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Holding Period for Stray Dogs/Cats: Pursuant to San Bernardino County Code section 32.0108, the County of San Bernardino holds stray animals a total of ninety-six (96) hours, with limited exception, when State Law only requires stray animals to be held seventy-two (72) hours. This stated practice exceeds the State of California’s minimum holding period by 33 % or twenty-four (24) additional hours.

The County continues to maintain a seven-day per week operation at the Devore Animal Shelter (DAS).

The County of San Bernardino continues to fund an award winning spay/neuter voucher program, where residents can obtain vouchers to assist in the spaying/neutering of their dogs and cats. Vouchers are redeemable at enrolled veterinary clinics and are valued at $25.00 to assist with cat sterilizations and $50.00 to assist with dog sterilizations. The County received a National Association of Counties (NACO) award for this program in 2003 and continues to fund the program at an annual cost of $180,000.00.

Devore Animal Shelter Facility Improvements: The County has completed several improvements to the Devore Animal Shelter (DAS) facility within the last several years and the below list includes select improvements which have been made and additional improvements scheduled for this year to DAS facilities: Constructed a new forty (40) run kennel building to expand capacity. Enhanced security at the facility to include 8’ chain link fencing and electronic video security system. Enhanced grooming room and purchased new pet grooming equipment and wash tub.
Purchased a separate concrete building to perform medical procedures including euthanasia for animals. Upgraded kennel gates in kennel buildings by installing galvanized steel plates at the lower portion of the kennel gates to enhance animal safety.
Replaced heating/air-condition systems in the main administrative building. Replaced all flooring and painted the interior of the main administrative building. Upgraded ventilation systems in each kennel building to include enhanced ventilation systems and mister systems in each of the kennel buildings.
Purchased new cat cages and cat resting boxes for the cat rooms and established a new isolation/treatment room.
Designed and built an exterior get-acquainted area with separate dog visitation areas for prospective adopters to interact with pets prior to adoption.
Replaced hot water heating unit in new kennel building for sub-floor kennel heating.
Installed a back-up generator to this facility to provide power in emergencies or when electricity could otherwise be unavailable.
Purchasing a new commercial dish washer to clean and disinfect animal bowls.
Pave, add lighting and a new three rail fence to Shelter Way, the main entrance road to the Shelter facility.
Install two (2) new illuminated monument signs at the entrance to Shelter Way.
Enhance livestock area and replace livestock corrals and automatic water devices.
Replace all doors and door hardware in the administration building.
Replace hot water heaters in each of the kennel buildings and upgrade electric sub-floor heating in select kennel buildings.Purchased ninety (90) new pet resting platforms. One (1) for each kennel.

Previous facility upgrades have cost approximately $3 million dollars and facility improvements scheduled for FY 2011-12 are budgeted at $360,000

Animal Adoptions / Off Site Adoption Events: One (1) of the performance measures for the Health Education Section of Animal Care and Control is to conduct four (4) off-site adoption events every month. The County has secured funds from private sources, to pay for the sterilization fees for pets adopted during the off-site adoption event(s). This significantly reduces the cost for an adopting party to adopt a pet. As a result of this effort and other efforts including enhanced partnerships with non-profit rescue organizations, the County has experienced an increase in pet adoptions over the past three (3) years. The following lists total dog/cat adoptions for County operated animal shelters in the reflected calendar years:
Calendar Year: 2007 2008 (% increase) 2009 (% increase) 2010 (% increase)
Total Dogs/Cats Adopted: 2,689 2,910 (8.2%) 4,371 (50%) 4,550 (4%)

Devore Animal Shelter – Veterinary Care Enhancements: The County of San Bernardino has enhanced the manner in which pets receive veterinary care and treatments at our Devore Animal Shelter. The County established the classification of Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) in 2006 and hired an RVT to staff the Devore Animal Shelter. At the same time, the County submitted a Request for Proposal (RFP) to hire a veterinarian to provide care and treatment to animals housed at the DAS. The RFP calls for the veterinarian to examine animals at the Devore Animal Shelter three (3)
days per week; provide required care and treatment to animals at the DAS facility and also provide urgent care and treatment to animals on behalf of the County at the veterinarian’s animal hospital. The selected veterinarian is Dr. Gregory Rex, who is the proprietor of the Animal Medical Hospital II. Dr. Rex has been the primary DAS veterinarian since 2007 and his contract was recently renewed for a three (3) year term in the amount of $360,000.00. Dr. Rex has a regular rotation of Monday, Wednesday and Friday in which he physically examines animals at the DAS facility, instructs and
provides guidance to the RVT regarding general care and treatment for animals, and provides staff training pertaining to disease recognition and control at this facility. Dr. Rex’s contract is a public record and available upon request. In addition, the County has established service agreements with an additional fifteen (15) veterinarians who provide emergency medical services to animals on behalf of the County or provide species specific veterinary care to large and exotic animals.

Establishment of the Animals aRe First Fund (ARFF): The County of San Bernardino formed and established the Animals aRe First Fund (ARFF) as a non-profit, charitable organization, recognized under Internal Revenue Service Code section 501 (C) (3) as a tax-exempt charity to support the San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control Division. ARFF participates in the County’s Combined Giving Program in which 371 County employees have elected to make personal contributions each pay period to support the charitable efforts of ARFF. ARFF is the non-profit charity that pays
for the sterilization fees of each pet adopted during the County’s off site adoption events and ARFF recently contributed $40,000.00 to the County of San Bernardino to fund a specialized Pit Bull spay/neuter program ($15,000) and to support making additional facility improvements to the DAS ($25,000). In FY 2011-12, ARFF has provided funding to purchase bordetella vaccine for each canine admitted to the County’s animal shelters and another donor is funding a “free” microchip program in which individuals reclaiming their pet or adopting a new pet can receive a “free” micro-chip.

Support of Non-Profit, 501 (C) (3) Rescue Group Partners: The County of San Bernardino has established a process in which non-profit, charitable, 501 (C) (3) animal rescue organizations can accept and/or adopt animals at no charge to the enrolled rescue organization. While other animal control agencies may charge adoption or “pull fees” to the non-profit rescue groups, we have elected to waive fees for approved rescue organizations. The County requires that the rescue organizations provide written confirm that the animals the rescue group has received are spayed or neutered.
Currently the County has ninety-three (93) approved and enrolled rescue organizations.

Comparable Statistics: When you compare the total number of animal admissions for all animal shelters located within the County of San Bernardino to the County of Riverside, you will note the animal admission and euthanasia statistics for both counties are comparable. Please understand, the County of San Bernardino is approximately three (3) times the size of the County of Riverside geographically and encompasses a land mass of over 20,000 square miles and is the largest County in the continental United States. Riverside County encompasses an area of approximately 7,200 square miles. Both Counties have similar human populations

Animal Admission and Disposition Review (fiscal year basis): The following chart demonstrates that animal adoptions and live releases have increased significantly from fiscal year 2009-10 to 2010-11 for the three (3) animal shelter facilities owned or operated by the County of San Bernardino. Live animal releases have increased by 28.1%(from 5,561 in FY 2009-10 to 7,124 in FY 2010-11); while animal euthanasia has been reduced by 10.2% (from 11,366 FY 2009-10 to 10,201 FY 2010-11) for dogs and cats exclusively. The percentage of live releases for dogs and cats (7,124) in FY 2010-11, when compared to total admission (17,924) is 39.7%. Total euthanasia percentage is 56.9% for FY 2010-11 with other outcomes reflected at 3.4%


  1. With all this, no wonder there are people trying to take over the shelter. They should try a run down shelter and start from scratch. IDIOTS...

  2. Isn't that the same they did with Rancho Cucamonga Shelter, They took over with thw "NO KILL" just to have dogs in carriers on the hallways, and now they are "LOW KILL". What the Hell does it mean?????

  3. Friend of Shelter AnimalsFebruary 21, 2012 at 8:40 AM

    These "activists" as you call them are doing much more harm than good. They are leaving a nasty taste in the mouths of the BOS with accusations but no proof. The BOS has been very accommodating to SBACC and that needs to continue. However, these terrorists could hurt that and thus hurt the shelter animals. They don't realize the consequences of their actions, just like little children, all they think of is themselves and feeding their egos.

  4. I've heard nothing but Good about the Devore shelter. Ask the "activists" why they are targeting Devore- maybe because its smaller then others or because they view it as an easy target.
    Darn these activest people for running up the cost for services.


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