit 501 c 3 status. they get large donations just from emails and social networking sites. the master manipulators represent themselves as legitimate animal rescues. it is time for people to ask questions demand answers from the "rescues" and remember...When You Point A Finger At Someone Remember You Have 3 Pointing Back At You.

  9. Thanks for the piece. It has a lot of good info on rescues. With the advent of Nathan Winograd's "No Kill Equation", the number of scams has risen. Scams regarding the transports, scams to collect money, you name it. Along with Best Fiends, people have learned that you can make money off of promoting pitiful shelter pets, more money than you can make off promoting a church that worships Satan. If you were to ask these bad rescues who their heroes are, you would hear Natan Winograd and Satan loving Best Fiends.


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