Saturday, February 11, 2012


I found this posted on a Facebook page.

We went to Devore on Wednesday and we discovered that the isolation area was in the process of having the heating system repaired/replaced. The older kennels have overhead heat while only the newer ones have floor heat. We happened to notice Brian Cronin, Division Chief of Animal Control, was there conducting a tour and "explaining" things to these individuals. It would appear that this frostbite incident as horrifying as it is, has brought about the much needed attention and at least a small change. (WHAT?? ARE YOU TRYING TO TAKE CREDIT FOR WHAT IS STANDARD PROCEDURE? TOURS ARE CONDUCTED ALL THE TIME AT DEVORE, DOESN'T MEAN IT HAD ANYTHING TO DO YOUR ACCUSATIONS.)

While we still are not able to get them to give the animals blankets, sweaters or toys, I was told they will let us provide beds if they can be hosed off to clean. The few they have are plastic with a grate that I believe was meant to have a cushion on it. They will take plastic wading pools for the mommas and pups. (WHY DO YOU WANT TO TAKE WHAT LITTLE TIME THE STAFF HAS FOR THE ANIMALS FOR THIS NONSENSE?)

I was able to have a conversation with one of the animal control officers. We discussed returning animals to their owners rather than bringing them to the shelter. While this officer agreed and he did go on to explain how he tries to work with owners, getting them to I.D. their pets as well as how to better and/or more safely confine their animals. He felt that owners think of their pets as property. He based his opinion on the fact that owners were turning over their family pets that some had owned for years rather than pay the $100+ fines (AC officers carry portable ATM machines). I asked him if he had given thought that perhaps, with the income level in the area he was speaking of and the current economy, it was very possible a choice between paying rent, feeding their family or paying the fine. He did seem like he genuinely wants to work with the community but did just stare at me when I suggested returning animals for free and working with the owners to better secure their pets. (AT LEAST HE DIDN'T LAUGH IN YOUR FACE LIKE I WOULD HAVE, JUST WHO DO YOU THINK SHOULD PAY FOR THIS, NATHAN WINOGRAD MAYBE? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME WINOGRAD GAVE ANY MONEY TOWARD A SHELTER TO HELP IT. FOR THAT MATTER, WHEN HAS ANY NO KILL OUTFIT GIVEN ANY MONEY TO HELP ANYTHING?) I then brought up the much needed free and more low cost spay and neuter being available. He did not think the people in this area will utilize it. (THE COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO HAS A NATIONAL AWARD WINNING SPAY/NEUTER PROGRAM THAT HAS NOT SEEN A SINGLE BUDGET CUT SINCE INCEPTION.) I described a situation I witnessed in Washoe County in an area that was difficult in getting owners to spay and neuter and confine their pets. I explained that they set up a free clinic for shots and spay/neuter in the community. They also gave out information and answered questions. There was such a turn out that they worked past the expected time and still had to turn people away and schedule another clinic. (AND DID YOU HAPPEN TO NOTICE THE SEVERE OVERCROWDING, DISEASE, SICK ANIMALS IN YOUR HAPPY LITTLE MAKE BELIEVE WORLD OF NO KILL? MITCH WAS FORCED INTO EARLY RETIREMENT, NOT GETTING ALL THOSE GOOD BENEFITS NOW FROM THE COUNTY. AND WITH THAT RETIREMENT COMES THE OPENING FOR THE TRUTH ABOUT WASHOE TO COME OUT. HAVEN'T YOU NOTICED HOW WINOGRAD IS IGNORING MITCH THESE DAYS?) I noticed that the people in this community started becoming more involved with their pets as a direct result of these clinics. Before, the animals didn't "belong" to anyone( in case AC showed up) and now they took pride in their ownership. (WANNA MENTION THE HOARDERS THAT HAVE BEEN CAUGHT AND THEY WERE GETTING THEIR CATS FROM THE NEVADA HUMANE SOCIETY?)

I believe (and hope) that the AC officer left with a better perspective in regards to working with the community and maybe more pets will get returned to their owners. (OH THE MESSIAH COMPLEX IS ALIVE AND WELL!!)

Another issue that is a big problem, is the lack of knowing what to do if your pet is missing. By the time people find out where to look, it is sadly found that their pet has been KILLED or they cannot come up with the "bail" to get their pet out before they are KILLED. Many of the animals that end up at Devore have loving homes. The KILL rate would drop dramatically if all the animals with homes were simply returned to their owners. (IF AN OWNER HASN'T FOUND THEIR PET WITH ALL THE AVAILABLE RESOURCES TO DO SO, THEN IT IS BECAUSE THAT OWNER AIN'T LOOKING, AND DEVORE IS ON PETHARBOR. ACO'S IN THE FIELD CERTAINLY DO TRY TO RETURN ANY PET THAT HAS A WAY TO IDENTIFY THEIR HOME. THIS IS CONFIRMED IN THE SERVICE CALL LOGS THAT I PERSONALLY CHECK. DO YOU?)

San Bernardino County has a fair amount of low income residents, high unemployment, a huge amount of foreclosed homes and closed up businesses. In addition, there are residents that come from different cultural backgrounds and may speak little or no English. This is a County that needs to be more understanding of their residents and their current financial situation and find ways to work with pet owners. (AND HOW DO YOU PROPOSE TO PAY FOR THIS? YOU ARE DEMANDING SO MANY THINGS FROM DEVORE THAT TAKE MONEY, ARE YOU GOING TO START A CHIP IN FUND FOR DEVORE TO DELIVER THESE PROPOSALS YOU MAKE?)

These people think there is a money tree that a shelter can just pick the money and do whatever they want the shelter to do. They don't live in the real world, that or they are completely unmedicated delusional.


  1. The biggest myth surrounding No-Kill is the shelter will save money. Even in Washoe County, when they embarked on their No-Kill project, the cost to provide animal control services skyrocketed from less than $1,000,000 a year to an amount over $4,000,000 a year. This amount does not include the cost to expand their shelter facility or build a new animal shelter. This is the secret that No-Kill activists do not want to share. The cost to provide animal control services skyrockets when you implement No-Kill programs.

  2. Look at Rancho Cucamonga and how their animal control budget went from about $800,000 (value of contract) to over two and a half million since inception and they still can't make "No Kill" work. I'm still waiting for a reasonable explanation why they signed off on a report showing that they were letting animals die in their cages, more than Devore which handles almost three times as many animals. Why aren't those activists asking about that?

  3. Last week, the Mayor of Rancho Cucamonga was touting the wonderful works of the city's Animal Services program and that they had adopted out over 10,000 animals since going on their own. I inquired at the Devore Shelter and was told they, the Devore Shelter, had adopted over double that amount for the same time period. Devore did not increase the cost and did double the adoptions. Seems to me that if I were a stray dog and wound up in a shelter, I would stand a much better change at Devore than at Rancho.

  4. These NoKill agendists are not "animal rescues" nor "animal welfare advocates" - they are Akc, dog breeders and their other animal use allies pushing this NoKill agenda across the nation - for their OWN benefit - NOT for the animals.

    Google "Akc" along with the names Gina Spadafori, Christie Keith, Karolyn Rico, Shirley Thistlethwaite, Cindi Ashbeck, Kathy Pobloski - oh - and then Google these names with the phrase "NoKill".

    Isn't it just amazing how many Akc affilated people are the very ones pushing (very aggressively) the infamous "NoKill" agenda. Another amazing tidbit - count up just how many "journalists" (ha) are pushing the NoKill - and Akc.

    The dots just keep on connecting, yes they do.

  5. Or they are the puppets of the AKC, the NAIA, via Winograd. Winograd is pulling their strings and Winograd's chain is yanked by Rick Berman.

  6. I personally think Akc is funding it all - And yep, they have quite a few paid puppets - all of these so called "NoKill" experts. lol "experts" at deception is more like it. I can't wait until they get the britches sued off of them for fraud.

    And Ms. Naia - she's been ranting for years online about how much money the Hsus and Peta rake in - and how all that money should be going to the breeders. So yep, it makes sense to me that all of this stems from Akc, their "high volume breeders committee, and their "other allies". These people are selling their souls for a freakin' piece of paper with a silly three letter acronym stamped on it. Pure unadultrated vanity is all it is.

  7. These so called activists don't realize that they are doing a good job for the AKC and the Center for Consumer Freedom, as well as the pit bull breeders and dogmen. When I read Redemption the first time, it just didn't make sense. Sure it sounds good, but only in a make believe world. I gave it some thought and decided to read it again but with the mindset of a breeder. THEN it made sense. I just wonder why these puppets don't see that unless they are supportive of it. It's just all so hypocritical with these activists.


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