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Does anyone remember "Buddy"?

The following are two (2) blogs that have been established to track the progress of a feral dog known as Buddy. This is the dog “rescued” for a member of the District Attorney’s Office who found the feral dog and was feeding it. The Humane Society of SB Valley caught the dog and delivered it to the Devore Animal Shelter. There were three people involved in this "rescue", one rescuer who has been accused of hoarding, one "rescuer" with the DA’s Office and one with the Sheriff’s Dept., contacted a trainer with Cesar Millan to help the dog.

So far, the dog has bitten the trainer, put puncture holes in the back of the "rescuer’s car when she was transporting the dog to the vet, and has required over $2,600 in veterinary care. The dog is still feral and even the "rescuer" has stated via the trainer’s website posting that she is rethinking this rescue.

Since the trainer who works with Cesar has posted factual information and not the negative information the "rescuer" was seeking, The "rescuer" decided to establish her own blog to paint a negative impression of this dogs “rescue”.

The blog established by the trainer is located at:

The negative blog established is located at:

Here are some nice words from the trainer about how cooperative Greg Beck was. This dog received special treatment from SBACC and it did cost taxpayers. Because SBACC felt the dog was a threat, they had to transport the dog to the trainer rather than take a chance of the dog getting loose from the "rescuer". I applaud SBACC for thinking of the community first.

Second, I am so grateful that I did not have to try and get this dog in my car, or anyone else’s, as he would have bled and oozed, and peed every where! Yuck! What a mess and what a struggle that would have been! I am so grateful that was in their truck and not mine! Lesson: No matter how bad things look or seem, that is just what you are seeing on the surface. I am truly grateful that Greg Beck was able to hand deliver with the Officer, this dog to me in their own truck! The snare pole it is. This was my first experience actually using one. I have seen them, I have held them, I have played just a bit with them, but I have never actually put one on a dog and hauled his frightened and fighting self out of a truck. The Officer was kind enough to give me a lesson, and awesome enough to assist me on my first try! Thank you! Goodness, I wish I could remember her name.

So here he comes, fighting, biting, kicking and bleeding out of the truck. Alligator rolls, and all. Ok, so we can’t get Buddy to walk on his own, and I can’t blame him. There is no doubt he was under quite a bit of stress to say the least, but we had to get him out of that truck eventually, and into my kennel run. A little pull, a little waiting, a little fighting, a little dragging (as safe as one can be) we finally get him back into my kennel run which is directly under my kitchen window and just a few feet out of my back door.

See the description of this dog? These "rescuers" could not understand why Devore would hesitate to give this dog to two women who have absolutely no experience in handling dogs like this. But Devore was condemned for not doing it, for not taking the chance of Buddy escaping into the community once again.

Note how the negative blog just ends suddenly. If Buddy turned out to be a success story you can rest assured that it would be posted and cross posted, criticizing Devore every step of the way. The last I heard was that Buddy was a jumper, that explains him being a stray, and it probably explains why no success story is showing. Now that leads me to this story coming out of Devore this weekend.

Any problems with Devore and specifically Doug, please let me know, privately. There are CA attorneys willing to help stop any retaliatory or unreasonable actions by Devore towards the animals whose care is entrusted to them AND to any rescue group trying to save one. I dealt with Doug and all the details of getting Pretty Girl out of there all last week. She would be dead if I were not lucky enough to know the right people in CA, including legal counsel, who made it happen. Apparently, the "one year old Pit Bull" (vicious dog) is a 5-7 month old PUP and not visibly PB but rather Whippet, Greyhound build - maybe Lab. Dalmatian mix. Just because the owner paid for the quarantine after the pup bit a kid and the owner paid for killing it, doesn't mean Doug had to do so - obviously. She's out, safe, and VERY afraid. For good reason, it turns out! Time for a changeover of staff at Devore. If you have a bona-fide, valid, complaint against Devore, OR any problems with Devore animals as of right now, let me know. We'll make sure no further animals die just because Devore decision makers can kill them!

This dog attacked a 7 year old girl as she was riding her scooter on the sidewalk. The owner requested euthanasia following the quarantine period. Instead, the Hayden was pulled and this dog was released to a "rescue", a "rescue" that is not an authorized rescue for Devore.

Does this not show the problems of the Hayden? When a shelter is forced to deal with rescues they haven't checked out? Here is the official response to this release. Keep in mind that animal control/shelters have as a first priority to protect the public's health and safety. They are criticized for doing so when they should be applauded. This is blurring the line once again between rescue and sheltering.

This is the dog which was involved in a dog attack which occurred in the City of Yucaipa. The victim of this attack was a seven (7) year old girl who was riding her scooter, when a dog described as Pit Bull lunged at her and bit her on the arm.

Various individuals involved in animal rescue activities have expressed an interest in receiving this Pit Bull in an attempt to “rehabilitate” the animal. The County of San Bernardino has a responsibility to the people it serves to ensure vicious and/or potentially aggressive dogs are not placed back into the community. California State law does not require the County of San Bernardino to release known vicious or aggressive owner surrendered animals to other entities. State law may require dangerous, vicious, or aggressive stray animals to be released to qualified animal rescue groups, but the law does not require the County to release aggressive owner-surrendered animals to other parties.

Specifically, California Food and Agriculture Code Section 31108.5 (b) states, “Upon relinquishment, the dog may be made available for immediate euthanasia if it has a history of vicious or dangerous behavior documented by the agency charged with enforcing state and local animal laws.” The Animal Care and Control Division has agreed to consider releasing this animal to a qualified non-profit animal rescue organization if the rescue organization agrees to assume all liability associated with the acceptance of this animal. The organization will also need to ensure that the animal be assessed and evaluated by a trained animal behaviorist prior to adopting or placing the animal with another party.

If you are aware of a qualified animal rescue organization that has an interest in receiving this animal and assuming full responsibility and liability for the animal, please feel free to forward that organization’s contact information to me and we will contact the organization and make them aware of the process to be considered for possible release of the animal.


  1. I have been donating to a rescue group for quite some time, and I didn't know they can be so crazy. WTF, I had to have my dog put to sleep after it bit a friend of my son. No more donations for them, I think there is a better way to spend their money o save more animals than just one. Way to go Claudia.

  2. With the types that have determined they can feed their own egos by calling themselves rescue, you have to do your research to see if they are truly legit.

  3. Ok how about if the rescue groups bypass Devore or animal control. Next time somebody is trying to surrender their dog,because the lost their home,or the dog bit the kid down the street or because the simply have too many,
    the person can call these crazies and they can go to their place and pick the animal up themselves. And then shut up about it. I am tired of them telling me they are better than me after the spent hundreds on an aggressive dog or to build A WHEEL CHAIR for the rescue of the week.

  4. Sounds like a good idea except that these activists don't believe in taking owner surrenders. Instead they would give a good lecture to the owner and send them away. Then the owner will dump their pet and the ACOs will have to pick up that pet as a stray or a DOA. These activists partake of the koolaid that blinds them to the inhumanity of what they do.

    1. Oh and by the way most of these activist are not even from the area.

  5. Anon:54, you are so right, most are not from the area. Which leads to the question as to why they aren't saving lives in their own local shelter? Could it be they are no longer welcome at their own local shelters?

  6. At last count, I read somewhere that the rescuers spent approximately $15,000.00 to care for Buddy. These individuals condemned Devore for not spending $15,000.00 to “rescue” one dog, but how realistic is it to expect taxpayers to spend this kind of money on one animal.

    1. AMEN. 15K of tax payer monies on one dog. How many free spay and neuters or medical care could be given to low income pet owners for 15 K? The rescue movement is so focused on attention getting rescues they have lost the big picture and are fueling the overbreeding problems. PETA is for pitbull bans and has many great Public Service Announcements to promote spay and neutering of all pets. If you are going to give avoid that that sappy late night commercial ASPCA group with the sad songs and pics of dogs as they put a lot of their dollars into expensive rescues instead of looking at the whole population of pets.

    2. How many other dogs could have been saved with that kind of effort and money? Egos, hidden agendas, they have it all.

  7. And no update as to what happened to Buddy. Can we think the worse?

    1. The worse would be for them to have him in a cage alive.

  8. Absolutely would be, horrible to think about it. Considering there is no ending on the blog about him, I have to think the worse. Buddy didn't deserve to be abandoned again and I bet that is what has happened.

  9. I would like to think if my dog bit someone and I decided it was in everyones best interest that the dog be euthanized, I would have that right and my decision would be honored by the shelter I would have to take it to. Don't people realize how difficult a decision that would be???

  10. Anon:38, the Hayden has taken away that option. Owners surrender their pets because of viciousness or aggression, they may not want to tell the shelter that their dog just killed the neighbor's cat or bit one of them. A quarantine may be involved at owner expense. You don't know the real reason why some pets are in the shelter and to adopt them out when they have bitten someone is irresponsible at best.

  11. You might want to have this little FYI. On a Facebook page by Lori.

    I previously posted this after the difficult release of Pretty Girl from Devore:
    Any problems with Devore and specifically Doug, please let me know, privately. There are CA attorneys willing to help stop any retaliatory or unreasonable actions by Devore towards the animals whose care is entrusted to them AND to any rescue group trying to save one. I dealt with Doug and all the details of getting Pretty Girl out of there all last week. She would be dead if I were not lucky...
    See More
    Like · · February 12 at 8:31pm

    Harve Morgan posted below: "Doug said any rescue that would take the liability off Devore in the form of insurance, etc. could have the dog. So you didn't do anything other than sign over that if the dog kills someone, you will be the one to pay."

    Thursday at 7:46am · Like
    Lori Wagner I'm sure Doug's superiors will be interested to know that Doug is giving 'legal advice' without being a licensed attorney, if what you allege above is true. If you're his spokesman, I urge you to be very certain of what you post as to words by others, including myself. If that Blog "devoreshelterfriends" is your creation, you've really missed the mark with "TRUTH" on at least one point of fact relating to the release of Pretty Girl - through agreement of private attorneys and Devore's County Counsel, Steve Singley, on February 10th. That Blog indicates: " ... Instead, the Hayden was pulled and this dog was released to a "rescue", a "rescue" that is not an authorized rescue for Devore." This 'dog,' turns out to be a 5-7 month old pup and the only way she was released was to A DEVORE APPROVED RESCUE.

    I noticed that one of my posts from elsewhere was copied and posted on that Blog. I stand by my posts despite the fact that I didn't (and still don't) give permission for it to be posted elsewhere. The link to the page I'm referencing is: Devore management, County Counsel and the County Supervisors have been alerted to this highly misleading Blog. If it's your Blog, I'm embarassed for you. IF Doug told you Pretty Girl was relased to a rescue that was not an 'authorized rescue,' as is erroneously posted in the Blog (link provided) you're promoting in several places, I'd really love to know? I'm SURE his superiors AND county counsel would like to know, also. Pics are coming of this sweet, loving, petite pup playing with not only other dogs but children. She's been evaluated by vets. and dog trainers/handlers. She's reportedly not even aggressive towards cats. I don't suspect there's any real danger she will kill someone! In any case, your posts are being addressed by the appropriate management and legal counsel for Devore. Incidentally, when I tried to post on that Blog, it did not allow my post. So much for the truth being posted there!
    Blog I'm referencing where Doug Smith's spokesman, Harve Morgan refers people for misinformation about Devore.
    DEVORE SHELTER FRIENDS: February 2012 (fraught with erroneous info.)

  12. What is with these people, why do they continue to insist that everyone is Doug Smith or whoever? Can they not wrap their little minds around the possibility that other people totally disagree with them about Devore and we don't have to be an employee to do so? I think Lori needs to read the story again because what she says and what I read are two different things.

    And legal counsel can be contacted all day long, I have First Amendment rights on my Facebook page. I am not a county employee so county counsel can't do anything to me. But Lori, with this misinformation, is sucking up tax dollars once again.

  13. " Incidentally, when I tried to post on that Blog, it did not allow my post. So much for the truth being posted there! "

    I haven't received any comments from Lori that I am aware of. I have received a couple of anonymous comments not addressing the topic at hand but rather to address me in most vile language, certainly not the language of a civilized human being either. Maybe she would like to take credit for one of those comments. It would certainly justify what I think of her if she would.

    Doug gave no "legal advice", that was an official statement concerning the requirement of insurance for release, public knowledge. Now if someone gives their interpretation of it, that is an opinion, a personal opinion. Overall, it seems to me that Lori has a lack of comprehension on this blog post.

  14. Lori is a crackpot.

    She lives in Washington state, has never been to Devore animal shelter, thinks she knows it all, really knows nothing, and thinks she is going to make a real difference. All she is doing is spewing lies and tales that make her feel good. Seems her intent is to have the taxpayers of San Bernardino County (and that is in California in case you did not know) spend money because she (crackpot Lori) thinks they should. I have an idea, why don't we have Washington state spend money because we here in So Cal want them to on something they don't think they should.

    Here's some legal advice for Lori, get a friken life, and get some serious mental help. I'll be praying for you.

  15. She's a real loser for sure. In speaking with each of the Board of Supervisors, they all realize that the vast majority of these activists are from outside. And they don't care what they think.

  16. Let me tell you why these do nothing Board of Supervisors ended up deciding why they needed to form that commission. It's because of letter writing by non-rescue, local citizens to folks like the Honorable Jerry Lewis and Brad Mitzelfelt , who after visiting and dealing with shelter staff, were disgusted by the treatment of the animals by this so called shelter and it's heartless director. Denying animals blankets for warmth is disgusting at best. Only monsters like you would defend that practice. So you got it on word that each of those Board of Supervisors don't care what we think? Because another letter to Jerry Lewis' office might be in order. I'm sure Brad Mitzelfelt is hoping he doesn't have to hear from Jerry Lewis' office again. But if this is still a joke to them, maybe my congressman needs to know this as well as all the other letter writers so they can write to Mr. Lewis again. I'm sure Brad wants his ass chewed out one more time. I have a letter for proof. But according to your blog you don't allow posts that are against Devore in any kind. So I will just copy what the Friends Admin wrote and get the ball rolling. For the animals.

  17. Well, let ME tell you something. Lewis is on his way out and he has no pull at this time. No one has to listen to him and no one is, believe me. Nothing worse than a retired politician hanging on your coat tail and Mitzelfelt is no different, he doesn't want him around either. So you can take your piece of paper you call a letter and tear it up, it has no meaning.

    As for the Board, you think they will give you what you want when you are condemning them too? Derry is making a grandstand play is all he is doing. All the Board wants to do is shut you terrorists up. They won't give any power to a commission, God forbid. The Board is wise to you guys and you have become your own worse enemy, not even to mention the enemy of the Devore shelter animals. You should be locked away for the harm you are doing.


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