Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This kinda goes against what the "activists" have to say about Devore not cooperating. This program is sponsored by the Los Angeles Animals Alliance, Heigi Foundation, and AARF.

Pets to Patriots is a Los Angeles Animal Alliance program supported by a donation from the Jason Debus Heigi Foundation. The program operates at selected shelters throughout Southern California, and provides a portion of the funding required to pay for each pet adoption to a qualified veteran. The remaining fees were donated by the county’s Animals aRe First Fund (ARFF), a charitable organization that uses 100 percent of its funding to assist animals in need in San Bernardino County.

A total of 88 pets, nine cats and 79 dogs, were placed with qualifying veterans at no cost during this event.

“I would like to thank the Los Angeles Animal Alliance, Jason Debus Heigi Foundation and ARFF for this opportunity to match pets that need homes with deserving military veterans,” said Brian Cronin, Animal Care and Control Director. “By matching pets in need with veterans, we are able to honor those who have bravely served our country.”

And we thank Brian Cronin and the employees of SBACC for making this a success.

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  1. How wonderful this story is. Dogs have always been of moral and emotional help to solders not to mention the K9 military corp.

    I came here from another FB page expecting BS. But from what I have read, I am going to do some serious thinking as well as research.


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