Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi there folks, this is Waskely Erime and this is my show. Today we have as guests a bunch of self proclaimed Saviors of a local shelter. Are they the Saviors they think themselves to be, along with myself of course, or evil, vile people who are causing even more problems for the animals of this shelter? You can decide after hearing this one sided interview.

WE: Here is ChristianSaveThemAll, an outspoken critic of this shelter. Tell us, CSTA, I have heard many accusations but can you show me some proof of these accusations while we are in the studio today? You really don't need to, I believe every word you say because you have pimped Nathan Winograd's book, but I do need to pass along something to my listeners.

CHRISTIANSAVETHEMALL: We don't need proof, Waskely, we can be taken at our word.
Just because there have been numerous investigations, TV reporters showing unexpectedly, Grand Jury investigations, and nothing has been proven doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It is beyond me why they don't just make charges against Devore based strictly upon what we say.

WE: I hear also that you are critical of LA County animal control as well. But no mention of LA City animal services. Why is that, aren't they both the pits, no pun intended?

CHRISTAINSAVETHEMALL: Oh no, we can't talk about LA City, that is too connected with our Messiah, Nathan Winograd. Brenda Barnette is one of his chosen.

WE: How about Orange County, you have a beef with them as well?

CHRISTAINSAVETHEMALL: Of course. There was a dog with two broken legs and Orange County animal control wouldn't spend all that taxpayer money to save this dog. I would gladly give my tax dollars to save a dog, rather than give it to help at risk kids or the elderly.

WE: If you saw animal control wasn't going to save the dog, why didn't you?

CHRISTIANSAVETHEMALL: I'll put forth the excuse given by the rescuer of Zephyr from the Carson Shelter, my vet was closed.

Also, Waskely, I want to remind your listeners that I am soliciting donations via any media I can. Please visit my facebook page and I will be putting up even more facebook pages so it will be easy to donate, donate, donate. Even though Devore gives rescues pets free of charge, I still have those expenses like rhinestone collars to make them look cute. I cherry pick the best of the lot so I don't have too much in the way of expenses, note how probably 99% of my dogs for adoption are cute, small, cuddly, not the hardcore cases that definitely will be euthanized. This is CHRISTIANSAVETHEMALL and saving animals is what I claim to do.

WE: One more question, CSTA, I see that you have almost 1700 followers on your Facebook page. Now if each of them, who are running around the internet degrading Devore, would to take a shelter animal or two each month or two, then Devore would have no pets to euthanize. You can't organize that kind of effort?

CHRISTIANSAVETHEMALL: Then what would we have to complain about?

There you have it, people, take these activists at their word. They don't need proof, all they need to do is tell you to read Redemption by Nathan Winograd and it will answer all questions for you. As for me, well, I will be able to sell yet another podcast and put money in my pocket from these tabloid activists wanting to hear themselves over and over. The truth is out there, but it doesn't sell my books or my radio shows so keep looking for it elsewhere. Signing off until I find another gullible group.


  1. This post says it all. If a select few who complain so much, would simply put their efforts into actually helping the animals the number of pets euthanized would be significantly reduced.

    Good news, like saving an animal, does not bring in those big donor contributions! Condemning animal control for not spending thousands of dollars to help an injured dog, will bring in those large donations to keep the divisive debate with animal control going.

  2. More and more chip ins and donations are around these very activists if you'll notice. Too bad they can't use that donated money to buy gas and get to Devore in time to save those dogs they claim were euthanized before their time. They can't accept their guilt so they try to pass it off on the employees at Devore. You want a dog out of Devore, then get up and go get it.

  3. LMAO!! Yes, it sounded more like a commercial for a couple of rescues than anything else. I didn't hear anything in the way of proof being presented to the moderator wannabe.

  4. I just came here from a link on an article, expecting to find it quite different. This blog puts a different slant on things from what the activists are saying. I'm not quite finished reading all the posts but from what I have read, I am doubting what I am reading from those activists. This is eye opening. I didn't know many of these things, like the spay/neuter program or the offsite adoptions. That doesn't go along with all these accusations. I do have another prospective to think about.


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