Thursday, May 3, 2012


An undercover investigation in Rhode Island has shown just much so called activists really don't care about animals, they ship them all over and never care about where they land. Already this has happened with Devore dogs. 

This investigation was conducted in Rhode Island but it is true everywhere. This blog has several cases of the "highway to hell". Just do a search for "transport".

The NBC 10 I-Team begins a three-part investigation into dog rescue organizations.  In Part 1, the I-Team focuses on a group called Help Save One.  The I-Team received complaints from unhappy clients who said the dogs they paid to save never arrived.

An NBC 10 I-Team investigation that took us to shelters in North Carolina and South Carolina found that Stracaluzi has left a trail of outraged animal adopters, broken laws, diseased animals being brought into Rhode Island and southern shelters wondering why Stracaluzi hasn't paid them tens of thousands of dollars for helping to rescue dogs.

These are the types that Derry is trying to jump into bed with. Just remember that because someone claims to love animals doesn't mean they actually do. "No Kill"s actions speak much louder than the words.


  1. I would guarantee that this is happening to dogs received from Devore. In an earlier post someone commented about “Snake skin lady” who picks-up multiple dogs (primarily Pit Bulls) at a time. Where do you think dozens of Pit Bulls are going, as if any community has a Pit Bull shortage?
    Unfortunately, in California with the Hayden Law, rescue groups can demand to receive animals prior to euthanasia and who knows where all of those animals are going? It is just part of a “scam” to beg for money and donations to support their illicit business.

  2. Yes Anon, here is a re-posting of that comment you are referring to.

    AnonymousApr 27, 2012 08:19 AM
    I was recently at the Devore Animal Shelter when a ridiculous looking women (she had obvious fake breast, dressed like she was trying to re-capture her youth, which was clearly decades behind her, and she had clearly spent hours (months or years) in a tanning booth because her skin looked like snake skin) ran up to us (my neighbor and I) as we were bringing into the shelter a Pit that had been dumped in our neighborhood. This woman had the nerve to 'inform' is this dog would simply be killed, no sooner then we would walk out. Well, we asked her if she wanted the dog and she said she already had a bunch of Pit Bulls in a boarding place and could not afford to take another dog. She kept trying to guilt us into keeping the dog we brought into the shelter.
    When we asked for her name, he kept side stepping the questions, only more guilt for us doing the right thing.
    By the way, we waited at the shelter to watch them put the dog we brought in a cage and have checked back on him. We found out someone did come to the shelter and claimed the dog we brought in, as it had been stolen from them.
    And one more thing, while we were waiting in the lobby of the shelter to get some information on a cat my neighbor was interested in, we heard snake skin lady on her phone, just spouting off how terrible this place was and how terrible we were for doing the right thing.
    Funny thing was, we all walked out together and watched snake lady get into her car and drive out in front of us. We really laughed when we say her license plate, "I (heart symbol) membr" and thought what kind of a normal rational person would put such a thing on their license plate. Only a person who was unbalanced, and in need of serious mental health help would. But then when as we were talking about the license plate and the drivers behavior, things just seemed to fall in place. We actually felt sorry for her and realized how much she must be lonely and hating of life.
    We were glad to see the dog we brought in was found by its owner.


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