Tuesday, February 28, 2012


"Is it true that the calculation for the Hayden Mandate incentivizes "killing" animals? There's been rumor that the city or county actually get more money for the amount of animals they kill?"

This question was asked on a Facebook page by a group of misguided activists this morning. Now anyone who knows the Hayden already knows that the mandate attached to the Hayden most certainly does pay for shelters to euthanize.

Not even to mention that studies show that the Hayden has not done what it was supposed to do, it did not increase adoptions, nothing. All it really accomplished was more suffering.

And this same group is once again bringing up the blanket issue. Have these people ever been around dogs? Giving a blanket to a dog is asking for trouble, particularly in a shelter kennel. These people don't realize that a blanket can put a dog in jeopardy unless you are able to supervise the dog with the blanket. Keep in mind that many of the dogs in the shelter have never seen a blanket, they don't know that the only thing you do with a blanket is lie on it. It's there to chew, shred, and eat.

Check out shelters with heated floors and see if the dogs are lying on the blankets. They won't be.

Plus the story being told by these activists is not quite the truth. The woman with the blankets became belligerent at Devore, she made the decision to not leave blankets. I say they should have called the police on her but Devore isn't that way. Now I suggest to these activists that they get their stories straight, this blog is making them look foolish with their continuing made up stories.

Face it, in a shelter situation, these blankets are more for people, not the dogs. Take a blanket and lie on a concrete floor, does it offer much comfort? NO. This is strictly an issue of making the activists feel good, has nothing to do with making the dogs feel good. If the activists want to do that, then they need to do their job of getting the dogs out of Devore. If they would do their job instead of running their mouths, Devore might even become "no kill".


  1. It appears to me that none of these people have ever had to piece together a blanket to see how much a dog ate not to mention the thousand dollar surgery to take out part of an intestine along with the blanket ingested. Dogs are like children, you have to watch them all the time. Devore is not open all the time. So it makes sense to reduce probabilities for injury to a minimum. I think the same that the blankets are a feel good for the people more than for the animals.

  2. But wait, it is just a matter of time now before they start again with the frost-bite crap.

  3. Oh, they have been playing that card forever and just recently started it again. All they have to do is get a vet's signed report and the tests that were run to determine if it could be anything else and the case is solved. Why are they running it into the ground? Either they don't have proof or they just want to continue to harp on the same crap because they can't come up with anything newer.

  4. Here is another one the "activist" got wrong.

    Here you go:

    As seen posted on many facebook pages and taken to be gospel.

    "PLEASE SHARE AND NETWORK!! This is an atrocity. Let everyone know what's going on in this hellhole disguised as a shelter called DEVORE!

    FROM A POTENTIAL ADOPTER - no name disclosed. This is sickening.

    "By the time I got there, it was about 34 degrees. Freezing temperatures.

    The dogs are in these indoor/outdoor kennels, which are in essence...all outdoors because there is a half wall dividing the two and the air just blows in freely. There are no blankets, no towels and no beds for the dogs to lie on. There were two men there, hosing down the runs with the dogs in them.

    So now they are lying down on freezing cold wet floors (soon to be ice). The ones that were together, were luckier (small ones and puppies) because they could huddle together, which they were doing. But some of the others were shaking like a leaf. The sick ones will not make it more than a few days at the very most (some were coughing, others frail and with mange...). It was Auschwitz for me.

    They were behind bars, freezing, being hosed down and waiting to be exterminated the next day. How can this be humane I ask? This is animal cruelty.

    And..the turnover is crazy. They take 30-40 dogs a day they told me which means that they can exterminate (it is a more realistic word than euthanize) that many daily too. So the dogs have no real wait time to be (11 days max) adopted. They have to be held UNAVAILABLE for the required 10 days in most cases (to find owner) and then they can kill it the next available day before it has a chance to be adopted (if they feel like it or if more dogs come in). How can this be okay? There should be a reasonable hold time for ALL dogs after the Hold Time. But they even told me that most dogs won't make it out (like the one I was talking about) because they will get sick and die.

    They are ALL better off on the streets (like in Europe) in that case....they have a better chance of the owner being found, being adopted or...if they die on the streets it would be with dignity and not at that torturous Auschwitz of a place.

    I did not sleep last night thinking of those dogs freezing. I want to close this place down or change EVERYTHING about it...Including the nightmare of a woman who was at the front desk. "

    Here is the problem. The latest the shelter would be open would be on a Wednesday and that would be 7:00 PM. Now if you look at accuweather, (www.accuweather.com) and type in Devore Heights, CA (which is where the Devore Animal Shelter is located), the overnight low (which means the lowest temperature for that night and this normally occurs around 4:00AM) was:

    Now this is where it gets fun. Water freezes at 32 degrees (3rd grade science and I should know, I teach 3rd grade).

    Here is the temperature listing. Do you see any listed 'overnight low temperature' at 32 degrees or below??? And don't forget to look at how much snow fell for that area.

    High Low Snow(in)
    3/1/2012 61° 47° 0.0
    3/2/2012 69° 43° 0.0
    3/3/2012 78° 46° 0.0
    3/4/2012 85° 48° 0.0
    3/5/2012 82° 54° 0.0
    3/6/2012 62° 45° 0.0
    3/7/2012 61° 44° 0.0
    3/8/2012 75° 46° 0.0
    3/9/2012 81° 49° 0.0
    3/10/2012 77° 48° 0.0
    3/11/2012 69° 49° 0.0
    3/12/2012 68° 49° 0.0
    3/13/2012 66° 48° 0.0
    3/14/2012 70° 48° 0.0
    3/15/2012 71° 51° 0.0
    3/16/2012 63° 52° 0.0
    3/17/2012 58° 42° 0.0
    3/18/2012 49° 42° 0.0
    3/19/2012 58° 41° 0.0
    3/20/2012 70° 44° 0.0
    3/21/2012 78° 48° 0.0
    3/22/2012 79° 48° 0.0
    3/23/2012 68° 50° 0.0
    3/24/2012 70° 49° 0.0
    3/25/2012 61° 45° 0.0

    I don't know about you, but it looks like someone wrote a fairy tale and sent it as an email to themselves, then posted it as if it were true.

  5. And one last thing, they have posted a photo of a dog, sitting out in the snow, behind a chain link fence.

    While they never mention Devore, they insinuate that this is where it occurred.

  6. Thank you Anon, I hope some found it interesting to see the temps at Devore. These activists also published a picture of barrels of dead animals and pretended it was Devore until they were called on it. But the damage was already done.

    All it is is drama, the activists are just a bunch of drama queens. You don't get donations without a good story and doesn't matter that the story is an outright lie.


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