Saturday, February 11, 2012


The anti-Devore activists have yelled about making Devore a "No Kill" shelter. Otherwise this blog is not dedicated to that issue in particular, but rather to how this issue affects Devore. This issue has affected Devore and will continue to affect Devore until the truth is exposed. That has happened.

There is a series of articles exposing this movement that is doing more harm than good. Let me explain to those who may not understand why anyone would be against "No Kill". First there is no kill, what all rescuers, animal welfare, pet welfare advocates work for every day in their own ways. We want to see the end of euthanasia because of time and space in our shelters. "No Kill", note the use of small verses large letters) is a personal agenda of a man claiming to be an expert but who has only handled less than 10,000 shelter animals in his entire sheltering experience. These articles will point to this misrepresentation and many others by this this movement. Expect an update because there will be two more installments.

This information plus "No Kill" supporting the hideous Hayden Bill that tells shelters they can euthanize puppies and kittens under 8 weeks old, because they are considered unadoptable. Do these anti-Devore activists complain about any euthanization of these kittens and puppies? You bet they do, but at the same time they are signing petitions to KEEP the Hayden. Can anyone say hypocrite? If they want to keep the Hayden, then they want the taxpayer to pay shelters to euthanize, yes you hear that right. The Hayden mandate is to pay shelters to euthanize, not to adopt or do better, but to euthanize. These anti-Devore activists actually support the payments to shelters to kill. Can anyone figure this out? If you do, please explain in a comment.


  1. Many laws established to help animals are flawed, vague or inconsistent with their original intent. Hayden attempted to help animals, but in the end primarily paid shelters who euthanized the most animals. The Hayden Law needs to be rewritten to accomplish its objectives and focus funding on achievable positive outcomes, not euthanasia.

  2. The thing you should understand is that this NoKill push across the nation isn't being done for the welfare of the animals. It is (in my extensively researched opinion)being pushed by Akc, Naia, and all sorts of other animal use industries. These folks have managed to obtain support from the true humane animal rescue community due to their "NoKill" phrase - i.e. what true animal advocate doesn't want a "no kill" planet. I have true animal welfare advocate friends/orgs who still passionately defend the "NoKill" agenda, and its pushers - only because they can't see past those words "NoKill". The dog breeders/other allies are playing that in their favor, too.

    Naia/Patti Strand and their other dog breeding/animal use allies are actually now referring to themselves, and their orgs, as "animal welfare organizations". (Google "naia animal welfare organization)

    They are creating bogus animal "welfare" websites that are being operated by dog breeders or breeder allies - such as the case in the recently created new national "humane society" - which is actually being run by a dog breeder.

    Another good example - "" - if you do a domain whois on that org, you'll find the underlying registar to be the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) - one of their board members, Joan Miller, drops the NoKill/Winograd name quite frequently via online venues. (Google "Joan Miller CFA" and "NoKill" and/or "Nathan Winograd".

    The way I redlight a bogus animal advocate is to see if they are spewing the following propaganda:

    Pet Overpopulation is a myth.

    High shelter euth rates are the fault of the shelter director - not due to breeders, irresponsible public or lack of spay/neutering.

    Spay/neutering actually harms an animal's health.

    Hsus, Peta and the Aspca are evil/deceptive/puppy killers/killing apologists, etc.

    These fraudsters aren't too difficult to identify.


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