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Earlier there was a post written about community safety, something the activists seem to forget is the priority of any public shelter owned by the taxpayers.

Let's look at the singular issue of Buddy. I want to point out some highlights included on the trainer's blog about her experience with the day that the ACO's brought Buddy to her. First let's talk about that period. One has to ask, how do you get personalized service of two ACO's bringing out a stray dog, across county lines, to you? Never happened for me. Let's see if we can figure it out. Claudia was an employee of the County of San Bernardino's District Attorney at the time, not that I am inferring anything here. And Lori was an employee of the Sheriff's department, if I am not mistaken, again not inferring anything (twice I've had to say that).

Besides that information, Claudia and Lori called upon the Hayden Bill to get their way, forcing Devore to release Buddy despite Buddy being classified as dangerous by everyone including the veterinarian. Can you see how the Hayden can put the community in jeopardy now? Whether Buddy had a vicious bone in his body isn't the question, he was fearful and remained on a fear level the entire time. We all know that fear causes dogs to bite, even attack if cornered. But Buddy had to be saved. While reading keep in mind that Claudia tried for several weeks to catch Buddy herself, tempting him with food would be an assumption, etc. She was unsuccessful.

This is the link that I will pull examples from:

Claudia and Lori called upon an activist against Devore to take Buddy out under the Hayden. This is a blog about that particular activist. While there, the activist found another little dog she wanted to take out. The dog had trouble walking and the comment was made that probably Devore would make the dog walk to the car. This was the response: We asked her if they had made him walk out to her, and she said, "No, I asked the officer if she could carry him, and she carried him right out to my car." We were both relieved to hear

According to the trainer:
Jenifer said, "Well, I have to be honest with you. On a scale of 1-10, this dog is probably a 10 as far as the need for rehab. He is the worst case I've seen.

The trainer goes further to say (being a part of the Cesar Millan group) that Cesar would want the dog for a minimum of 90 days. Now, this is just one dog. Is Devore actually expect to give this type of treatment for any others that need it, where does the budget come from for this? I'm quite sure Cesar doesn't come cheap. The response to what the trainer said was:
Wow, we had no idea he was that bad.

These are excerpts from the chosen trainer for Buddy who has been renamed Noah:

Now, remember when I talked about things turning out the way they do for a reason? Remember me being so thankful that Greg at the Devore Shelter brought Buddy out to me? As Emma is telling us all about this rescue, all I could think of was, “Thank you Greg! Thank you Animal Control Officer! Thank you Devore Shelter! Thank you for transporting this doggy out to me! Thank you!”
Let me say this again,.. Thank You Greg Beck! Here is my reminder to everyone: Be careful about judging a situation too soon. The Universe may foresee a better way. Trust that everything happens for a really good reason!

See how this unbiased, untainted trainer paints a much different picture of Greg Beck than the activists do.

How did this story turn out? The story ends abruptly.

Today, Claudia and I were going to meet with Jenifer to do a 3-hour consultation at Claudia’s house. I arrived at Claudia’s at 3:45, and as I pulled up, my cell phone rang. I answered it and it was Jenifer. She told me she had been busy all day breaking Noah from jumping the fence”. She said he started jumping the fence the day before, so she had stayed home all day and worked with him, trying to break him of it. I asked her if this meant she wasn’t coming out to meet with us, and she replied, “Yeah, I want you and Claudia to come here instead.” (Was this the end of Buddy's story or.........?

Also there is a request for donations for the medical bills accumulated on Buddy/Noah. Now first we have taxpayers paying for a private transport, which is fine by me because it pertained to the safety of others, then two women with good paying jobs are asking people to pay for their decision, they aren't rescues. One intended to keep Buddy/Noah as a personal pet.

Once you read these blogs, you can see that it is totally beyond reason to expect Devore or any shelter, other than a private one, to go to these extremes for one dog. Yet that is what is expected from Devore by the activists. They fail to recognize the positive traits and put those before the public. The positive will get animals adopted, the negative spewed by the activists only cause more death.


  1. How come I have never gotten that kind of treatment? My tax dollars paid for their private limo to the trainer. My tax dollar had to pay for them playing the role of savior. I don't appreciate that at all. And then for them to ask for donations?????????? You've just earned another solder for your side. To hell with these terrorists because that is what they are.

  2. This blog states it was created to discover the truth. Let's look at a truth.
    Fact: California has a tremendous pet overpopulation problem.

    Idea for a solution: If you all (friends and not friends) truly are dedicated to reducing the number of animals that are euthanized, then put your money where your mouth is. Raise donations to contribute and therefore increase, the $180,000 that San Bernardino County has set aside for spay/neuter. Most people agree that spaying and neutering are the best answers to the pet overpopulation problem.

  3. Truth: Rescues are pulling as many as 40 - 60, and upwards of
    120 dogs at a time. No one knows where they are going.
    No one knows what has happened to them.
    Truth: Dogs are going to Oregon, Washington, Montana and Canada.
    Truth: In Canada, there are non profit and for profit shelters.
    The for profit shelters sell animals to research.
    Truth: It is a documented fact that some animals exported from
    California have ended up being euthanized in non profit
    shelters. How many ended up being sold for medical
    research in for profit shelters?
    Truth: Studies show that 38% of the Canadians agree it is
    acceptable to eat dog meat. How many dogs exported from
    California have ended up on someone's dinner plate?

  4. Thinking about the Truth.

    Truth: Many rescues are paying "brokers" to pull as many as 40 -
    60 animals at a time. Many rescues do not know where the
    animals are going or what happened to them.

    Question: If the rescues cared, wouldn't they want to know where
    and how the animals are being cared for?

    Question: Why are rescues not being held accountable for the
    animals they remove? Why is there no name of the out of
    state rescue, foster or shelter to where these animals
    are being imported? Wouldn't the veterinarians in those
    states and the animal control agencies want to know where
    these animals are so they can make sure the animals are
    not in a massive hoarding situation or to make sure they
    are healthy and are not bringing in disease/parasites?

    Question: Does the broker/exporter stop at each state
    line to present a health certificate of each animal
    before entering that state? Is each animal given a
    health check by a veterinarian when entering that state?
    Why is there not an accounting of how many were lost in
    transit? Why is there no accounting of how many died in

    Comment: Is it really in the best interest of these animals to be exported to other states by what appears to be totally unregulated rescues/brokers?

    What is really the truth about transports?

    Does exporting/importing/transporting animals solve the pet overpopulation problem or just move it to another location?

  5. Seeking the truth.

    Is it true that cooperation can bring change?

    If it is true, that cooperation can bring change, how unfortunate that groups who profess to care for animals, but have different philosophies, spend so much time criticizing and badmouthing one another when they could be helping animals.

    With time, gossip, rumors, lies, innuendos, and inaccurate information will be revealed as being not truthful and those responsible for posting the inflammatory remarks will lose credibility with the public and the decision makers.

    Misinformation can harm animals as the public might simply believe what is posted about a shelter. The public reads what is posted without asking questions or finding out the truth.

    With a simple click, misinformation is spread from email to email. Before you automatically forward that next email as the truth, if it about Devore Animal Shelter and Control, make an appointment with the manager. Take the email with you. Have a rational, calm discussion. Find out the truth.

    How unfortunate that so much energy is spent in refusing to cooperate rather than in creating positive changes to help animals.


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