Saturday, February 11, 2012


A few years ago I was privvy to having a private conversation with Guerdon Stuckey, the head of Los Angeles City Animal Services, just a few days before he was fired. He told me of something and thus this post.

Stuckey was actually a very good director for LA. He was not an animal person, he was a manager. I was very impressed with his observations and solutions that day. And highly disappointed that others couldn't see how his skills could help LA. Shame. To get to the story, Stuckey spent over $10,000 on two dogs thinking that the activists would be happy to see such. He wondered what it would take to satisfy these activists who were complaining about the lack of medical for the shelter animals. He told me that they never said a word, no thanks, nothing. Didn't even acknowledge this act. In fact, he said when he presented this to them, they ignored it and presented him with more demands. I would think they would have been all over it, jumping for joy, proclaiming that LA was on the way to "No Kill" with a director who cares enough to spend that much of the taxpayer's money on these dogs.

Nope didn't happen. So when I saw this online, it so reminded me of what Stuckey had told me that day. No matter what you do, these anti-Devore activists will never be satisfied.

"When the correspondent asked Litvinov, “Suppose the West would suddenly give in and grant all Moscow’s demands? . . . would that lead to goodwill and the easing of the present tension?” Litvinov answered, “It would lead to the West being faced, after a more or less short time, with the next series of demands.”"

And here is an article from 1952 about it:

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