Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It is unfortunate that certain self-proclaimed “No-Kill Activists” do not know the difference between revenue (income) or expense contracts.  Once again, yesterday, the activists posted the following malicious statement on Facebook:

DOGS DAY INN pays Devore to do their killing. Dogs Day in has a contract with Devore and they stop by, throw a few dogs against the truck, pick them up and take them and kill them at Devore. We have been tr...ying to educate people about the "system" Brian Cronin has set up. Josie Gonzales Board of Supervisors (up for re election in June) has protected him and his system, because it makes money for the county. They are generating INCOME for the county off of these contracts. Making money by killings dogs and cats....... It's pretty messed up system.

Dogs Day Inn has no reason to euthanize, it is a kennel for rent. These activists have been told before that the County pays Dogs Day Inn to board and house animals for the County in the High Desert Victorville Region of the County.  The animals are housed at this facility for the State Mandated holding period for possibly owner redemption.  By boarding the animals found in this region of the County at a local facility it makes it easier for an owner to find their lost pet.  If the found pet is not redeemed by the owner or adopted, it is then transported to another facility for final disposition.  Again, the County pays Dogs Day Inn which is a private boarding kennel to house the animals on behalf of the County which is in compliance with State law.  How do the “activists” feel the County generates “INCOME” by paying a private boarding kennel $14.00 a day, per dog, to house stray dogs on behalf of the County?  This is “No-Kill” math at its finest!  They allege you make money by spending tens of thousands of dollars in trying to help the animals and people locate their lost pet.  The “activists” would most likely prefer that all the animals be sent directly to Devore and housed there which would limit the housing and kennel space at this facility and cause an even greater number of animals to be euthanized. When God he was giving out common sense, the activists ran off to get their piggy banks instead and missed the boat.

Many people forget that San Bernardino County is the largest County in the continental United States encompassing over 20,000 square miles.  San Bernardino County is larger than nine (9) States in the U.S.  and larger than Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut and New Jersey combined.  By having a local facility available for residents to reclaim their lost pet, the County hopes to reunite lost animals with their owners.  For this the County is condemned.  The activists lie and say the County makes money, when in fact the County is spending money to help the animals and assisting their owners. Do these activists have the sense to come in out of a shower of rain? I say not. 


  1. I just would like to know, one thing. Where do these activist live? They are not from the area, I bet. They don't know the real problem is the dog owners.if their dog is picked up, they just get another one, or they just do not care. To all the activist. "Go home and stay there. "
    Animal Control is doing what they are supposed to do.

    1. Ah, that is where you gotta connect their dots - they are fully aware that the problem is the dog owners themselves aka dog breeders.

      And that brings us to why they are doing what they are doing nationwide.

      To take the attention/blame off of dog breeders. With their "No Kill" leader claiming there isn't a pet overpopulation, and all of his followers echoing that nationwide........ dog breeders are off the hook. So they think.

  2. There was a reason God did not give glands with venom. The activists would try to kill everyone that disagrees with them. Go back to your county and save a dog or two. Maybe you won't kill them in transport.

  3. The NKers aren't confused - they know exactly what false information they are spreading - and they know why they are spreading it. Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to realize why also.

  4. They are just pawns, they go where they are told to go. Doesn't matter to them that they should be cleaning their own house wherever they live. I don't know a public shelter in Southern CA that can claim to the "No Kill" which means they come to San Bernardino and let animals around the corner from where they live die.

  5. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

  6. This isn't even a large group, just a mere handful but that's enough to put blood on their hands from keeping the public away from the shelter with their accusations and lies.


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