Monday, February 27, 2012


Yes, I read this morning where this blog is "frightening". One has to ask why would it be.

Maybe it is because it puts a different twist on the antics of the "activists" actions. It would be frightening to someone to realize that their actions are actually producing the opposite results of what they want. Such as the condemnations and unproven accusations causing the public to turn away from Devore. People aren't going to take their families to a place where they expect to see cruelty. So this means fewer adoptions by the public and more euthanasia. Now this is frightening to me and this is what the "activists" are doing to Devore.

This blog also speaks of being bitter. Who wouldn't be bitter when this happening? We aren't talking potholes here, we are talking lives. And those lives are in jeopardy when dirty laundry is aired in public. Yes, I am bitter toward those who can't grasp their roles in animals having to die in shelters.

And as stated from the beginning, this blog is not the brainchild of anyone connected to SBACC or the County or any governmental agency. This blog was started to put the truth out there instead of unfounded accusations that are causing animals to die. And I can well see why that could be considered frightening to those with personal agendas.

Compliment Devore for the many improvements they have made and the public will come. Paint a horrid picture and they will stay away, what is so difficult to understand about that?


  1. It is unfortunate that the critics of this shelter have elected to condemn, criticize and alienate those who actually support the shelter and are trying to help the shelter adopt additional pets. It is clearly the philosophy of “No-Kill” to divide and conquer the animal welfare community and those who care about animals. By doing this, a select few are able to allege they are the “saviors” while everyone else is an evil murderer. These actions will ultimately result in the humane movement regressing and additional animals will suffer as a result.

  2. I've found this blog from a FB page. I guess it was a page by these Devore activists and it made me angry at Devore. After spending some time on this blog, I think I see who is right and who is wrong. So much for the activists, I prefer to think the best and work with Devore, rather than against it.


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