Saturday, May 26, 2012


I really think that Derry is losing it. He calls constituents "liars", he jumps into bed with radical animal rights activists, gun toting mamas blogged about previously here.

Now he thinks he will win the election by making people think he is a nice guy because he cares about animals. BULL. There is no pet vote, Derry. And you've done so much damage while in office, there's no saving you at this point.

Here's the recent piece of Derry's propaganda. I am putting it up so you can see that Derry is taking credit for establishing a non-existent commission. The commission PRESENTATION has been put off to a later date. Is this a big, fat lie from Derry? 

Preventing Animal Abuse (What the hell? There's been no proof presented about abuse at Devore, only unfounded accusations, Derry.)

Responding to the concerns of local residents (What local residents? A mere handful, the rest were from other places, not from San Bernardino,some who have never been inside Devore), Neil created (When did this happen? No record of this happening, Derry) a new Citizens Animal Services Commission to monitor conditions at animal shelters and prevent abuse.(Again, where is the proof? After all the investigations, all the efforts by these radical animal rights activists, nothing has come out indicating abuse at Devore.)




  1. These "NKers" are not "animal rights activists" - radical or otherwise.

    They are dog breeders and their allies.

    Please don't insult the true animal advocates/activists by lumping them into a category of people that actually do things to help the welfare of all animals.

    1. I have forwarded this blogspot to many other animal rescue groups. Everyone of them has had the same reaction - please do not include all rescues into the same category as this group who has so fiercely and emotionally criticized the shelter.

      Some of the rescues to whom this blogspot has been forwarded, pull animals from Devore. They, too, can not understand why this group is going after Devore when there are other shelters who could use their help. By help, I mean financial assistance. Donate money. Set up a spay/neuter voucher account; set up a medical account to pay for sick or injured animals. Financial oversight would be the responsibility of the shelter/city/county. Any one could donate to the shelter to help reduce the costs of animal care and control in their city.

      Several of the rescues have said they are not animal rights "terrorists", (for example, subtly encouraging doing physical harm to buildings or individuals.) However, many individuals have said they are "activists" in promoting spay/neuter, laws that protect animals, or working with the shelter staff to help them help the animals.

    2. Thank you for forwarding this to others. The one thing that the Board of Supervisors and the staff at Devore needs to know is there are those who aren't like the Devore activists.

      HOWEVER, if you are true activists, then you realize the harm being done. If you are true activists, then you need to come forward and speak up. Either that or have the public think that all activists are nutz like the ones at Devore.

      There's much more to helping the shelter and the shelter animals than pulling them out for adoption. Groups need to become innovative in programs to make shelter animals look better to the public instead of condemning the shelter.

      I'm not condemning all rescues or activists but I do believe that if you think Devore is being attacked unjustly then do something to help. Contact your reps and speak up for Devore. Thanks if you do that.

    3. Thank you for the good advice to contact reps. Many people have said they would like to comment, but they worry about their personal safety, their children's safety, their animal's safety, and job security (what if the group is adopting from a business and these people demonstrate in front of the store or go to the manager and complain and then we loose a place to do adoptions.) What if they start an Internet smear against the adoption group.

      Thanks again for advice to write rep. I will be working on my letter and suggest the same to others. Maybe a personal telephone call would be better as their letter might be passed around and end up in the hands of someone who might want to harm their organization for supporting Devore.

  2. No one meant to lump these activists with others that actually do good work. Yes, there is a difference between animal advocates and "No Kill"ers, big difference. One does care, the other doesn't.

    Strangely enough, the ones openly opposing these Devore activists are the breeders. Two well known breeders have confronted the activists at their demonstration and at the Board of Supervisors. If a commission is formed, I bet you these two will be appointed. These belong to a kennel club that has a major dog show every year that brings money into the community. You bet they will be appointed, unlike the outsiders that come in long enough to condemn Devore and then run home again.

  3. It is a dilemma that I do understand. I think it is important for you to stress your being uncomfortable with speaking openly about this issue. Derry needs to know that he is supporting those who deliberately intimidate opposition. Those who would speak are usually no kill rescues, non profits. They can ill afford to be called murderers, etc. So they remain silent in order to do their work. So please stress to the Supervisors that you feel intimidated by these activists, let Derry know his constituents are being terrorized. He should be ashamed of himself.

  4. And here we go again with the reason for this blogspot - to seek the Truth.

    Constituents from many areas have lost faith in their elected officials. However, there are some elected officials who are trying very hard to listen and respond to their constituents concerns.

    People reading the newspaper think they are reading the truth because it was published. Sometimes, to know the truth, I feel I need to analyze what the reporter is writing because of the reporters choice of words and his or her own personal bias.

    I listen to talk radio to try to learn about issues. At least with talk radio, you know the announcers point of view (for example, conservative or liberal and you can form an opinion based upon knowing that the information you are hearing is coming from a conservative or liberal point of view.)

    I sometimes watch the news. Newscasters have the power to form public opinion. Are the television stations executives on the right, the left, down the center? How about the newscaster?

    And of course, there is the Internet. I think most people are now realizing that what some people post is not factual or truthful. In many cases the postings in emails, on Facebook, or blog spots are only meant to cause an emotional reaction - and yes, further the writer's personal agenda. I believe part of the problem is that the writer does not care about the harm caused by their printed word and that the writer, hiding behind the supposed anonymity of the Internet, thinks that they can print anything and not have to be responsible for what they print. In my opinion, more people need to sue and hold accountable, those individuals who are creating any type of post which causes emotional or physical harm.

    I hope people who read this blogspot will be challenged to find the truth about the Devore shelter and not just believe everything that is printed by animal rights "activists" who oppose the shelter.

    I hope people who read this blogspot will begin to understand the harm that these animal rights "activists" who oppose the shelter are doing.

    It is one thing to be concerned for the welfare of animals and work cooperatively to rectify a situation. It is something quite different when words and behavior cause harm for people and animals.

  5. Anon:19, I agree somewhat. The internet is also a great source of valuable information. To learn what is truly happening on a local basis one can use these blogs, facebook, etc. to learn of problems. HOWEVER, it is up to us to decipher the information, do the research, and see if there is a problem. We just can't take someone's word for it. The Devore activists think we're supposed to believe them, they offer no proof. Some pictures? I don't think so.

    This is something that has to be considered as well. What happened to these Devore dogs via activists.

    1. How nice to pleasantly disagree!

      I concede. The Internet is a great source of valuable information. The problem is, as you so eloquently state, "it is up to us to decipher the information, do the research, and see if there is a problem."

      But why should readers have to decipher the information? Why aren't those who are communicating the news just report it honestly and correctly, with no hidden meanings or innuendos because of the choice of words or the media respresentatives personal bias. That bias must be set aside and sources must be investigated to be deemed reliable.

      Now Internet blogspots and emails which attack or intimidate are another kind of communicating. Their goal is just that - to intimidate, to stifle discussion, to suppress knowledge. They are not about finding the truth and cooperating to achieve positive results.

      Good food for thought: the activists have not offered any proof. So again, what is the truth? Could it be that there is no abuse of animals at the shelter?

    2. Looking on the Internet for the truth about No Kill?

      Try this website. It lists dates, months, years, and shelters/rescue groups that call themselves No Kill and how they are not helping animals or people who need help with animals:

    3. Re: your comment: This is something that has to be considered as well. What happened to these Devore dogs via activists.

      What do you know about this situation?

    4. I know the original emails had the original Devore pictures when the dogs were found. Orange County was involved but choose not to press charges when other rescues agreed to take on the dogs. They were left in a boarding kennel, many were emaciated and had been out of Devore for months so they didn't come out of Devore that way.

      Had the other rescues not covered for these Devore activists/rescues, it would have been a different story with charges being filed. Most animal control agencies have overloads in their shelters, holding evidence pets is a strain. So Orange County chose the easy road, can't blame them actually. But what happened to those dogs, who knows.

    5. Does anyone know what has happened to the thousands of animals that are removed by rescue groups from shelters and transported to Oregon, Washington, Canada, Montana etc. by brokers, 30 - 60 at a time, 30 hours nonstop, with no food, no water, no ventilation, no opportunity to relieve themselves?

    6. There's been a couple of reliable sources that have tracked some pit bulls going to fighting in Idaho, WA and Oregon.

      Here's one on YouTube and there are others about this transport to Canada.

      Also visit this blog and do a search on it for "hell", "highway" or "transport". It has several horror stories on it about these transports.

    7. probably going to a place like Michael Vick's old hang out.

      I have heard, tho not verified, one of the transporters from 'across the pond' has taken dogs from Devore strait to research labs in Canada for a pretty penny profit.

      Also, animal research is still legal in Canada, so US animals would be primed for the pickin up there; no one watching, no one caring, everyone here thinking they are doing wonderful things for the Devore animals, when in reality they are subjecting them to life in a lab and eventual death.

      What a wonderful things some of the rescue folks are doing.....

    8. There have been articles about these transports not being what they are supposed to be. And yes, there is reliable info that pits are going for fighting. One comes from Canada where the rescue group taking the pits from CA had only been in existence for less than 3 months before they got a shipment of pits. Now does this sound like a good move to you, pits to the inexperienced? When we tried to investigate, we were told there is another investigation going on by law enforcement and to back off. We'll see.

      And according to Canadian polls, a third of Canadians think it is okay to eat dogs. So between all of this, who in their right mind would send dogs to Canada?

  6. I do hope that I can offer links so that you can read and make up your mind about it. I offer editorial to the point of giving you something to think about.

    As for your question, I can't find any real proof of "abuse". Abuse is in the mind of the beholder. I often tell people if you don't like what you see, change the law. Animal control has to uphold the law even if you don't like it. That is often the case. An ACO doesn't have all day to get a stray, other strays may be in danger if an ACO doesn't use a catch pole. People see a dog on the end of a catch pole and freak out. I don't even like to watch it, but I also know that it doesn't hurt the dog or cat. What would they have the ACO do, sit there with a bag of doggie treats like we do? And all the while that waste of time puts others in danger?

    People have to understand. It is okay to ask questions, just be prepared for the answers. Those may not be what you want to hear. But they are reasonable and understandable.

  7. As to this titled post, I have noticed as I drive thru Derry's district (I drive through that area daily on business (I'm a private delivery service to the medical field)) I see many signs for Ramos which are clean and attention getting. For the few signs I see for Derry, they are tagged and defaced, and don't look very attractive.
    Seems by the advertising, Derry has all but given up and walked away.
    After finding out that Derry was charged with felonies and took a plea for a misdemeanor to, as Derry put it, put it behind him, and calling his employees NAZI's, I find it hard to believe anyone would want a person of this character holding public office.

  8. Actually Derry pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge. He is on three years probation and ordered to pay $10,000.

    Still it shows he ain't right, folks. Vote for James Ramos.


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