Thursday, May 10, 2012


Incredible!! This is an elected official and his manner of behavior is that of a hillbilly. I saw elsewhere where he only said one word to a constituent, "Liar". You don't do that, it is rude and not acceptable from a person elected to office. Now there is this. Derry is showing himself to be totally unacceptable as a servant of the people.

This was discovered on a facebook page. 

Toni Chapman Momberger i'm the proud owner of nine rescued pets. you can hardly walk through my house.
Supervisor Neil Derry That is probably a code violation Toni :)
Toni Momberger i am totally in violation of code.
§  Description:
Supervisor Neil Derry Don't let the animal nazis know...
Toni Momberger let's just keep this between us.
§  Description:
Supervisor Neil Derry You the boots

Desperate are you, Derry? Well, I have news for you, the pet vote will not get you re-elected. This deserves a reprimand from the Board of Supervisors. You have insulted county employees and the Jewish community. You also insult our intelligence.


  1. I agree, this needs to be brought up at the next board of supervisors meeting in front of all to see. An elected official using such terminology.

    Thank you for posting. I was on the fence as to who to vote for, as I am in Derry's district. This clinched it, RAMOS has my vote. And I will be calling for my yard signs (good thing I live on a busy street where it will get lots of exposure).
    I can hardly wait for election day to see idiot Derry go down in flames.
    Like the song says, Hit the road jack (or neil in this case).

  2. If this guy is the same guy (I'm not from California) - why is he still employed by the county - much less a supervisor?

  3. Yep Anon:23 same guy but he isn't employed, he was elected. But I doubt he makes a second term. He is forgetting who put his ass in office and we can take him out just as easily.

  4. It is unfortunate that animal control personnel are vilified by the individuals who actually employ them to perform their public safety responsibilities. If a member of the Board of Supervisors wants to offer amendments to change the laws (i.e. allow for a greater number of pets to reside in their jurisdiction) all they have to do is offer an amendment to the County Code and change the law. To criticize someone for doing their job and enforcing the laws that they are paid to enforce is unthinkable.
    What has happened to the County of San Bernardino to allow their elected leaders to conduct themselves in this fashion?

  5. If any of the AC staff had made that kind of a comment about the board members - they would have been fired on the spot - no ifs, ands or behinds.

  6. Derry's comments are inexcusable. As a member of the community for which he 'serves' and being Jewish, I find his comments incredibly offensive. For a member of our Board of Supervisors to even think such a thing, and then to post if on Facebook clearly shows his lack of character or intelligence.

    I'm sure if one of the workers at the animal shelter were heard to make such a remark, Derry would be leading the charge for their job.

    Hey Neil,why stop there?? Lets hear you slander the hispanics, African Americans, or the many other minorities in your district.

    His comments can be summed up in one word. DISCGRACEFUL!!!!!!!!

    I don't know about you, but Ramos just got my vote.....

  7. I am attending Neighborhood Watch groups and I am showing these comments to the people in his district. I am doing my share to get this man out of office.

  8. Here's a question to ponder.

    With Supervisor Derry making such a comment, how can he even show his face at the next BOS meeting?

    We should organize a protest of our own. We should all wear yellow to throw in Derry's face how much we think he is a coward for using such language.

    Just a thought.

    We could be outside, waving signs, making noise, and holding up signs like the recent Devore protesters did.

    I know, Derry=Animal Abuser. I seem to remember seeing that sign aimed at Josie.

  9. I had actually given him more credit before, not much, but now. I am appalled that an official would say what he said. My mouth hangs open each time I think of it. Remember Postmus? Wonder if this boy is taking lessons, if you know what I mean.


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